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Sep 18, 2017

Monday, September 18, 2017 ~ Brock Wilson

Theme: Double, Double - but not Toil and Trouble. Two-word phrases; each word starts with the same two letters.

20A. Earnings before the government's cut: PRETAX PROFITS

38A. Words on a "No Trespassing" sign: PRIVATE PROPERTY

54A. Invention that revolutionized book production: PRINTING PRESS

53D. Ad agency guys responsible for 20-, 38- and 54-Across?: PR MEN. Men, because there are two PR's per entry.

Argyle here. Nice spanner. Didn't really need a reveal but it's a cute reveal so ok. Brock has become quite the Monday specialist.


1. British bloke: CHAP

5. Title for a fictional fox: BR'ER

9. Pancake syrup tree: MAPLE

14. Prefix for "six": HEXA

15. Coleridge's "The __ of the Ancient Mariner": RIME

16. Partners of pains: ACHEs

17. Many Manet works: OILS

18. Like a grand-scale fail: EPIC

19. __ Islander: small-state resident: RHODE

23. End in __: come out even: A TIE

24. French street: RUE, as in "The Murders in the Rue Morgue". The Rue Morgue is a fictional street in Paris.

25. Cops' orgs.: PDs. Police Departments

28. Fave pal, in 67-Across: BFF. (Best Friends Forever). 67-Across. Cellphone messages: TEXTS

31. German pastry: STRUDEL. Braided Apple Walnut Strudel

33. Question as to technique: HOW

34. New Haven collegian: YALIE

36. Cribbage piece: PEG

37. Gossip columnist Barrett: RONA

42. Rockers' sound machines: AMPs

43. Speck in la mer: ÎLE

44. Coloring cosmetic: ROUGE

45. Chessmen and board, e.g.: SET

46. Squeaky clean, as hospital supplies: STERILE

49. Alternative to grass seed: SOD

50. "No seats" initials: SRO. (Standing-room only)

51. Big __: trademark burger: MAC

52. Gunk: GOOP

60. First appearance: DEBUT

62. Promises at the altar: I DO's

63. __ Hari: MATA

64. Smidge: SKOSH

65. "Me neither": "NOR I"

66. Getting people out of harm's way, for short: EVAC. (Evacuation) Who's next?

68. Secluded valley: GLEN

69. __ of the woods: NECK. Area.


1. Lamb serving: CHOP

2. Will beneficiary: HEIR

3. Rod on which wheels turn: AXLE

4. Rotini or rigatoni: PASTA

5. Secession approved in a 2016 U.K. referendum: BREXIT. (portmanteau of "British" and "exit")

6. Jack the __: RIPPER

7. Arab leader: EMIR

8. Piccolo relative: RECORDER. Grace Slick on the recorder, gives the song a haunted sound.

9. Actress Hemingway: MARIEL. Don't look to close.

10. German eight: ACHT. More German.

11. Element in matches: PHOSPHORUSWiki article White phosphorus hasn't been used for regular matches for some time but you can still get "strike-anywhere" matches.

12. Conducted: LED

13. Language suffix: ESE

21. On the Caribbean: AT SEA

22. En __: on a hot streak, slangily: FUEGO. Spanish, 'on fire'. (Don't play with matches!)

26. "Stick around": "DON'T GO"

27. Influenced: SWAYED

28. Road that avoids the city center: BYPASS

29. Crop raiser: FARMER

30. Container with an attached cover: FLIPTOP BOX

32. Michigan's __ Peninsula: UPPER

35. Drips in a hosp.: IVs

37. Classic roadster: REO. Ransom Eli Olds

39. Giant: TITAN

40. Putting in office: ELECTING

41. Surg. holding area: PRE-OP

46. Workers with anvils: SMITHS.

Under a spreading chestnut-tree
The village smithy stands ...

Thanks, thanks to thee, my worthy friend,
For the lesson thou hast taught!
Thus at the flaming forge of life
Our fortunes must be wrought;
Thus on its sounding anvil shaped
Each burning deed and thought.

47. Pay no mind: IGNORE

48. Begins a computer session: LOGS IN

55. Oxidation damage: RUST

56. Beloved star: IDOL

57. Roof gutter locale: EAVE

58. Like short, clipped notes, in mus.: STAC. (staccato)

59. Burlap container: SACK

60. Va. summer hours: DST. [Eastern](Daylight Saving Time)

61. __ out a living: EKE. Eek! Time to put this to bed.


