May 26, 2018

Saturday, May 26, 2018, Kyle Dolan

A Themeless Saturday Puzzle on Sally Ride Day 

Today we celebrate the birthday of America's first woman in space, Dr. Sally Ride. Her mission came 20 years after the Russians put Valentina Tereshkova into orbit in 1963. She is remembered as a true American hero and pioneer who died too young and this NASA educator is very pleased to acknowledge her contributions to the space program

30. They often display two years: GRAVE STONES

Dr. Dolan's challenging Saturday puzzle required that I get footholds in each quadrant. I strongly suspected I was going to have to go back and do some fudging and corrections in the southwest corner but ISLAY, ASYLA,  HEY YA and HER gave way to give me an enjoyable, solo "got 'er done."

As you can see by Kyle's Tweet at the right, he was excited about getting this puzzle published in the LA Times today.

Here are the rest of Kyle's entries. I may have given short shrift to some proper names but am confident in your search capabilities if you decide you are even remotely interested.


1. Tipping point: LAST STRAW.

10. "The Screwtape Letters" author: LEWIS - Calvin's Miss Wormwood is named for the apprentice devil in C.S. Lewis's The Screwtape Letters

15. Nixon, in John Adams' "Nixon in China": OPERA ROLE - I wonder if Nixon's big aria is I Am Not A Crook!

16. Public perception: IMAGE - We all know what happened to the IMAGE of the guy above

17. Smoking choices: CLAY PIPES - These were found along the banks of the Thames and some date back to the 1580's

18. Confuse: MIX UP.

19. Org. with a tepee-shaped logo: KOA - We stayed in this KOA campground that had a lovely view of the Grand Tetons

20. Cowboy handle: TEX.

21. Keep things as they are: SIT PAT - I'm more familiar with STAND PAT when you have a good poker hand and don't want to take more cards

22. Seekers of a better life, perhaps: EMIGRES and what some of them seek 
56. Safe places: ASYLA.

25. 18th Dynasty Egyptian ruler, familiarly: TUT - Lord Carnarvon , the 5th Earl of Carnarvon (right),  financed the Howard Carter (left) dig that found TUT. The Lord occupied Highclere Castle that was used in Downton Abbey and later died under mysterious circumstances. Some think it was the curse of TUT.

26. Japanese flier that sponsors an LPGA major tournament: ANA - All Nippon Airways

27. Scottish landscape feature: BRAE - Hillsides

28. Director Wiseman: LEN - I didn't recognize any of his work in the IMBd but I do recognize his wife Kate Beckinsale. 

29. Colorful gem: OPAL.

34. "Broad City" co-star: ILANA GLAZER - Talk about not knowing her - I had every letter of her name except the first L and then GAG LAW furnished that.

35. Concert pieces: GRAND PIANOS

36. Cry for attention, maybe: MEOW - My de reguier kitty picture! Awww...

37. Horsefeathers: ROT 

38. Source of tweets: NEST - I wonder if our robins are sending messages from their NEST outside my window

41. Wayfarer's rest: INN - Confidently putting in NADIRS for Low Points gave me A _ _ which held off INN for awhile 

42. 2013 Spike Jonze film: HER - Okay

43. It often involves getting a card nowadays: CHECK-IN - Disney now offers a wrist band that unlocks your resort door instead of a Key Card.

46. Family tree entry: NEPHEW - I sub for mine a lot

48. Kaitlin's "It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia" role: DEE - Okay

49. Chicago-to-Lansing dir.: ENE - It appears to be a 3.5 hr drive with the first part around the lake

50. Southernmost of the Inner Hebrides: ISLAY - It is just off the coast of Scotland, known as The Queen Of The Hebrides and known for a good single malt, uh, scotch

13. Lesser Antilles lizards: IGUANAS - Where they are and what they are. 

Geography lesson for today - Upper Midwest, the Inner Hebrides and The Lesser Antilles.

51. Ringer's workplace: BELL TOWER - Quasimodo played for Notre Dame at this workplace

54. Easily crumbled: MEALY  - "MEALY-mouthed" more familiar to you?

55. Leading by a lot: WELL AHEAD - Jockey Ron Turcotte on Secretariat looks back to see where the other horses are in the finish of the 1973 Belmont 

57. "What a terrible shame": I'M SO SORRY I'M SORRY, SO SORRY. The little girl with the big voice and some puppies!


1. Age of Enlightenment thinker: LOCKE- He had much to say on being tolerant of other religions, people retaining rights over government and the rearing of children

2. Composure: APLOMB.

3. What's inspired by the ocean?: SEA AIR - inspired/expired for inhaled/exhaled

4. Whirl: TRY - "Aw come on, give it a whirl!"

5. Drain: SAP - Don't let her cut your hair Samson!

6. Lacking originality: TRITE - Nothing here from Dr. Dolan

7. Things to learn, with "the": ROPES - You learn the ROPES of teaching by teaching

8. "A Clockwork Orange" antihero: ALEX.

9. Jazzman Montgomery: WES.

10. Contain: LIMIT - The job of relief pitchers is to come in and LIMIT the damage already done

11. Release: EMIT.

12. Roll in a pantry: WAX PAPER - A really great use for WAX PAPER. You can see it on the ground at the end of the clip.

14. Of a dividing membrane: SEPTAL - My ENT tells me the SEPTUM in my nose is crooked but to leave it alone for now

21. It might end at the sleeves: SUNTAN - Marines after 7 months in the desert

23. Expression suppression: GAG LAW - These never seem to work with our members of Congress. GAG ORDER seems more common

24. Put on again: RERAN Seinfeld and I Love Lucy lead the pack

25. Model 3 automaker: TESLA - Here's one rolling out of a charging station in Rocklin, California. Will these soon be ubiquitous? 

28. For real: LEGITimate

29. "Be right there!": ONE SEC - ONE SEC, we just had that yesterday!

31. First name of two U.S. presidents: ANDREW - Jackson and Johnson

32. Mist: VAPOR.

33. Pungent gas: OZONE.

34. Part of a golfer's skill set: IRON PLAY - A harder skill to manage because you don't use a tee in the fairway as Michelle Wie shows here

35. Commencements: GENESES - Plural of genesis 

36. Low points: MINIMA - Ah yes, College Algebra

39. One that might hold tips: SKEWER - Beef tips and much more on SKEWERS

40. Failure to make good notes?: TIN EAR - There are others with this same opinion 

42. 2003-'04 OutKast chart-topper: HEY YA - If you like obscenity-laced, mysoginistic "music", he's your guy! 

43. Barred rooms: CELLS

44. Adele hit that won three Grammys: HELLO - Every kid I asked in a H.S. math class knew instantly!

45. Like oversized glasses, to some: NERDY - Name this non-NERDY actor in oversized glasses and the movie where this was one of the last scenes. Answer below the grid.

47. Dining area: HALL - MESS seemed right at first

48. Think: DEEM - If you DEEM it necessary, please comment

51. Airport near D.C.: BWI - Baltimore Washington International

52. Grad student jobs: TA'S.

53. "What have we here?!": OHO - To quote this lovely lady in Minneapolis we know,  "Gluey fill"

Feel free to comment (see 48 Down) on this paradoxical day - Dr. Ride and Dr. Dolan are the pair 'o docs

The big glasses wearer is Robert Di Nero and the movie was Casino where he was a mob guy who ran a casino and no one dared call him a NERD.