Mar 8, 2017

Wednesday, March 8, 2017, Agnes Davidson & C.C. Burnikel


Our two good friends here at this little literary outpost, C.C. and Irish Miss, have produced a lovely exercise for us today. 

Husker Gary reporting on their effort to take a word (foreign to me) and use it as a delightful pattern.These word-loving ladies used the word LOGOPHILE, from the Greek - LOGOS meaning word and PHILE meaning lover, to give us four fills where the first word starts with LO and the second with GO

What word could be more apropos? 

The reveal tells all. I could see the pattern but had no idea what these two LOGOPHILES were doing.

64. Word lover who'd especially enjoy the four longest answers in this puzzle? : LOGOPHILE

17. Ambitious aspiration : LOFTY GOAL - After 108 long years, the Chicago Cubs reached their LOFTY GOAL of a World Championship last fall

25. "We're off to a strong start" : LOOKING GOOD - Forest Gump's 1970's investment in "some kind of fruit company" would have him LOOKING GOOD and worth $6B today.

39. A city council is part of it : LOCAL GOVERNMENT - My town's LOCAL GOVERNMENT has been besieged by debate on both sides concerning the building of a $300,000,000 Costco Chicken Plant two miles south of our house. A former Nebraska governor with whom I golf told me, "Gary, what kind of industry did people think we would attract?"

50. Aphrodite or Venus : LOVE GODDESS - Hilarious Judy Tenuta billed herself as a "LOVE GODDESS - It could happen!"

Now that you've LOGged On, let's see what else Agnes and C.C. have for us

1. __-pedi : MANI

5. Like many snowbirds: Abbr. : RET'D - I subbed five of the last eight days. I've got to look up the word RETIRED 

9. Golden Arches pork sandwich : MCRIB

14. __ jacket : ETON - May we clear that for you?

15. Part of a plot : ACRE

16. Muse for Millay : ERATO

19. Industry bigwig : TITAN

20. Hotel breakfast buffet offering : OMELET - Your attendants might be wearing ETON jackets

21. "Evita" role : CHE

23. River near the Sphinx : NILE

24. Hush-hush govt. org. : NSA

28. Lauren of fashion : RALPH - His company made an entire line of ads for sponsoring Downton Abbey. 

30. Mystery man John : DOE - He seems to show up in a lot of morgues

31. Uninteresting : BLAH

33. "Yippee!" : WAHOO - Twenty minutes from here

36. Flapper's accessory : BOA - The kind that's safe around your neck

43. Typical "Blue's Clues" watcher : TOT

44. Davenport resident : IOWAN

45. Gossip column twosome : ITEM - These things are like our savings account - they generate no appreciable interest!  

46. Stop : END

47. Stop : CEASE - Didn't I just see this clue recently?

55. __ King Cole : NAT

58. "Not sure yet" : I MAY

59. Road cover : TAR - This road TAR job was in one of my favorite movies

60. Sole role in the play "Tru" : CAPOTE

62. Place for short cuts : SALON

66. Pointed remark? : THERE

67. Always : EVER

68. Persia, today : IRAN - The mullahs don't like it but some American knockoffs like this and "Mash Donalds" are showing up. 

69. Totally filled : SATED

70. Email status : SENT - Oh my! Did I hit SEND?

71. What a successful dieter weighs : LESS


1. Fruit served in balls : MELON - Oh, now I get it!

2. Matter makeup : ATOMS

3. 2002 legislation that protects whistleblowers, familiarly : NO FEAR ACT 

4. Like some waters: Abbr. : INT'L

5. Convertible, in slang : RAG TOP - Guy Fieri's RAG TOP and his show - Diners, Drive-In and Dives - are both cool!

6. Prefix with friendly : ECO

7. Song on a CD : TRACK -I haven't bought music on a record, tape or CD since Moby Dick was a guppy.

8. Indian metropolis : DELHI - The Ploof Gourmet Kitchen in Deli has been proclaimed the best Deli in, uh, DELHI. Call  +91 22 2463 4666 for take out!

9. Got together : MET

10. Shrink in fear : CRINGE

11. Probability expression : RATIO - The odds for my FB Huskers winning the National Championship  this year are 100:1. VB odds are much better!

12. Author Calvino : ITALO - Classics always wear well and offer lessons to all generations. To Kill A Mockingbird is one that comes to my mind! You?

13. Like fillets : BONED

18. Cry out : YELL

22. Home of the Ewoks : ENDOR - The home of our crossword buddies. Now where do those ELOI hale from? 

26. "I'm impressed!" : OH WOW

27. Hired hood : GOON - Some don't make it to Social Security age

29. Puzzle solver's cry : AHA - AHA, now I get it! It's two word phrases where the first word starts with LO and the second with GO!