Sep 11, 2017

Monday, September 11, 2017 ~ Gail Grabowski & Bruce Venzke

Theme: Florida - WATERLOGGED ... prescience?

17A. 24-hour broadcaster that keeps you up-to-date: NEWS CHANNEL

23A. Music from Glenn Miller, Tommy Dorsey et al.: BIG BAND SOUND

39A. Ship's area for medical assistance: SICK BAY

50A. Singer dubbed "King of Country": GEORGE STRAIT

62A. Saturated like the ends of 17-, 23-, 39- and 50-Across?: WATERLOGGED

Argyle here, high and dry. Wide-open grid. The reveal feels a little off for coastal features usually filled with water all the time anyway. No, I don't have a better idea.


1. Amount to: COST

5. Evening affair: SOIRÉE

11. Cavern critter: BAT

14. Clarinet cousin: OBOE

15. Many charity golf tournaments: PRO-AMs

16. Wall St. specialist: ARB. (arbitrager)

19. CBS police series with three spin-offs: CSI. (Crime Scene Investigation)

20. Moog, briefly: SYNTH. (synthesizer: electronic musical instrument)

21. Detroit NFLer: LION. Are you ready for some football?

22. Hershey's toffee bar: SKOR. Crossword favorite.

26. Chintzy: CHEAPO

29. Type of waste pump: SUMP. Waterlogged, I'm afraid.

30. Buyer's financing: LOAN

31. Army installation: BASE

35. Last Marx brother, alphabetically: ZEPPO. Herbert Manfred Marx, youngest of the Marx Brothers

38. Well-suited: APT

41. Spy novelist Deighton: LEN

42. Bette's "Divine" nickname: MISS 'M'. (Midler)

44. Bills at bars: TABS

45. Almanac tidbit: FACT

46. Long-running dispute: FEUD

48. Braggart's retort: "I CAN SO!"

55. Doctor Zhivago's love: LARA

56. Island band The __ Men: BAHA. Waterlogged Bahamian band?

57. Garlicky mayo: AIOLI. I like it.

61. Musician's suffix: IST

64. Lawn coating: DEW

65. Exercise pieces: ETUDEs

66. Russian range or river: URAL

67. Symphonic gp. inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2017: ELO. (Electric Light Orchestra)

68. Head out: DEPART

69. Start of a choosing rhyme: EENY


1. Pen occupants: CONS. Incarcerated.

2. Do what's asked: OBEY

3. Scattered, as seeds: SOWN

4. Nuclear restraint topic: TEST BAN

5. Globe shape: Abbr.: SPH. (Sphere)

6. Dental care brand: ORAL-B

7. Ancient Aegean land: IONIA

8. Talked nonstop: RAN ON

9. Removes errors from: EMENDs

10. Bilingual subj.: ESL. (English as a Second Language)

11. "Just in case" strategy: BACK-UP PLAN

12. Fiery crime: ARSON

13. "Fun, Fun, Fun" car in a 1960s song: T-BIRD

18. Greenside golf shot: CHIP

22. "Win __, lose ... ": SOME

24. Mongolian desert: GOBI

25. Postwar supermodel Parker: SUZY

26. Mollusk in a red or white linguine sauce: CLAM

27. Arizona native: HOPI

28. Consumes enough to nourish mother and unborn child: EATS FOR TWO

32. Play a part: ACT

33. Calypso cousin: SKA

34. Recede, as the tide: EBB

36. Lats relatives: PECS. (Latissimi dorsi and pectoralis major muscles)

37. Not fooled by: ON TO

39. Highly self-satisfied: SMUG

40. Singapore's continent: ASIA

43. Blood bank supply: SERA

45. Exhaustion: FATIGUE

47. Candidates' face-off: DEBATE

49. "So long, Paulo!": "CIAO!"

50. Soar without effort: GLIDE

51. Painter's stand: EASEL

52. Stopped slouching: SAT UP

53. Silents star Bara: THEDA

54. Not as prevalent: RARER

58. Kid lit monster: OGRE

59. Low-fat: LEAN

60. In an aimless fashion: IDLY

62. Married: WED

63. WWII carrier: LST. (Landing Ship, Tank)


Note from C.C.:

Happy Birthday to dear Husker Gary, from whom I learned what patience, compassion and creativity are. Thanks for being here for us, Gary!

