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May 23, 2017

Tuesday, May 23, 2017 Ed Sessa

Theme: Two Different Words That Start With The Same Two Letters - La/La

20A. *Teaching aid for learning foreign tongues: LANGUAGE LAB

59A. *Deep blue gemstone: LAPIS LAZULI

5D. *Superboy's girlfriend: LANA LANG

11D. *Satisfaction after setbacks: LAST LAUGH

35D. *Cowboy star with a bullwhip: LASH LARUE

41D. 2016 Best Picture (no, wait; it wasn't!) ... and a fitting place for the answers to starred clues?: LA LA LAND

Argyle here. All the other letters except J and Q. Entries in rows: 2, columns: 4. Cute reveal.


1. Place for wet cannonballs: POOL

5. Volcanic rocks: LAVAs

10. Move like a river: FLOW

14. Vineyard unit: ACRE

15. Plant used in tequila production: AGAVE

16. Spencer of "Good Morning America": LARA

17. Really wiped out: BEAT

18. Private's denial: "NO SIR!"

19. Like many resold items: USED

23. Tot's piggy: TOE

24. Like an accurate hockey shot: ON GOAL

25. Arbor Day month: APRIL

27. Brute: BEAST

30. Tackled, as a task, with "at": HAD A GO, hopefully done...

33. With competence: ABLY

36. Orderly: NEAT

38. "__ I lie to you?": WOULD

39. Spy org. created under Truman: CIA. (Central Intelligence Agency)

40. Appetizer often served with duck sauce: EGG ROLL

42. Prefix with centric or caching: GEO

43. Dermatologist's surgical tool: LASER

45. "__ girl!": ATTA

46. "Believe" singer: CHER. The song featured audio processor software, Auto-Tune, which became known as the "Cher effect".

47. Theater guides: USHERs

49. Sun-related: SOLAR

51. Plunders: LOOTS

53. Died down: ABATED

57. Place to de-stress: SPA

62. Angelic glow: AURA

64. Dreadlocks wearer: RASTA

65. "__ la Douce": IRMA. (1963 romantic comedy starring Jack Lemmon and Shirley MacLaine)

66. Essential point: CRUX

67. Promotional connection: TIE-IN

68. Black, to a poet: EBON. Shakespeare's jet?

69. Ship's backbone: KEEL

70. Mortimer on Bergen's knee: SNERD

71. See 63-Down: ROSE63-Down. With 71-Across, rocker whose first name anagrams a West Coast airport code: AXL. (LAX / Los Angeles Airport)


1. Picasso who painted Gertrude Stein: PABLO

2. Arctic or Indian: OCEAN

3. Sumatran ape: ORANG. (orangutan)

4. Allow to pass: LET GO BY

6. Intensely excited: AGOG

7. Ming museum piece: VASE

8. Hometown of St. Teresa: ÁVILA, in 52-Down. Iberian Peninsula country: SPAIN

9. High-ranking angel: SERAPH

10. Winter ailment: FLU

12. Layered cookie: OREO

13. Get one's tootsies wet: WADE

21. Dubai's fed.: UAE. (United Arab Emirates)

22. Saloon slugfest: BRAWL

26. Altar words: I DO

28. Sonic the Hedgehog game company: SEGA

29. Small fruit pies: TARTs

31. Pure joy: GLEE. Eating tarts.

32. What the nose knows: ODOR

33. Civil rights gp.: ACLU. (American Civil Liberties Union)

34. Skewed view: BIAS

37. Terrier on the Yellow Brick Road: TOTO. Not in Kansas.

40. Filmdom's Flynn: ERROL

44. Fair-hiring letters: EEO. (Equal Employment Opportunity)

46. Comparatively outlandish: CRAZIER

48. Inaugurates: STARTS

50. Case workers' org.?: ABA. (American Bar Association)

54. Supercharger: TURBO

55. "St. __ Fire": ELMO'S

56. "Cheers" waitress: DIANE. (Shelley Long) Different bar from 50-Down.

57. Potato holder: SACK

58. Like 24-karat gold: PURE

60. "__ skies of blue and clouds of white ... ": "What a Wonderful World": I SEE

61. Recipe instruction: STIR


May 22, 2017

Monday, May 22, 2017 Jake Braun

Theme: Play Ball! - Choose your team.