31. Lunchtime fave : BLT - You had me at bacon!

32. John of the U.K. : LOO

34. Gardner of the silver screen : AVA - No one was afraid of her boyfriend/husband, just his GOONS!

35. Start of a conclusion : HENCE

36. Bane : BETE NOIRE - That which is hated or a rasslin' stage name

37. Cardinal Ozzie Smith's retired uniform number : ONE - Now there's a guy who knew how to take his position 

38. Spot to check your balance : ATM

40. Lisa who hosts CNN's "This Is Life" : LING

41. Beckett no-show : GODOT

42. Leading lead-in : MIS - It's MISLEADING if you think GODOT is going to show up

46. Friend of Pooh and Roo : EEYORE - What a sad outlook on life. I've known a few.

48. Go along with : ESCORT

49. PDQ : ASAP

50. Leans while sailing : LISTS

51. D-Day beach : OMAHA - C.C and Agnes, you couldn't throw Nebraska a crumb here? :-) 

52. Lot attendant : VALET - A dfferent pronunciation if you are handing Lord Grantham his riding clothes

53. Lowlands : DALES

54. Used the car : DROVE

56. Book with roads : ATLAS - or...

57. After-school jobholders : TEENS - Like any honest labor, McJobs have dignity

61. One of the Everly Brothers : PHIL - The Beatles were huge fans of Don and PHIL

63. Actor Beatty : NED -This t-shirt was inspired by what may be Ned's most remembered role

65. High-ranking off. : GEN

I am LOng GOne but look forward to your comments:


fermatprime said...


Thanks to Agnes, CC and Gary!

Swell puzzle! No nits!

Having lovely, arm weather here! Wow!

Got lost in the bowels of the local hospital yesterday. Harvey got tired of pushing the wheelchair. Luckily was rescued by a kind soul.

Have a great day!

OwenKL said...

Not sure whether to call this a victory or not. The NW took a while, and wasn't really satisfying when It finally ta-da-ed. I've never heard of a "NO FEAR ACT"*, can never remember the spelling of OMELETTE**, had CALL > YELL, and just couldn't think of LOFTY nor INTERNATIONAL. I eventually got them all, but they felt more like random WAGs than educated WAGs.

Even the theme escaped me. I saw the L-G connection, but didn't notice the O's, so was expecting a reveal with ELEGY, or maybe ALLERGY (on my mind because my hayfever has been running wild this week). LOGOPHILE was good, but did take me by surprise!

*Acronym: No FEAR Act
Definition: Notification and Federal Employee Anti-Discrimination and Retaliation Act of 2002
(Should be NaFEADaRA.)

**OMELETTES wouldn't be in a hotel buffet line, either. They could be ordered, but in the buffet it was hard-boiled or scrambled.

TTP said...

Good morning all. Thank you Irish Miss, CC and Husker Gary.

LOOKING GOOD you two ! Loved the puzzle. LOGOPHILES. Nice ! The write up as well.
Pointed remark clue was cute. Place for short cuts was better.
Good thing I had the E from CHE. And enough perps to see BETE NOIRE.
RALPH Lauren - The local Macy's is closing. 70 % off. No real deals. Bought one item. Slightly less expensive than their normal "sale" price.
NSA & CIA sentiment ? WIKILEAKS, we are not amused.
Davenport resident - I served with a guy named Davenport. He was from Toledo.

Gary, if you are loving what you are doing... I'm sure the children are benefitting.
We're Triple D fans too. Never heard of Judy Tenuta before today.
Email status : SENT - Oh my! Did I hit SEND? i.e. rue. The analog here is "Publish Your Comment." Here at the Corner, you can always delete your comment if you rue the decision.

Spitzboov, hope all goes well for your BH today. Did note your usage of BH. Could have two meanings for you.

Owen, thanks for explaining the FEAR part. By the way, we like Embassy Suites

Big Easy said...

H.G.- you solved my first question. Was LOGOPHILE a made up word to fit the puzzle, or somebody who watches the LOGO channel, or an actual word? I noticed the unifier after LOFTY GOAL & LOOKING GOOD and blitzed through the puzzle. I had one write over changing PAUL to PHIL-unknown. ENDOR- went there last week, 'Blues Clues' watcher TOT, and Lisa LING of CNN- )does anybody watch that channel?) were other unknowns solved by perps.

OwenK- I never heard of the NO FEAR ACT either.
After filling LOFTY GOAL and OMELET there was the 5D clue 'Convertible' that already had the fills __GT__ and it had me thinking are there more letters to add to LBGT__?

BONED or is it DE-BONED? BONE-IN? BONELESS? FILLETED? My mid-40s neighbor has never eaten a piece of chicken with a bone in it.

Gary-my former governor doesn't play golf. As a matter of fact he just got out of prison after eight years. My Congressman is still in the pokey. And so is my mayor. And this is not Chicago.

Bob Niles said...

How come the Washington Post now uses the LA Times crossword?

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

No problem with this one. Noticed the LG and figured the theme would be "flat screen." D'oh! Nicely done, I-M, C.C. and Husker.

As a teen, I had a Mcjob at the local Rexall drug store. Paid $0.85/hr and $1.25/hr on Sunday. I was rich! Anybody remember those 1-Cent Sales that Rexall used to run?

Madame Defarge said...