Gary and Joann, June 25, 2017

Sep 5, 2017

Tuesday, September 5, 2017 ~ Robert E. Lee Morris

Theme: Are you ready for some football? - You will need a good front line.

63A. In jeopardy ... and where the first words of the answers to starred clues can be found: ON THE LINE

17A. *Fishing gear holder: TACKLE BOX

38A. *Final part of a chess match: END GAME

11D. *Site of many face-offs: CENTER ICE. Hockey.

34D. *Sentry's job: GUARD DUTY

Argyle here. We have a nice pinwheel formation on our grid but it wouldn't work on the gridiron.


1. Hungarian sheepdog: PULI

5. Glasgow native: SCOT 

Sauchiehall Street in Glasgow

9. 1983 taxi comedy starring Mr. T: DC CAB

14. Mideast chieftain: EMIR

15. Boob __: TV: TUBE

16. Last Olds model: ALERO

19. Old Ford subcompact named for a horse: PINTO

20. "__ missing something?": AM I. (blogger's lament)

21. Out on a cruise: AT SEA

22. Pickled-pepper picker: PETER

23. Like Disneyland at night: LIT UP

25. Public tantrum: SCENE

27. Snappy dresser: FOP ergo 9-Down. Smartly dressed: DAPPER

29. '60s sci-fi series created by Gene Roddenberry: "STAR TREK"

32. Vamoose, to Shakespeare: BE GONE. “I must be gone and live, or stay and die.”

35. Long, slippery fish: EEL

36. Suffix with Israel or Jacob: ITE

37. Sch. in Columbus: OSU. (Ohio State University)

41. Chili __ carne: CON

42. RR depot: STA. (railroad station)

43. Common soccer result: TIE

44. Scope: EXTENT

46. Plush teddy with a heart for a nose: CARE BEAR

49. Red Seal record label company: RCA. (Radio Corporation of America)

50. Dryly humorous: DROLL

51. That is, in Latin: ID EST

55. Like some waves: TIDAL

57. Senate positions: SEATS

61. "Avatar" actress Saldana: ZOE

62. Word with safe or out: HOUSE. But is there a safe out house?

65. Speak: UTTER

66. Farmland measure: ACRE

67. Not yet eliminated from the contest: IN IT. Untill the fat lady sings.

68. Authority: SAY SO

69. Course of action: PLAN

70. Jacob's first wife: LEAHFamily Tree.


1. Petunia part: PETAL

2. Taste that's not sweet, sour, bitter or salty: UMAMI

3. Allowed by law: LICIT

4. Irritate: IRK

5. Copy editor's "Leave it in": [STET]

6. Wrigley Field team: CUBS. Chicago.

7. Double-reed woodwind: OBOE

8. Petroleum nickname: TEXAS TEA

10. Customer: CLIENT

12. Paintings in the Prado, por ejemplo: ARTE. The Prado Museum is the main Spanish national art museum, located in central Madrid.

13. Ungentlemanly sort: BOOR

18. First track circuit in a race: LAP ONE

24. Sci-fi radar blip: UFO. (unidentified flying object)

26. More sedate: CALMER

28. Marker marketer: PENTELWiki.

29. "Night Moves" singer Bob: SEGER

30. Historic British prep school: ETON

31. Superman, as a reporter: KENT

32. Greenish-yellow pear: BOSC

33. "¿Cómo __ usted?": ESTA. "How are you?"

39. Shower bar brand: DIAL SOAP

40. Type of tax: EXCISE

45. Tiny bit: TAD

47. Wipes out: ERASES

48. Ravel classic used in the film "10": BOLERO. The clip is long(15:49) but fascinating.

52. Online periodical: eZINE

53. Justice Sotomayor: SONIA

54. Molars and incisors: TEETH

55. Like so: THUS

56. Tiny bit: IOTA

58. SASE, say: ENCL. (self-addressed stamped envelope/enclosure)

59. Razor brand: ATRA

60. Back in the day: THEN

64. "__ Abner": LI'L


Sep 4, 2017

Monday, September 4, 2017 ~ John Lampkin

Theme: Chill! It's Labor Day! times three (like a three-day weekend).

17A. "Chill! It's Labor Day!": "SIT BACK AND RELAX!"

38A. "Chill! It's Labor Day!": "LET YOUR HAIR DOWN!"