69A. Sports org. for the players that begin the answers to starred clues: MLB. Major League Baseball

17A. *Found middle ground: MET HALFWAY. New York Mets.

39A. *Hockey rink divider: RED LINE. Cincinnati Reds.

58A. *Shaft from the sun: RAY OF LIGHT. Tampa Bay Rays.

10D. *"Unforgettable" crooner: NAT KING COLE. Washington Nationals.

25D. *Jimmy Olsen, notably: CUB REPORTER. Chicago Cubs.

26D. *"The Tonight Show" host after Johnny Carson: JAY LENO. Toronto Blue Jays.

Argyle here. Symmetry! Pin wheel with a bullseye. Consistency! All three letter teams. A reveal tucked in the SE corner. Quantity with quality and a couple of learning moments. Yes, I liked this puzzle(Can you tell?).


1. Task: JOB

4. Suddenly paid attention: SAT UP

9. Take __: snooze: A NAP

13. Wows: AWEs

15. One may drift in from the kitchen: AROMA

16. Scarlett's plantation: TARA

19. Caesar's stunned words: "ET TU!?"

20. Dirt road depressions: RUTS

21. Tots' three-wheelers: TRIKEs

23. __ Wall Street: 2011 protest: OCCUPY

26. Kind of delinquent: JUVENILE

28. Resort island near Venezuela: ARUBA

29. Chart with roads: MAP

30. Rainier or Rushmore: Abbr.: MTN. (mount)

31. Sad sound: SOB

32. "It's my call": "I SAY SO"

35. Eye provocatively: OGLE

38. Corn serving: EAR

41. 102, to Caesar: CII

42. 69-Across list of games, briefly: SKED. MLB

44. Garden-tidying gadget: WEEDER

45. Texter's "Holy cow!": "OMG!". (Oh my God)

46. In favor of: PRO

48. Suffix with chlor-: INE

49. __ Waldo Emerson: RALPH

51. Reach a total of: AMOUNT TO

54. Self-effacing: MODEST

55. Friendliness: WARMTH

56. Temporary calm: LULL

57. FBI employees: AGTs.

64. Fictional pirate often addressed as "Mr.": SMEE. Capt. Hook's bo's'n.

65. Like basic wall switches: ON/OFF

66. Boyfriend: BEAU

67. "B.C." cartoonist Johnny: HART

68. Would like: WANTs


1. Rush hour tie-up: JAM

2. Have to pay: OWE

3. Racetrack risk: BET

4. Like many pretzels: SALTY

5. Cousins of woofs: ARFs

6. Stranded motorist's need: TOW

7. Actress Thurman: UMA

8. Fee-based home entertainment: PAY TV

9. Eroded, as savings: ATE INTO

11. Soviet cooperative: ARTEL. One of the learning expo's. "The Artel (association) is another term for the collective ownership and operation of industry. It is one of the oldest and most widespread institutions in Russia." ~ Manya Gordon. Even the Wiki page is short.

12. Temporary stop: PAUSE

14. Foundation plant: SHRUB

18. Live-in household helper: AU PAIR

22. Sleep stage: REM. (rapid eye movement)

23. Desert respites: OASES

24. Sound from a lily pad: CROAK

27. Opportunity for growth: UPSIDE

29. Finally arrived: MADE IT

33. Stitch: SEW

34. Winner's number: ONE

36. Uneven gaits: LIMPS

37. Quarterfinal contestants count: EIGHT

40. Jazzman Garner: ERROLL

43. Percussionist's kit: DRUM SET

47. Toronto's prov.: ONT. (Ontario)

50. Actor's unwritten line: AD LIB

51. Flooded: AWASH

52. Igneous rock, once: MAGMA

53. Fielder's assist, e.g.: THROW

54. Bobbles: MUFFs

56. Hit high into the air: LOFT

59. Santa __ winds: ANA

60. Partner of hither: YON

61. Precious stone: GEM

62. Uncooperative "2001" computer: HAL

63. Spot for a bath: TUB

Please excuse my abbreviated version today. I lost my Google Chrome bowser somehow.


May 15, 2017

Monday, May 15, 2017 Mark McClain

Theme: A Twofer - Two answers for one reveal.

17A. *Handyman's forte: REPAIR WORK. Home repair, homework.