Good Morning,

Great Puzzle from Irish Miss and C.C. Lots of fun here. I can't believe I hit LOCAL GOVERNMENT immediately. Thank you so much.

Gary, You may have outdone yourself today. Amazingly enjoyable links. Thanks.

Off to judge/read research papers for the Chicago Metro History Fair. Apparently, I signed up to do this because I miss the hundreds of junior research papers I have read. It's a lovely day to drive down Lake Shore Drive to the Chicago History Museum.

Have a fine day wherever you are.

Lucina said...

Nice job, Irish Miss and CC.! Being a LOGOPHILE myself, I enjoyed this immensely.

THERE was cleverly clued. And I liked seeing my surname there, too.

TRACK and ATLAS might be foreign to some under 40.

Thank you for today's delightful offering. And thank you, Gary, for your always colorful tour.

We also like Embassy Suites.

Have a beautiful day, everyone!

Jinx in Norfolk said...

Like OKL, I caught the L - G but not the LO - GO, and learned LOGOPHILE today. Like TTP, my favorite today was the short cuts clue. My least favorite was "leans while sailing". As a former avid rag-bagger, I know that a sailboat heels, not LISTS, while sailing. If the boat leans in its slip it LISTS, but if it leans under sail it heels. This one was also my only erasure today.

Other unknowns were GODOT, Blue's Clues, NO FEAR ACT, and didn't really know the meaning of BETE NOIRE even though I've seen it a thousand times.

Thanks Irish Miss and CC for a mostly fun Wednesday puzzle, and to HG for your usual entertaining write-up.

Oas said...

I agree , most hotels i' ve stayed at on the road serve eggs for breaky scrambled or boiled . Resort hotels however often have a grill at the end of the buffet line with friendly cooks waiting to make u an omelet as you like it. Tip jar for your convenience.

Yellowrocks said...

Agnes and CC, thanks for a great puzzle, and Gary, thanks for the always enjoyable tour.
DO, at first I was thinking TV or appliances for LG, too. Got LOGOPHILE right off, having been one all my life, an inherited trait from my mom's genes and example. That LOGO tipped me off to LO-GO, instead of plain LG.
Owen KL,I have heard of the NO FEAR Act. Thanks for giving us the acronym which I didn't know.
For LISTS I pictured the a sinking ocean liner. It lists before it goes under.This illustrates another meaning for sailing:
"Traveling by ship on or across (a sea)." Not necessarily under sail. The Titanic sailed from Southampton.
I use an online atlas, phone book, World Almanac, and dictionary instead of paper ones. I find that occasionally my huge unabridged paper dictionary has additional insights. My outdated encyclopedia makes a wonderful bookshelf decoration. I never use it.
OAS, yes, I find many hotels have a buffet line including an station for made to order omelettes. The motels have simpler breakfasts with hard boiled eggs and scrambled eggs. The dinner buffets have carving stations in the buffet line.

oc4beach said...

Great puzzle by CC and IM. Gary added a lot of 'splaining that filled out the adventure. I didn't get the theme, because LOGOPHILE was the last word I filled in and the G was a guess. Otherwise, it was a nice Wednesday trip.

Gary: How about Peyton Manning's call as another clue for OMAHA?

Have a great day everyone.

Tinbeni said...

Husker: Wonderful write-up. Good Job!

Irish Miss & C.C. Thank You for a FUN Wednesday puzzle. My "new" favorite of the year!

Needed ESP (Every-Single-Perp) to get NO-FEAR-ACT and ENDOR but the perps were doable.

All-in-All it was an enjoyable solve.

BunnyM said...

Good morning all

What a great puzzle from the fun duo of Irish Miss and C.C.! Wonderful theme for us LOGOPHILEs ( the word was a learning moment for me) I thought it would have to do with the electronics company LG until I saw the reveal clue- very clever! Only perps were ITALO and GODOT.

Hunker Gary- thanks for a really fun write up. I agree with Madame Defarge- you have outdone yourself with this one. I had to Lol at the NED Beatty t-shirt ;)

OwenKL- I always misspell OMELET and I don't mean the alternate British spelling For some reason I want it to be Omlet- doh! I have also seen Omelet stations at buffets in some resorts. They will also make the eggs over easy, sunny side up, etc on request. Nice alternative to the dried out scrambled ones that have been sitting there for who knows how long.

My lovely in laws are RETD snowbirds who live in Naples, FL half the year and here in Cincinnati the other half. Smart people, those two :)

The MCRIB has never appealed to me ...

trubrit- I read your post this morning about your daughter. How exciting! I don't watch NCIS but looked her up on IMDB. She is lovely and I've seen her in a few things. I've been a fan of her husband since he was in "Quantum Leap" :) You must be a proud Papa!

I got my wish for sun and no rain. It is beautiful now but chilly. I guess I should pay more attention to the forecast as I thought it was supposed to rain all week. This is a nice break for my arthritis.
Spitzboov- I hope all is well with your BH's knee replacement! I also need my left one replaced but am holding off as long as possible. Everyone I know that has had it done had no issues but I just don't relish the thought of yet another surgery.