61A. "Chill! It's Labor Day!": "DON'T LIFT A FINGER!"

Argyle here; some of us have to work. John sent us this note: 

"No pics this time. How on earth did I manage to make a puzzle with no critters in it?!

Sometimes people ask, “How long does it take to make a puzzle?” I submitted another version of this in 2013 but Rich rejected one of the 15’s and it took two years for me to find a replacement. It was supposed to run last year but there was a conflict with an August puzzle that had a similar entry in an unrelated context so it got bumped to this year. So the answer is, “Sometimes, four years!”


1. Jam holder: JAR

4. Nike logo: SWOOSH

10. H.S. junior's exam: PSAT. (Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test)

14. "__ Beso (That Kiss!)": Paul Anka song: ESO

15. Stephen King's telekinetic high schooler: CARRIE. Sissy Spacek received a nomination for Best Actress but lost to Faye Dunaway(Network).

16. Short car trip: RIDE

20. Open, as a Chablis: UNCORK. "Chill! It's Labor Day!"

21. Toy block brand: LEGO

22. NYC airport on Flushing Bay: LGA. (LaGuardia Airport)

23. Gas for signs: NEON

25. "Actually, you're right": "WELL, YES"

27. Oared: ROWED

30. More than zero: ANY

32. Trail behind: LAG

33. Señora Perón: EVA

34. River, in Mexico: RIO

35. Kick out of office, as a dictator: DEPOSE

42. Early ball game score: ONE-ONE

43. "... at the __ ball game!": song lyric: OLD

44. Speak: SAY

45. Coax (out), as a genie: RUB

46. Letters in a certain bachelor's ad: SWM. [Single White Male]

47. "Bye!": "SEE YA!"

49. Unanalyzed info: RAW DATA

52. Came home in a cloud of dust: SLID

54. Inventor Whitney: ELI

55. Hawkeyes' home: IOWA

57. Historic cold period: ICE AGE

64. "Young Frankenstein" seductress: INGA

65. Big name in little trains: LIONEL

66. Prefix with verse: UNI

67. Yappy dog, e.g.: PEST

68. Holy female fig. in a Renaissance painting: ST. MARY

69. Lumberjack's tool: AXE


1. Son of God, in a Bach cantata title: JESU. Cantata: a medium-length narrative piece of music for voices with instrumental accompaniment, typically with solos, chorus, and orchestra. Bach - Cantate BWV 41 - Jesu, nun sei gepreisetFull Length(27:36)

2. B __ bravo: AS IN

3. Campus mil. unit: ROTC. (Reserve Officers' Training Corps)

4. Chicken or cowed: SCARED

5. Ridiculously silly: WACKO. (tsk, tsk) 11D. Foolish one: SILLY GOOSE

6. Mork's planet: ORK. Now that was silly.

7. Like a dental exam: ORAL

8. Stringy, as meat: SINEWY

9. Row of foundation bushes: HEDGE

10. Antonym of post-: PRE

12. "Better a witty fool, than a foolish wit," e.g.: ADAGE

13. Lone Star State: TEXAS

18. Leftover for Fido: BONE

19. Painting gadget: ROLLER

24. Former Neet rival: NAIR. (depilatory lotions)

26. SoCal cop force: LAPD. (Los Angeles Police Department)

27. Move, in realty ads: RELO. (relocate)

28. Roast roaster: OVEN

29. Student swimmer's aid: WATER WINGS. Good or bad?

31. "Ain't happenin'!": "NO HOW!"

34. Feel regret over: RUE

35. "The butler __ it": DID

36. Persuade: SWAY

37. Irish New Age songwriter: ENYA

39. "__ be surprised": YOU'D. (You would)

40. One way for a jailed suspect to get out: ON BAIL

41. Aid to the poor: ALMS

46. Considered appropriate: SAW FIT

47. Italy's largest island: SICILY

(Valley of the Temples, Sicily)

48. Biblical garden: EDEN

49. Immerse in salsa again, as a chip (only do this if you're 50-Down!): REDIP. "Don't be a George." "Chill! It's Labor Day!"

50. By oneself: ALONE

51. Works hard: TOILS

53. One devoted to a single profession: LIFER

56. Itty-bitty bit: ATOM

58. 34-Across filler: AGUA

59. Group after boomers: GEN X

60. Spooky-sounding lake: ERIE

62. Tit for __: TAT

63. Santa __, California: ANA


Aug 29, 2017

Tuesday, August 29, 2017 ~ Lonnie Burton & Nadine Anderton

Theme: Word Jumble - In the circles, various formations of the word, SPARE.