22A. *Sports industry mogul: TEAM OWNER. Home team, home owner.

37A. *Frolic unrestrained: RUN FREE. Home run, home free.

50A. *Where the biggest headlines are: FRONT PAGE. Home front, home page.

60A. Game one for season ticket holders ... or, literally, what each word in the answers to starred clues can have: HOME OPENER

Argyle here. Simple yet elegant Monday. A simple solve with no need for the reveal but so much more with the reveal.


1. Beach sidler: CRAB. I started out slow because I couldn't picture a sidler.

5. Heroic exploit: GEST

9. Donald Duck, to his nephews: "UNCA"

13. Prefix for an intoxicating weed: LOCO

14. "Republic" philosopher: PLATO. Start with the Classic and follow-up with ....
15. Modernists, informally: NEOs

16. Part of NYSE: Abbr.: EXCH. (New York Stock Exchange)

19. Rich person's suffix: AIRE. Millionaire, for starters.

20. __ about: circa: ON OR

21. Sty calls: OINKS. Helps to be a farm boy today.

24. Kitchen invader: ANT

25. Youthful bar patrons are usually asked for them: IDs "Let's see some identification"

26. Cows' milk glands: UDDERS. It is what IDs them as cows.

29. Whence chocolate: CACAO. Not brown cows?!

32. Has lunch, say: EATS

35. Organ knob: STOP. No snickering, please.

36. Gray hue: ASH

40. Mandela's land: Abbr.: RSA. (Republic of South Africa)

41. Old Italian coin: LIRA

43. Jazz singer James: ETTA

44. Arthritis detectors: X-RAYS

46. For the most part: MAINLY

48. Soul automaker: KIA. Straight forward clue today.

49. Phys. or entom.: SCI. Physics or Entomology, Sciences.

56. "__ we meet again": UNTIL

58. Gambling city near Tahoe: RENO

59. Trampled (on): TROD

62. Responsibility: ONUS

63. Algerian seaport: ORAN. Lots of info here.

64. Bleak, in verse: DREAR

65. Take the bus: RIDE

66. "... why __ thou forsaken me?": Matthew: HAST

67. Experience, as emotions: FEEL

68. Ball-balancing circus animal: SEAL


1. Soccer shoe's turf grabber: CLEAT

2. 51-Down's "Chicago" role: ROXIE. 51-Down. "Chicago" co-star Zellweger: RENEE

3. Capital of Ghana: ACCRA

4. Czech Republic region: BOHEMIARegions of the Czech Republic

5. Mercury Seven astronaut John: GLENN

6. How "The Raven" poet signed some of his letters: EAPOE. Edgar Allan Poe knew DREAR.

7. Drummer Ringo: STARR

8. You, in French: TOI

9. Kicks back: UNWINDS

10. Colorful aquarium fish: NEON TETRA

11. Wine stopper: CORK

12. Questions: ASKS

14. Ship fronts: PROWS but 33-Down. Back at sea?: AFT

18. "__ trip!": "Let's travel!": ROAD

23. Smell: ODOR

26. Take advantage of: USE

27. Optimistic: ROSY

28. Restful resorts: SPAs

29. Not windy: CALM

30. Tibet's continent: ASIA

31. "Holiday Inn" holiday: CHRISTMAS. White Christmas (1954) was an extremely loose remake of Holiday Inn (1942).

32. Tolkien tree creature: ENT

34. __-la-la: TRA

38. Driver's one-eighty: U-EY

39. Leave the stage: EXIT. "Stage left even."

42. Really old: ANCIENT

45. Hawks and eagles: RAPTORS

47. Stitch's movie pal: LILO

48. Big name in packaged soup: KNORR
50. French brother: FRÈRE

52. Shaq of the NBA: O'NEAL

53. Golf great with an "army": ARNIE. Palmer.

54. Mild Dutch cheese: GOUDA

55. Ford flop: EDSEL

56. "Here comes trouble!": "UH-OH!"

57. Romance novelist Roberts: NORA

61. Adobe file format: PDF. (Portable Document Format)


May 8, 2017

Monday, May 8, 2017 Steven L. Zisser

Theme: No Reveal Monday - As easy as one, two, three ... um, four.