Hope everyone has a wonderful day!

Chairman Moe said...

PT2: To DO @ 6:55 -->

My first job was at a Rexall Drug Store called Rea & Derick (York, PA - Misty would remember these). The min wage then was $1.65/hr and I worked mostly as a stock boy, and on weekends I assisted at the pharmacy counter. Quick story: one Sunday morning in winter, a man came up to the pharmacy counter and asked: "Hey, do you sell rubbers?" Not trying to be naive, I said, "Sure! We've got Trojans, Ramses, Shiek," and then the guy started laughing hysterically. After composing himself he said, "man, I had enough of that last night! I just need something to cover my shoes! It's gonna snow today!!"

True story ...

Chairman Moe said...

Chairman MoeMarch 8, 2017 at 8:37 AM
"Puzzling Thoughts":

Sorry for my absence - lots of things going on and stressed to the max

Been solving the puzzles but no time to check out the blog; had a few minutes this morning so I thought I'd drop by and thank IM and CC for the very creative puzzle, and of course HG for an amusing recap!

A few write overs, of course! CIA > NSA. SO FAR SO GOOD > LOOKING GOOD. DELLS > DALES. But once all was corrected the grid filled in easily

Favorite clue was 32d - certainly not enough letters for ELTON 😜

My "creative" time's been "amiss", but here's a limerick and haiku for today:

After spending an hour on the LOO
Went to clinic; thought I had the flu.
But instead the two doc's
Gave me shot for the pox;
"There's not a Shingle thing wrong with you!"

At a loss for words ...

Have a good one!

MJ said...

Good day to all!

Saw the lo-go theme early, but needed the reveal to explain the why of it all. Favorite clue/answer was "Pointed remark?"/THERE. Thanks, C.C. and Agnes, for a fine Tuesday puzzle, and thanks, Husker, for guiding us through it today.

Enjoy the day!

Jinx in Norfolk said...

YR - Have you ever heard someone say they are sailING when they are on an ocean liner? I haven't. I've heard "the ship sails at midnight", "that ship has sailed", and cruise lines say "come sail with us", but I have never heard anyone say they have gone sailING when they mean on anything other than a sailboat. I'm not arguing that the clue can't be defended with a dictionary listing, I'm just saying that it wasn't well chosen and wouldn't be used that way in real life, at least in the salty places I've lived. It just grates on the few nerves I have left.

Moe, when I was growing up (maybe 10 or 12 years old) my pal's father had an independent drug store. We were hanging out there one day after school and a customer walked in and asked the dad if he had Pretty Feet (a foot care product). He turned to us and gave us a look, turned back to the customer and said "about average, I guess". About 15 minutes later a teenager walked in and asked him if he had Super Balls. He gave us The Look, then turned to the teen and said "about halfway back along the wall". The teen saw us rolling on the floor laughing, and just shook his head.

Yellowrocks said...

Jinx, here ya go:
-My dad was a steam power fan, and so we were always sailing on one old ship or another.
New York Times Nov 27, 2016
-In November, the line will introduce another large ship, the 4,140-capacity MSC Seaside, sailing year-round between Miami and the Caribbean. MSC Seaside is a high-tech cruise ship. New York Times Jan 4, 2017
-Those would be by cruise ship, sailing from Civitavecchia the next day. Seattle Times Dec 1, 2016
I have seen sailing used this way many times.

McJobs are great for teens and retired people. It was fine for my teen age son. They don't provide much dignity for a head of household with a mortagage and children, especially college age children.

The Grammarsist says, "American publications prefer omelet, and this is the spelling recommended by most American English reference sources. In all other main varieties of English, the French spelling, omelette, is preferred.
These are the preferences shown in 21st-century edited writing, anyway. There’s no rule saying Americans can’t prefer the French spelling or that British writers can’t prefer the American one, and both spellings appear to varying degrees throughout the English-speaking world."
I have always understood that both are correct, except for edited writing.

Jazzbumpa said...

Hi gang -

Nice review, Gary. I thought the theme was MEH! until I got to the reveal. Then it suddenly became elegant. Quite a turn around.

Good puzzle overall. Took some perp help here and there. About right for a Wednesday.

Bright, sunny and warm here, but very windy with gale-force gusts. There's a travel ban on the Ohio Turnpike for high profile vehicles.

Very strange day, indeed.

Hope y'all are doing well.

Cool regards!

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

Thanks for the kind words and the positive feedback. Surprisingly, I, myself, stumbled in a few spots but was soon back on the right track. CC and I enjoyed creating this for all of you word lovers so I'm pleased that you enjoyed solving it.

Thanks, Gary, for your always delightful and spot-on summary. (Our original clue for Omaha referenced your famous steak company. πŸ˜‰)

Thanks, Tin, for such an honor!

Trubrit ~ Looking forward to watching the tape of last night's NCIS episode.

Jinx ~ I'd bet a tummy-rubbing session with Zoe would do wonders for those grated nerves! 🐢 πŸ˜‡

Have a great day.