17A. Microsoft Excel tool: SPREADSHEET

24A. Like lutes and mandolins: PEAR-SHAPED

36A. Gentle hose setting: FINE SPRAY

49A. Stain remover for wrinkle-resistant fabric: PERMA-PRESS  

58A. Pocket coins, or what can literally be seen in each set of puzzle circles: SPARE CHANGE

Argyle here. So one jumble forms a word, (pears), and one is a prefix, (après-); three span two words while one is wholly contained in one word. It has some strong columns in the corners; all-in-all, a satisfactory third LAT puzzle from this duo.


1. Ruin: SPOIL

6. Pesto herb: BASIL

11. NYC financial newspaper: WSJ. (Wall Street Journal)

14. Dodgers and Giants: TEAMS. Both former NYC teams.

15. Spanish girl: CHICA

16. Boo follower: HOO

19. It's found in lodes: ORE

20. Disc in the dishwasher: PLATE

21. Parish residence: RECTORY

23. Mount sacred to Judaism: ZION. Mount Zion is a hill in Jerusalem just outside the walls of the Old City.

                                      rare snow

27. Splinter groups: SECTS

29. Beer drinker's option, briefly: IPA. (India pale ale)

30. River from Lake Victoria: NILE

31. First animal rescue vessel?: ARK

32. Ex-Yankee Martinez: TINO. Both a third baseman and first baseman, Wiki.

34. John of Monty Python: CLEESE

38. Shoot for, with "to": ASPIRE

41. New Mexico art hub: TAOS

42. Chicken __: itchy malady: POX

45. Paper mishap: TEAR

46. Building wing: ELL

47. Yankee manager Joe with four World Series wins: TORRE. He serves as Major League Baseball's chief baseball officer since 2011.

53. Close by: NEAR

54. Gets away: ESCAPES

55. When many take coffee breaks: AT TEN

57. "__ you listening?": ARE

62. Animation frame: CEL

63. Prohibit, legally: ESTOP

64. Fencing swords: EPEEs

65. Masthead VIPs: EDs. (Editors)

66. Small and large: SIZES

67. Actress Streep: MERYL


1. 42nd and Wall: Abbr.: STs. NYC, 42nd is mid-town and Wall Street is down at the tip.

2. More lively: PEPPIER

3. Dinghy attachment: OARLOCK

4. "That is to say ... ": "I MEANT ... "

5. J.D.-to-be's exam: LSAT. (Law School Admission Test)

6. Former NCAA football ranking sys.: BCS. Bowl Championship Series, a system that selected matchups for major college football bowl games between 1998 and 2013.

7. Spa sigh: [AHH!]

8. Mountain chain: SIERRA

9. Fruity frozen drinks: ICEEs

10. Fastening device: LATCH

11. __ pie: cream-filled chocolate cake: WHOOPIE. My sugar spiked just looking at them.

12. Reddish-brown horses: SORRELS

13. "Peppermint Twist" lead singer: JOEY DEE and the Starliters.

18. ATM transaction: Abbr.: DEP. (deposit)

22. Dred Scott decision Chief Justice: TANEYBio.

23. When doubled, a Gabor: ZSA

25. German article: EINE

26. Biblical disciple: APOSTLE

28. Verb in a recipe: STIR

33. Suffix with chlor-: INE

34. Zagreb's country, to the IOC: CRO. (International Olympic Committee/Croatia)

35. Bringing up the rear: LAST

36. Terra __: solid land: FIRMA

37. Friends: PALS

38. Content (with): AT PEACE

39. Becomes incensed: SEES RED. I guess peace didn't last.

40. FedEx deliveries: PARCELS

42. Feather-fixing bird, e.g.: PREENER

43. Like a bad fake tan: ORANGEY

44. Gen-__: millennial preceder: Xer

46. Fake: ERSATZ. Thank you whoever used it in the comments the other day.

48. Already recorded: ON TAPE

50. Church recesses: APSEs

51. Cola choice: PEPSI

52. Anatomical pouch: SAC

56. Those folks: THEM

59. Fish eggs: ROE

60. Mini-albums, for short: EPs. (extended play)

61. Subj. for immigrants: ESL. (English as a Second Language)


Notes from C.C.:

1) Let's continue keeping our Texas regulars in our thoughts and prayers. D-Otto has not replied my email either. Hope he just lost his internet. Thanks for the updates, Anon-T, Peg and TX Ms.