17A. Mega-mall convenience: ONE-STOP SHOPPING

25A. Small-time bad guy: TWO-BIT GANGSTER

42A. Office attire with a vest: THREE-PIECE SUIT

56A. Barbershop quartet blend: FOUR-PART HARMONY

Argyle here. Great symmetry, tight consistency, and outstanding length; two fifteens and two fourteens. The theme has undoubtedly been done before but has it been done as well? Our constructor hasn't been very productive with his puzzles but has been published in various venues, including the LAT and the NYT.


1. Word with ball or driver: SCREW

6. Great Salt Lake state: UTAH

10. Sharp knocks: RAPS

14. 1971 Clapton classic: "LAYLA"

15. Pre-Columbian prefix with America: MESO. Mesoamerica, Wikipedia.

16. Director Kazan: ELIA. "On the Waterfront", "A Streetcar Named Desire", "East of Eden".

20. Horror director Craven: WES. "A Nightmare on Elm Street", "Scream", "The Last House on the Left".

21. Foot or inch, e.g.: UNIT

22. Founder of Taoism: LAO-TSE

23. Has office hours: IS IN

24. Bro and sis: SIBS

31. Pueblo-dwelling people: HOPI

32. "Whatever floats your __": BOAT

33. Igor's workplace: LAB. "... it's pronounced "eye-gore."

35. Drops the ball: ERRs

36. Shrimp relative: PRAWN

38. Adriatic resort: LIDO. If you prefer something closer to home.

39. Federal hush-hush org.: NSA. (No Such Agency)

40. Common-interest voting group: BLOC

41. State after North Dakota, alphabetically: OHIO

47. Online auction site: E-BAY

48. Part of many old German duchy names: SAXE

49. Belief systems: CREDOs

52. Razor brand: ATRA

53. Photo taker: CAM. Both photo and CAM are shortened words.

59. Other, in Oaxaca: OTRA

60. Moniker: NAME

61. Fountain drinks: MALTS

62. Broadway offering: SHOW

63. God with a hammer: THOR

64. Baker's dough raiser: YEAST


1. Like snail-mail, compared to email: SLOW

2. Mr. Peanut prop: CANE

3. Deli breads: RYEs

4. LLL: ELs. I've never seen this before.

5. '60s dance: WATUSI. "Wah-a, wah, wah-a Watusi
Oh, baby, it's the dance made-a for romance".

6. Calling balls and strikes, say: UMPING

7. Exam: TEST

8. Fireplace remains: ASH

9. Ruffian: HOOLIGAN

10. Share, as an internet meme: REPOST

11. Dismounted: ALIT

12. Kegler's targets: PINS

13. "Parsley, __, Rosemary and Thyme": SAGE

18. Getting the job done: ON IT

19. Blue Ribbon brewer: PABST

23. Sacred bird of ancient Egypt: IBIS

24. Winter bank makeup: SNOW

25. Partner of now: THEN

26. Bottom-of-the-barrel: WORST

27. Daytime TV celeb who founded Harpo Productions: OPRAH

28. Beaded calculators: ABACI. Hello, old friend.

29. Root or Yale: ELIHU. Elihu Root was Secretary of War under Theodore Roosevelt. Elihu Yale was the benefactor of Yale University.

30. Wheel spokes, essentially: RADII

34. Cowboy's footwear: BOOT

36. Agreeable: PLEASANT

37. Stringy: ROPY

38. Diet successfully: LOSE

40. Jazz genre: BEBOP

43. Make a new sketch of: REDRAW

44. Bible book named for a woman: ESTHER

45. Adored one, in Asti: CARA. "Cara Mia mine." Province of Asti.

46. Formerly in the military: EX-ARMY

49. Corp. fiscal execs: CFOs. (chief financial officer)

50. __ IRA: ROTH

51. Continental coin: EURO

52. Prefix with sphere: ATMO

53. Coca-__: COLA

54. "Carpenter" crawlers: ANTS

55. Computer adventure game: MYST

57. Cheerleader's word: RAH

58. Wisecracking West: MAE. "One and one is two; two and two is four; and "five will get you ten" if you work it right!"


Note from C.C.:

Our TTP went morel hunting yesterday morning. He said below. He normally sautes the fresh morels in butter. D-Otto likes them deep-fried in beer batter. There are wooded area in our neighborhood, but no morels.