CanadianEh! said...

Wonderful Wednesday solve. Definitely not BLAH. Thanks Irish Miss, C.C. and Husker G for the fun.
Like others, I saw the LG but didn't get the LOGO until I came here. AHA!

I enjoyed the 30A and 32D John clues and the 46 and 47A Stop clues.
Favourite (like others) was Pointed Remark=THERE with runner-up being What a Successful dieter weighs=LESS.

I did get held up by entering Yahoo instead of WAHOO but OH YOW did not ring true.
We had SATED not SLAKEd today.

HG, our Toronto Maple Leafs are 50-1 odds to win the Stanley Cup. Hope springs eternal!
HG, would that tar scene be from Cool Hand Luke? Loved Paul Newman eating the eggs in that movie.
Big Easy @6:25 - I see LBGTQ frequently here (Q stands for Queer) but Google tells me there is also LBGTQA (Q for questioning and A for Allied/Advocates/All). Perfect for Crosswords! Order is also sometimes changed in LGBT.

Have a great day.

trubrit said...

Thanks IM & CC for a great, enjoyable puzzle today. I got stuck on 'cowered' but finally got 'cringe'.
Thanks BunnyM for the compliments, however, I'm a Proud Mama not Papa. I would put my photo on my blog but don't know how.
Regards to all.

WikWak said...

I can eat 50 eggs.

Don't know which was more enjoyable, the puzzle or Husker's write up. Really liked the clues for THERE and LOO.

My first job was as a gopher in a mom and pop grocery store--$0.50 an hour. The butcher there had 2 fewer fingers when I finally left for a high-paying job as a car hop than he did when I started. True story. Weren't the 50's great?

Anonymous said...

Gary: The ELOI hail from the same place you do - Earth. It's just a couple million years in the future, that's all...!

CrossEyedDave said...

Fun romp, but alas, an FIW.
Never heard of Logophile, & read 65d as high-ranking OFF.icial= SENator.
high ranking officer=GENeral never occurred to me.
Oh well, Logophile/Losophile, It's all Greek to me...

Bleh before Blah, & Italo was very unusual.

Jinx inNorfolk @728
Heels! Thank you, that was the word I was looking for!
(I was thinking Tacks...) (0:52)

Also thank you to Bluehen (yest,@7:29pm)
Your reference to Barney Miller enabled me to track down the actor
playing the General on F Troop.(actually, Major Duncan)
It was James Gregory!
I didn't watch much Barney Miller, looks like an excellent show to watch in reruns.
It has a cast list that reads like a list of every actor in Hollywood.
James Gregory Bio is remarkable, & reads like a list of every show on TV.
(& that does not include his stage work!)
But I knew he looked familiar, & now I know why.
He was in the pilot episode of Twilight Zone.

Played Dr. Tristan Adams
- Dagger of the Mind, Star Trek (TV Series) (1966)

And was the unforgettable
Lt. Gen. Robert 'Iron Guts' Kelly on M*A*S*H

AnonymousPVX said...

Awesome puzzle today, just right for Wednesday. Nicely clued and a clever gimmick that did NOT get in the way of a solve, appreciated.

I dislike gimmick puzzles when the gimmick gets in the way, the tail wagging the dog so to speak. None of that here today.

I have no idea who "trubrit" has as a daughter. Would be nice if this "inside information" was shared. I watched NCIS and have no idea who we are referring to.

Misty said...

Wahoo! Wahoo! What a great way to start the day--with an Irish Miss and C.C. puzzle! Wahoo! I just loved doing it, with its bit of crunch, but I finally pretty much sailed through it. Probably because I knew the literary clues like GODOT and CAPOTE. I think James Joyce actually tutored ITALO Calvino in English, when he lived in Trieste, if I remember this correctly. So this puzzle was a total delight for me--thank you both so much!

Gary, your write up was so clever and funny and your pictures so neat this morning--many thanks to you too!

How cool that you started work in York, PA, when young, Chairman Moe. Also, funny rubber story.

Have a wonderful Wednesday, everybody, after our great start!

Ol' Man Keith said...

HuskerG, you picked some fine visuals:
AVA and Frankie! Ouch, those Ribs!
And that road sign for WAHOO - Oh, Man! I guess it is more a sign of my ignorance than the city elders' naΓ―vetΓ©, that I only recognize one out of their "Five Famous Men."
But what do we call bragging that doesn't impress?

Thank you, Agnes & C.C., for a plsnt pzl.

Leo Marvin said...


I sail. Do you sail? I'm a sailor! Ahoy!

What's that river in Hades? No, not Lethe, the other one.

Or that one-named new age chick from Ireland? No, not Bono, she's not new age!

Aussies are known for the sailing and their LISTing.

Big Easy said...

Chairman Moe- at the gym today one of the guys was talking about his first job working at a concession stand at a drive-in movie. But their first job was to walk around the lot and clean up the trash from the night before, which included many used 'galoshes'. He said they were all over the lot. Let's hope they washed their hands well before handing out food.