2) Here are two pictures from JD.

This one was taken on Sunday night when her grandson Truman celebrated his 10th birthday. How time flies! JD joined our blog shortly after Truman was born.
JD and her husband Bob

The picture is from her recent vacation with Dick (an old blog regular) and his wife Irene in Switzerland. They take vacations together every year. JD said "We couldn’t go up in the gondola (today’s CW entry) to the Matterhorn because of high winds, so we took a tram up to the 2nd highest peak: Gornergrat... it was very windy with snow, dust and gravel blowing."

Aug 28, 2017

Monday, August 28, 2017 ~ Gail Grabowski

Theme: Puff Piece - Items of light weight.

17A. Exploit a situation for personal wealth: FEATHER ONE'S NEST

27A. Textured overhead interior feature in some homes: POPCORN CEILINGGoogle pictures.

48A. Large final loan remittance: BALLOON PAYMENT

64A. Has little significance ... and to all intents and purposes, what the first word of 17-, 27- and 48-Across does: CARRIES NO WEIGHT

Argyle here with Gail's solo effort. Some entries will test your crossword knowledge.


1. Plastering strip: LATH. Not many plaster walls left.

5. Go here and there: ROAM

9. Performs a full-body scan on?: OGLEs. New clue for an old favorite.

14. "Wonderfilled" cookie: OREO

15. Arizona county or its seat: YUMA

Gateway Park

16. Decoratively patterned fabric: TOILE

1950's nautical toile cocktail dress

20. Decorator's asset: TASTE

21. Black & Decker rival: SKIL. Power tools.

22. Membership fees: DUES

23. Embarrassing shirt-pocket stain: INK

25. Range above tenor: ALTO

34. Soup aisle container: CAN

35. Director Kazan: ELIA

36. Walk-on role: CAMEO

37. Feels remorse over: RUEs

39. Sock away: AMASS

42. Works on a seam: SEWS

43. Identity-concealing name: ALIAS

45. Yr.-end consultants: CPAs. (Certified Public Accountant)

47. "The fresh air is delightful!": "AAH!"

52. iPod download: TUNE

53. Tofu source: SOY

54. Dating from: AS OF

57. Give the band a hand: CLAP

60. Brings in from the field: REAPS

67. German steel town: ESSEN. Actually, a quite 'green' town.

68. "I've got the tab": "ON ME"

69. Like some art class models: NUDE

70. Places for laces: SHOES

71. Call for: NEED

72. Shocked reaction: GASP


1. Artist's digs: LOFT. They get the best light.

2. Flooring calculation: AREA

3. Drinks with crumpets: TEAs

4. Inside racetrack info: HOT TIP

5. Loaf in a deli: RYE

6. For you and me: OURS

7. Wild way to run: AMOK

8. Hit song from "Flashdance": MANIAC

               'Firewind' is a Greek power metal band.

9. Extra NFL periods: OTs. (overtime)

10. Ski resort transports: GONDOLAs. Will take you where a t-bar could only dream.

11. "In __ of gifts ... ": LIEU

12. Otherwise: ELSE

13. Sinks out of sight, as the sun: SETS

18. Therefore: HENCE

19. Couture monthly: ELLE

24. Beverage nut: KOLA

26. Personal quirk: TIC

27. Former "American Idol" judge Abdul: PAULA

28. Roger of NBC News: O'NEIL. Roger O'Neil has been a reporter for NBC News for over 30 years.

29. Volcano edge: RIM

30. Anti-discrimination org.: NAACP. (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People)

31. "In other words ... ": "I MEAN ... "

32. Not experienced in: NEW AT

33. "Golly!": "GOSH!"

34. Clawed crawler: CRAB. I miss Sally.

38. Like foods for a low-sodium diet: SALT FREE

40. Body wrap offerer: SPA

41. Comes out with: SAYS

44. Not worth a __: SOU. A former French coin of low denomination.

46. Camper's dessert: S'MORE

49. On a single occasion: ONCE

50. Willie of country: NELSON

Willie Nelson and his guitar, 'Trigger'.