"Not a lot this morning, but enough.  Found 10 but only 7 were worth bringing back home.  The other 3 were already dried out and decomposing.

We had an overnight frost advisory, so I think most of them crawled back under the leaves.

4 of them were good sized at over 3" long and 1.5" thick.  The largest was over 4 and 2 inches thick."

May 2, 2017

Tuesday, May 2, 2017 C.C. Burnikel

Theme: Chin up, bucko - No need to abandon all hope ye who enter here, so long as you parse 37-Across as AB and ON.

37. Leave high and dry ... or, when divided into three parts, what the answers to starred clues are encompassed by: ABANDON. AB-AND-ON

16. *Bath towel material: ABSORBENT COTTON

22. *Bart and Lisa's grandpa: ABE SIMPSON

49. *"Falcon Crest" actress: ABBY DALTON

59. *Book that's been shortened: ABRIDGED VERSION

Argyle here with our fearless leader. Two grid spanners and a couple long climbers are practically her signature.


1. Accessory for Supergirl: CAPE

5. Volkswagen Routan, for one: VAN. Model years‎: ‎2009–2014

8. Put into words: SAID

12. Andes animal: LLAMA. The Andes Mountains are the longest and one of the highest mountain ranges in the world. They are located in South America and stretch 4,500 miles from north to south, along the west coast of the continent.

14. Belgrade native: SERB

15. Pinnacle: ACME

19. Pilates class need: MAT

20. Note from the boss: MEMO

21. Data storage media: DISKS

26. Washroom bowls: BASINS

28. "People are saying ... ": "RUMOR IS ... "

32. Saudi's neighbor: OMANI

33. Neeson of the "Taken" films: LIAM

35. Rare Hawaiian goose: NENE. The Hawaiian name nēnē comes from its soft call.

36. Huff Post owner: AOL. The Huffington Post. AOL acquired the Huff Post in 2011.

40. One of a golfer's pocketful: TEE

41. Mex. ladies: SRAs. (señora)

43. Loosen, as laces: UNDO

44. Spew lava and ash: ERUPT

46. Online live-stream lecture: TED TALK. TED(Technology, Entertainment, Design)

48. __ Rico: PUERTO

52. "Haven't the foggiest": "GOT ME"

55. "It's __": "Nobody wins": A TIE

56. Cookie fruit: FIG

63. Male with a thick mane: LION

64. Totals: ADDS

65. "Yes and no": "SORTA"

66. Bluesy James: ETTA

67. Believe, as a story: BUY

68. Tuckered out: BEAT


1. Chowder ingredient: CLAM

2. Jessica of "Good Luck Chuck": ALBA.  A fish monger?

3. Picnic side dish: PASTA SALAD

4. Revealing rock genre: EMO

5. Scorpion's poison: VENOM

6. Gallery showing: ART

7. "The Voice" network: NBC

8. Audited, as a class: SAT IN ON

9. Circus performances: ACTs

10. "Everything's fine": "I'M OK"

11. Many man caves: DENS

13. Country south of Georgia: ARMENIA

14. 18-wheeler: SEMI

17. "Porgy and __": BESS

18. Former NBA forward Lamar: ODOM

23. Coal holder: BIN

24. Museum with a Goya Gate: PRADO. Puerta de Goya (Goya Gate), at Prado Museum's north façade, features statue of famed painter outside.

25. Sport with silk-clad referees called gyoji: SUMO

26. Brag: BOAST

27. Love, to Casanova: AMORE

29. Shoot back: RETURN FIRE

30. Ham-handed: INEPT

31. Take care of: SEE TO

33. Tall and lean: LANKY

34. Gary's st.: IND. (Indiana)

38. Onion or shallot: BULB

39. Fixes, as Fido: NEUTERS

42. Mountain climber's need: STAMINA. This had me thinking of equipment. I blame it on PITON from the other day.

45. Rock's __ Speedwagon: REO

47. Still in the sack: ABED. A word, sorry.

48. Ballet knee bend: PLIE

50. Papa: DADDY

51. Off-road rides: Abbr.: ATVs. (all-terrain vehicle)

52. Wind warning indicated by two red flags: GALE

53. "In memoriam" piece: OBIT

54. Relaxed gait: TROT

57. Bitty bit: IOTA

58. Bitty biter: GNAT

60. Shoot the breeze: GAB

61. Academic URL ending: .EDU

62. Have a good cry: SOB


May 1, 2017

Monday, May 1, 2017 Bruce Haight

Theme: Down in front - Allow me to ush you to your seat. Let me see your ticket. Right this way.