I.M.-"Looking forward to watching the tape of last night's NCIS episode." Do you still have a VCR that uses TAPES?

First 'real' job???- Burger King @$1.15/hour, which was LESS than minimum wage due to dome quirk in the law. Mowing grass, picking cucumbers, and picking up hay bales was basically pin money.

Jinx in Norfolk said...

YR - Thanks for the added references to SAILING. I learn something new most days here.

I think there is dignity in all work if one looks for it. My BIL was a hot-shot CPA and CFO in a bakery that failed in a recession years ago. He couldn't find work in his field, even an entry-level position. He wouldn't apply for any form of government assistance. Instead, he got a job as a cook at Waffle House, and worked as many hours as they would give him. He lost his house and credit rating, but kept his family and his dignity. He started a private CPA practice on the side, and built it up until he could quit flipping eggs. I must say, he is a far better man than am I.

IM, you are right - Belly rub sessions with Zoe are symbiotic.

Irish Miss said...

AnonymousPVX @ 12:31 ~ Check out Trubrit's post yesterday @ 11:43. (Glad you liked the puzzle.)

Big Easy @ 1:05 ~ Not to worry, I'm not stuck in the 20th century. I should have said "the DVR recording." πŸ™ƒ

Trubrit, congrats on your daughter's appearance and performance with her hubby. It was fun watching, knowing they are real-life spouses! Thanks for sharing this with the Corner.

Jinx, I love your avatar of Zoe. Is her coloring unusual?

Abejo said...

Good afternoon, folks. Thank you, Agnes and C.C., for a fine puzzle. Thank you Husker Gary, for a fine review. And, Agnes, I think we share a Birthday, don't we?

Husker Gary, when I lived in Iran, the biggest knock off at the time was Colonel Iraj's chicken. That was 1976/79.

Chairman Moe: I used to live in York, PA. Small world. About 1973 or so. I was there when Hurricane Agnes went through.

Puzzle was great! Really liked the theme. LO GO

Had write over EVA with CHE. Only inkblot.

NO FEAR ACT was unknown, but got it with common sense and a Wag.

I say AHA a lot when doing puzzles.

ITALO was unknown, but kind of a no brainer once I had ITAL.

Have to get some more seed trays today so I can finish planting my garden seeds. I have 144 seeds started and that many more to go, at least. Off to Masonic Veteran Association quarterly meeting tonight in Des Plaines. This group has been meeting since the late 1800's. Glad to be part of it.

See you tomorrow.


( )

Ol' Man Keith said...

My first "real job," aside from working my way up on my newspaper route, from delivery boy to Asst. District Manager in HS (a fancy title, but still a part time gig), was selling ladies' shoes.
The summer before my first college year my girlfriend and I walked from store to store along San Francisco's Market Street asking every store manager if they had openings. She got hired at a high end department store, and I was taken on by Leeds Shoes, the high volume store right at Powell and Market (just across from the cable car turntable).
I was a terrible shoe salesman. But the other guys loved having me there because I was very, very polite, and when they got stuck with a "crock"--a picky customer who can't make up her #*@! mind!--they could dump her on me.
I gained a lot of good stories about both shoes and women. But I never made my quota, and I hated being there. The happiest day of my undergrad life was getting a call--at the store!--after a year-and-a-half of pushing pumps, mules, and slippers telling me I'd been hired by my college department as a TA!
You'd be surprised (maybe not?!) at the language top salesmen would use in the back room when they wanted to vent about a difficult lady customer. Very colorful...

Husker Gary said...

-52˚F today with full sun and no wind. Played 18 in shirtsleeves and did well except for two holes. What? I have to count them too?
-I appreciate the nice comments as writing these blogs are a labor of love. Plus, it’s nice to find an audience for my stream of conscious thought and to interact with logophilic group.
-We will be staying at an Embassy Suites property that is 7 blocks north of Ford’s theater.
-The Costa Concordia LISTED hard to starboard and the idiot captain jumped ship.
-Thanks Anon! I read The Time Machine in high school and saw the Rod Taylor movie about it in 1960. Duh. -BTW, Rod Taylor’s Time Machine wound up on this show in which Sheldon had a nightmare about confronting ELOI!
-BTW,ke x I am somewhat sleepy the night before my blog appears here as I’m always sure I made lots of mistakes.
-The Rexall Drug in our town had “rubbers” under the counter (I’m told) and now condoms are out next to the aspirin

CrossEyedDave said...

For those with cable TV,
BBC America is showing a Sherlock marathon today.
Also, PBS Channel 13 NYC has: 8pm freshwater eels ( a crossword staple)
9pm why ships sink, (Must watch to see if list is listed...)
10pm Cruise Ship Safety (hmm, Idunno if I can get on board with that one...)

Leo Marvin @ 12:58, I like your style (I am not sure why, but I like it...)

Lofty Goal?

Looking Good!

Local Government explained...

& at the risk of a rebuttal from Irish Miss...