51. Watching closely: EYEING

54. Golf rarities: ACES. A hole in one.

55. Beauty pageant band: SASH

56. Roughly: ORSO

58. Celebrity chef Burrell: ANNE

59. Fleshy fruit: POME. A fruit consisting of a fleshy enlarged receptacle and a tough central core containing the seeds, e.g., an apple or pear.

61. Isla surrounder: AGUA. Spanish for island and water.

62. Advanced degrees: Abbr.: PHDs. (Doctor of Philosophy)

63. Staircase unit: STEP

65. State Farm's bus.: INS. (Insurance)

66. Exchange rings: WED

Note from C.C.:

Dear Peg sent me these two pictures on Sunday morning (before they were pounded with more rain). She said this:

"Here’s a pic or two from all the rain we’ve gotten….. over 24” in the last 12 hours!

No water in the house but it came within half inch. Receding slowly.  First pic is of our front yard.  Second is neighbor’s house across the street!"

Aug 25, 2017

Friday, August 25, 2017 ~ Samuel A. Donaldson

Theme: Crank Up the AC - Add A C to some words starting with C and clue appropriately.

20A. Rudely confront espionage supervisors?: ACCOST CONTROLS. (cost controls)

34A. Agreement on the ratio of innies to outies?: UMBILICAL ACCORD. (umbilical cord)

40A. Ones meekly entering debits and credits?: ACCOUNTING SHEEP. (counting sheep)

51A. High praise at a carousel?: BAGGAGE ACCLAIM. (baggage claim)

Argyle here today. I hope nothing's wrong with Lemonade. update: He is okay.


1. Song one can't perform?: DUET

5. Walk through puddles: SLOSH

10. Mosul's home: IRAQ

14. On the water: ASEA

15. Princess Toadstool's rescuer: MARIO

16. Run into, maybe: DENT

17. Online gaming tyro: NOOB

18. Salem residents: OREGONIANS

22. OPEC member: UAE

23. Guzzler: SOT

24. Holy verse: PSALM

27. Letters by the shore: SPF

30. __ wave: TIDAL

37. Quote from a goat: MAA

38. Absent: NOT IN

39. "O Sole __": MIO

45. Embezzles: SKIMS

46. Trike rider: TOT

47. Big name in electric cars: TESLA

48. Somerhalder of "The Vampire Diaries": IAN

50. Org. that helps you find a way: AAA

59. Pinpoints: ZEROES IN ON

60. Apple talker: SIRI

61. Seeks: ASKS

62. With no other: ALONE

63. Noodle variety: UDON

64. Upscale: POSH

65. Cut with a beam: LASED

66. Await a decision: PEND


1. Ultimate Fighting Championship president White: DANA

2. Biennial games org.: USOC

3. Fair-hiring agcy.: EEOC

4. Mediterranean salad: TABOULI. Parsley and bulgur wheat salad.

5. Hit hard: SMOTE

6. Prix de __ de Triomphe: annual horse race: L'ARC

7. Oft-twisted cookie: OREO

8. Leo, for one: SIGN

9. Hilarious sorts: HOOTS

10. More than silly: IDIOTIC

11. Down-to-earth: REAL

12. Coulter and Curry: ANNs

13. Liq. measures: QTs

19. Campus org. for future ensigns: NROTC. Naval Reserve Officer Training Corps.

21. Cousin of Dan'l?: SAM'L

24. Adidas alternatives: PUMAs

25. More than a peck: SMACK

26. Old counters: ABACI. Plural of abacus.

27. Great guy?: SCOTT

28. Chaise place: PATIO

29. Fire starter: FLINT

31. Common state capital features: DOMEs

32. Moon of Uranus: ARIEL

33. Parkinson's drug: L-DOPA

35. Rustic stop: INN

36. "Life of Pi" director Lee: ANG

41. "Wow!": "O MI GOSH!"

42. Grammarian's concern: USAGE

43. Legato's opposite, in mus.: STAC

44. Closes, as a wound: HEALS UP

49. Like some cold symptoms: NASAL

50. Pimply: ACNED

51. Indicación de afecto: BESO

52. Sacred chests: ARKS

53. Arizona river: GILA

54. "The Dukes of Hazzard" deputy: ENOS

55. Top-shelf: AONE

56. Support staff member: AIDE

57. Monopoly token replaced by a cat in 2013: IRON

58. Object to: MIND

59. Nuke: ZAP