20. Bygone airplane area: SMOKING SECTION

36. Line up: STAND IN A ROW

43. Position behind the steering wheel: DRIVER'S SEAT

57. "Exactly!" ... and a hint to where 20-, 36- and 43-Across' ending words may be found: "THAT'S THE TICKET!"

Rabbit rabbit! Argyle here. Not an arena ticket either, no aisle or tier. Easy-peasy but not insulting our intelligence puzzle, IMHO. Interesting note: no J,Q,U,X,Y,or Z.


1. Sacrificial __: LAMB

5. Paintball impact sound: [SPLAT!]

10. "__ of Green Gables": ANNE. "Are we facing Anne overload? With a new series and 3 TV movies, we might find out soon." CBC News

14. Geometry calculation: AREA

15. Largest city in North Africa: CAIRO

16. Yule song: NOEL

17. Some toy dogs, for short: POMs. (Pomeranians)

18. Llama habitat: ANDES. The South American mountain range.

19. Weekend-starting letters: TGIF. (Thank God It's Friday)

23. Subsided: EASED

24. Statutes: LAWs

25. Electric car brand: TESLA !!

29. Apple music players: i-PODS

33. Home for mil. jets: AFB. (Air Force Base)

39. Be concerned: CARE

41. "Cut corners" or "slash prices": IDIOM

42. Landlocked African republic: MALI

46. Part of a relay race: LEG

47. Coffee lightener: CREAM

48. "Rubber Duckie" singer on Sesame Street: ERNIE

50. Mocking remark: GIBE

53. Works with a needle: KNITS

62. Mop, as decks: SWAB

63. "Fingers crossed": "I HOPE"

64. "Drinks are __!": ON ME

65. Unit seized by a narc: KILO. (kilogram, 2 lb 3 oz)

66. Some surrealist paintings: DALIs. (Salvador Dalí)

67. Info: DOPE

68. Composer Stravinsky: IGOR. The story of "The Rite of Spring". (40:56)


69. Pass, as a law: ENACT

70. Wide-spouted pitcher: EWER


1. Forgetful moment: LAPSE

2. Cinnamon roll lure: AROMA

3. Notes to staff: MEMOs

4. Slam dunk or lay-up: BASKET ball.

5. Read electronically: SCAN

6. Twinge of hunger: PANG

7. Tupperware covers: LIDs. [Urp!]

8. Staggering: AREEL. I don't want to hear about A-words.

9. Puccini opera: TOSCA. More traditional than "The Rite of Spring".

10. Designed to minimize junk email: ANTI-SPAM

11. Scrubbed, as a NASA mission: NO GO

12. Nuremberg no: NEIN. (negation)

13. North Pole worker: ELF. They're off for the summer.

21. "Beware the __ of March": IDES

22. Bed size: TWIN

26. Mix: STIR

27. Chaps: LADS

28. Licorice-flavored seed: ANISE

30. Spoken: ORAL

31. Big name in pineapples: DOLE

32. Big gulp: SWIG

33. Band with a voltage symbol in its logo: AC/DC

34. Jamie of "M*A*S*H": FARR. Max Klinger.

35. Soft French cheese: BRIE

37. Not just a talker: DOER

38. "__ idiot!": "Doh!": I'M AN

40. "Green Acres" co-star: EVA GABOR

44. Radiate: EMIT

45. Word with bar or torch: TIKI

49. Make cryptic: ENCODE

51. Back of a hit 45 record: B-SIDE. But sometimes a hit, too.

52. Patriot Allen: ETHAN

54. "No need to tell me": "I KNOW". Teenager's answer to everything.

55. Phoenix suburb: TEMPE

56. Take the wheel: STEER. Hands up for those that have switched drivers while moving.

57. Bird's nest component: TWIG. Big twigs in an osprey's nest.

58. Symbol of sanctity: HALO

59. Mexican "Hi!": "¡HOLA!"

60. Grand-scale film: EPIC

61. Experiment: TEST

62. Schuss or slalom: SKI


Apr 25, 2017

Tuesday, April 25, 2017 C.C. Burnikel

Theme: Initials - Entries start with the same two letters. The following vowels are in A, E, I, O, U order.