Re: 1st job
I think it was walking dogs for senior citizens in my apartment building,
don't remember what I made, but I would do it for free being an animal lover.)
Or it could have been delivering the Sunday paper in my apartment building,
25 floors, got to operate the service elevator with the manual control
and steel mesh inner doors.
Still have the wire cutter needed to unbale the papers,
I use it to trim my guitar strings.
(Oh my gosh, did I steal it from my boss?)

Spitzboov said...

Hello Everyone.

Betty's knee replacement surgery went well. Hope to have her home by tomorrow. Thanks to everyone for your good wishes. It is truly much appreciated. Yes, TTP, in my stead there is a double meaning.

Congrats to IM and C.C. for a great puzzle which I solved in the Hospital waiting room this morning. It was a hoot. Thought of Misty while filling in WAHOO.
WAHOO - Here is the intro from Wiki to a description of the submarine Wahoo:
……USS Wahoo (SS-238) was a Gato-class submarine, the first United States Navy ship to be named for the wahoo, a dark blue food fish of Florida and the West Indies. Construction started before the U.S. entered World War II, and she was commissioned after entry. Wahoo was assigned to the Pacific theatre. She gained fame as an aggressive and highly successful submarine after Lt. Commander Dudley Walker "Mush" Morton became her skipper. She was sunk by Japanese aircraft in October 1943 while returning home from a patrol in the Sea of Japan.

Have a nice day.

Hungry Mother said...

I had "yahoo", "ohyou", and convinced myself that "Iouan" was correct. Luckil;y, I can spell "Doh!".

Lemonade714 said...

Fun puzzle again from C.C. and IM and who better than HG to write it up. Awesome, abd now in more locations with the Washington post using the LAT. Keep it up guys.

2 hours worth of MRI's today and Epidural 3 tomorrow; so many birthday in early March happt tear to all

CrossEyedDave said...

HG, sorry, but Sheldons nightmare requires a visual

Also, I think I have found the reason I get Spamfiltered so much.
I have been clicking preview to check the links before
clicking the "I am not a robot" box.
Hitting edit instead of publish returns you to a
pre robot proof screen that does not publish well.

1st jobs stories reminded me that I may have curmudgeoned
my way into ruining someones 1st day...
I was at the local CVS looking for Tucks to ease my (well, you know)
and could not find them. I went to the Pharmacy counter for assistance
and encountered a teen that had no idea what I was looking for...
The Pharmacist was filling an Rx for a Lady who was waiting,
& I didn't want to embarrass myself, (or unbear my ass) but could not explain
to this kid what Tucks were.
So after several attempts, I could not contain myself any longer
& screamed out "BUTTWIPES!"

The Pharmacist assisted me promptly, (with a smile) & the Lady was hysterical.
But I think I really ruined this kids 1st day...

Chairman Moe said...

Misty @ 12:52 --> I thought you knew I was from York - lived there for 14 years. From pre-K until I was a Junior in college, when my folks moved. No connections there now other than a few friends from school.

Abejo @ 2:32 --> IIRC, Hurricane Agnes hit early in the Hurricane Season of 1972. Why I remember this so vividly is that I was still in college, and was home for the summer. Jobs were scarce that summer (due to the mild recession the US was having that year), and after the storm finally blew off, the destruction left behind was extensive. The Federal Govt quickly provided work vouchers to various companies and individuals, and I was able to join a work crew that kept me busy the entire summer. Worked at the Naval Ordinance plant - which became AMF - which became a Harley Davidson Assembly plant - and was part of a crew cleaning and restoring blueprints and records. Later that summer, when the individual grants came in, I was part of a team that demolished and helped rebuild several homes along the Codorus Creek; a babbling brook that crested so high that flood waters reached the second story of any home along its banks. It was sad to see the owners' possessions and living space ruined, but they at least got some relief from the government. Pretty unpleasant work but it provided me a large chunk of spending money for college.

Jayce said...

A fun puzzle and nifty theme. Loved the clues for THERE and LESS. Great job, Agnes and C.C.

Saw your daughter on NCIS: New Orleans lat night, trubrit. She's a very competent actor. Very cool at the end of the episode how she sang while her husband played the piano. It sure looks like Mr. Bakula really does know how to play the piano.

Ol' Man Keith said...

Sorry to have missed Trubrit's daughter. Maybe we can catch the episode through our "On Demand" service. I'm not sure, but would like to try. Her name is Chelsea? Is that her acting name? What's the surname?

Irish Miss said...

Abejo, yes we do share a birthday. (Not that hurricane, though!)

CED, no rebuttal as I don't know how to link using my iPad. (Plus, I'm still chuckling about yesterday's Pug mixing up Exercise with Extra Fries.)

OMKeith, yes, you'll be able to get that episode from On Demand but it may take a couple of days for it to be available. Some shows are listed right away but most take a few days to show up. (This has been my experience, anyway.)

Spitz, good news about Betty. Hope her recovery is speedy and uneventful.

Jayce said...

Ol' Man Keith, her full name is Chelsea Field.

trubrit said...

'Ol Man Keith, Sorry you missed Tuesday's NCIS Nola, but Chelsea will be on the show next Tuesday too.
Thank all of you for the interest.

Anonymous T said...

Hi All!

WAHOO! A CC & IM pzl and HG to ESCORT us through. Plenty of AHA moments, HENCE, I'm havin' ONE fine Wed. Thanks ladies and GEN-T. [see 65d and take a right turn :-)]. Thanks to Y'aLL for the effort(s).

WOs: GaDOT; CAPOnE; yAHOO (hi C, Eh!)
Sparkle: c/a for 42d, 62a & 66a and a Star Wars ref: THERE's GOOD there.

Anyone think the NO FEAR ACT applies to Snowden for leaking NSA docs? It's not LOOKING GOOD for him... Then yesterday re: Vault 7 on Wiki; Will it END? I say won't EVER CEASE. Vault 7 is just a tranche of the docs Assange has.*

Fav: The Theme. Well executed and LOGOPHILE is a fun word.

{} {cute, Nice!}

LeoM - love me some Styx. Enjoyed everyone's "McJob" stories; thanks for sharing. If I think of a funny (real) one, I'll share.

I knew the main character in NICS looked familiar; same w/ CED's Maj Duncan. I just couldn't place 'em. Thanks for the research folks! BTW, CED, Barney Miller is dry humour with interesting "prisoners" in most episodes. I think you MAY like it.

No one thought of this GOON?. She needs a MANI.

Cheers, -T
*Nothing I've seen so far are stuff we didn't know. It's just their methods [not code] of exploit. The most interesting was re: Samsung Smart TV being used as a listening device even though it looks off... In Soviet America, TV watches you :-)

Yellowrocks said...

Betty and Lemon, here's to a speedy recovery.

Anonymous T said...

For you world travelers, I donno if you heard yet but the Azure Window in Malta collapsed. I, for one, didn't know that's what the landmark was called. HENCE my confusion when I encountered the story on /. [<- That's a link]. I thought Microsoft's Azure collapsed so I clicked. TTP & other IT folk will get it :-)

Cheers, -T

OwenKL said...


Warning: tomorrow's puzzle has circles, which do NOT show up on the Mensa site!

Also, someone needs to tell either LAT or Mensa, whoever sets it up, that a percent sign must be entered as &#37; -- not as % ! The Mensa interface requires HTML Unicode format for special symbols!
23 down has
Mansa clue: 1alternative
Across Lite clue: 1% alternative

Wilbur Charles said...

I do xwords in pen and newspaper and today I never got the sleeve off all day. I fell asleep watching the Celtics and woke up to their waxing the Warriors in the 4th. WooHoo.
OK WAHOO is close enough for a QOD to Misty.

What a DUO, CC and IM. The cluing was great. HG always has a terrific write-up. And it seems like everyone but Hondo got in here.

That's because CC neglected her usual Minny Twins clue.

NW started slowly but I SAILED along after and stalled at GEN vs SEN when the V8 hit.

Early jobs? I was a lobster shucker on the old Boston fish pier. HELL on the hands. I think I told the story about taking home a dozen in a paper bag on the old T. Oops, 1/2 dozen.

Now to hit the 'links'. I'm so overdue to play golf; HG has me jealous. 18 holes every 2 or 3 years = RUST

WC waiting for the chamomile to kick in

Wilbur Charles said...

Ps. I forgot the kudos for that most excellent, oops make that PwD, 'lick from C-Moe. And the Haiku. Tres merveilleux.

Gee. I spelled it right from memory.


Wilbur Charles said...

WOW. Just read the sign. Sam Crawford, the old Tiger, was nicknamed WAHOO. He was one of the gang that hazed Ty Cobb so mercilessly, that Ty started carrying a pistol around.

Later, Sam would call Ty for a loan when he was down and out and Cobb never failed him.


TTP said...

Cable, internet and phone were all out yesterday. Triple play package can mean triple no-worky.

Just read all the comments after 7:30 AM.

Spitzboov, glad it went well for your BH.

Husker Gary, no golfing here. Sustained high winds all day yesterday. Gusts measured at 60 mph at the nearby airport. Coverage this morning showed trees down in various places around Chicagoland.

Anon - T, I'd never heard of the Azure Window in Malta either. Reading that link reminded me of that moron that pushed over the balanced rock in one of the National Parks (Arches ?), and then posted pictures on social media.

Yeah, the IOT opens up all of those PORT(al)s for intrusions and snooping. All of the (dumb) smart devices should, at minimum, be behind firewalls. The only all encompassing solution would be to go completely off the grid, and even then...

Picard said...

Hand up for YAHOO getting me stuck for awhile. I have never actually heard anyone say WAHOO except it is the name of a fish taco restaurant here.

Other than that, it was a fun ride! Thanks, Irish Miss and CC!

The NO FEAR ACT is a good idea, but there is still plenty to fear for whistle blowers. We need to reward people who blow the whistle, not treat them as criminals as often happens.