18A. *Increases homeowner levies, say: RAISES TAXES

24A. *EMS group: RESCUE TEAM

41A. *Meaty barbecued pork dish: RIB TIPS

50A. *Marinara sauce ingredient: ROMA TOMATO

62A. *Restaurant chain named for a Rolling Stones hit: RUBY TUESDAY. (primarily east coast)

61D. Pretentiously cultured, and a phonetic hint to the answers to starred clues: ARTY

Argyle here(and in the puzzle). A signature offering from C.C. Not only do the entries start with the same two letters but the following letters are vowel progression...for both words. A lot of CSO's today.


1. Oysters are found in one: BED

4. Campfire leftovers: ASHES

9. Bowler's challenge: SPLIT

14. Deli loaf: RYE

15. Kingdom: REALM

16. Escape detection by: ELUDE

17. Notable period: ERA

20. "Pitching" or "sand" golf club: WEDGE

22. Tartan wrap: KILT. 47D. Diamond-shaped pattern: ARGYLE

23. Candidate's goal: SEAT

27. 2015 FedExCup champ Jordan: SPIETH. Golf.

29. '80s-'90s legal drama: L.A. LAW

33. Williams in the Country Music Hall of Fame: HANK. 1961

34. "Brokeback Mountain" director: ANG LEE

39. Go astray: ERR

40. Dutch financial powerhouse: ING. (International Netherlands Group)

42. You, in Paris: TOI

43. Dessert with a crust: PIE

44. Corrects a pencil mistake: ERASES

45. Soft "Hey!": "PSST!"

46. "Buzz off!": "SCRAM!". and stay off my lawn.

48. Siouan speakers: OSAGEs

55. Medication: DRUG

58. San Joaquin Valley problem: SMOG

59. Prying type: YENTA

65. Make public: AIR

66. "Hello" Grammy winner: ADELESong.

67. Part of an act: SCENE

68. Mining supply: TNT. BOOM BOOM!

69. French hat: BERET

70. Smooths in shop class: SANDS

71. Pig's pad: STY


1. Coffee or tea: BREW

2. Fictional governess: EYRE. Jane.

3. Double: DEAD RINGER. Doppelgänger doesn't fit.

4. Take into custody: ARREST

5. Pirate's milieu: SEA

6. Japanese 17-syllable poem: HAIKU

7. Borden spokescow: ELSIE

8. Silvery food fish: SMELT

9. Ready to go: SET

10. Blood component: PLASMA

11. Very fancy: LUXE

12. Creative spark: IDEA. Like which R.T. set this puzzle in motion?

13. Trial run: TEST

19. Sault __ Marie: STE.

21. Adorkable one: GEEK

25. Rocker, e.g.: CHAIR

26. Tavern drinks: ALEs

27. Ocean crossers: SHIPS

28. __ button: PANIC

30. Chant for D.C.'s baseball club: [LET'S GO NATS!]

31. Cropped up: AROSE

32. Court orders: WRITS

35. Org. with Warriors and Wizards: NBA. (National Basketball Association)  Golden State Warriors, Oakland, Ca, and  Washington Wizards, Washington, D.C.

36. Alfa Romeo sports cars: GTs

37. Tell tall tales: LIE

38. Surrey town known for salts: EPSOM

41. San __: Riviera resort: REMO

45. Hors d'oeuvres spread: PÂTÉ

49. Go along: SAY YES

51. The Spartans of the NCAA: MSU. (Michigan State University)

52. "Don't make __!": A MESS

53. Puccini premiere of 1900: TOSCA

54. Nash who rhymed "grackle" with "debacle": OGDEN

55. Dull: DRAB

56. Lacking manners: RUDE

57. Popular rideshare app: UBER

60. Window shade: TINT

63. Spring Festival : China :: __ : Vietnam: TET

64. "What else?": "AND?". And now your comments.

Note from C.C.:

Happy Birthday to Kazie (Kay), who has been with our blog since the summer of 2008. Kay grew up in Australia, met her husband Barry while traveling in Spain. She still travels to Germany frequently to visit her son and their beautiful family.

Kay and her husband Barry on Tamborine Mountain, overlooking Brisbane