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Dec 10, 2017

Sunday, December 10, 2017, C.C. Bunikel


Husker Gary here acting as a literary Sherpa for our crossword mistress. This Sunday, C.C. had made an AMAZING (hence the title) puzzle by scrambling the word GRACE inside some two or three word phrases and situated those scrambled letters such that they span the words in the phrases. Fun! 

I am showing the grid early to help those of you who did not have the circles in your paper or electronic grid.

I saw the gimmick and struggled to see what could go with GRACE for the gimmick. However, for the payoff, C.C. substitutes the word BLESSING for GRACE to generate this reveal (not MIXED GRACES):

121. It's not all good ... and it's literally found in this puzzle's circles : MIXED BLESSING. Cool! I have always considered cell phones as a MIXED BLESSING

Let's take a look at C.C. theme entries:

22. Tehran tinderbox for 14-plus months : HOSTAGE CRISIS - They were released just minutes after Ronald Reagan's inauguration 

34. Making the Guinness Book, say : SETTING A RECORD -  Ozzie set the record for "Dog Rope Walking" by going 11.4' in 14 seconds

55. World Cup events : SOCCER GAMES - I am not a SOCCER FAN and this is the ONLY image I remember from the sport - Brandi Chastain in 1999

84. Recycling center item : BEVERAGE CAN - They can really add up

101. Log holder : FIREPLACE GRATE - This feels pretty good at this this time of year on the Great Plains

16. What a Facebook post might draw : STRONG REACTIONS - I posed what I thought was a very innocent question on FB last election season and I was bombarded by STRONG REACTIONS. To quote Edgar Allen's famous bird - NEVERMORE!!

43. Violet Crawley's title in "Downton Abbey" : DOWAGER COUNTESS - Hearing Maggie Smith wield her acid tongue in this role is well worth viewing!

Now let's what other AMAZING BLESSINGS C.C. is bestowing on us today


1. /, on some score sheets : SPARE - The bottom score here is known as a Dutch 200 where you get that score by alternating spares (/) and strikes (X) for ten frames. Boomer doesn't bother with /'s all that often! 😏

6. Herbal tea : TISANE, 1. Teahouse treat : SCONE and 80. "Unexpected blends" tea brand : TAZO provide a mini theme by tea connoisseur C.C.

12. Premier League powerhouse : CHELSEA - More Soccer

19. Ascended : SCALED

20. Calligraphy container : INKPOT

21. Top-seller : HOT ITEM

24. Getting on in years : ELDERLY - Hey! I resemble that adjective!

25. Asthmatic's device : INHALER - It got my brother through his childhood

26. Super, slangily : UBER - Today's use of that word is much better than what is was used for two generations before.

27. Batman after Michael : VAL - Can you find Mr. Kilmer?

28. Google : Android :: Apple : __ : IOS - This Operating System keeps my iPhone going

29. Got the word : HEARD

30. It borders three oceans : ASIA

32. Resort near Boston : CAPE ANN - I picked the wrong one at first

38. Wander (about) : GAD - My lovely  bride doesn't care for the fact that I do this constantly when we are shopping 

41. Took charge of : LED

44. Long stretches : AEONS

45. Netflix alternative : HULU - I'm a NETFLIXer

46. Down tune : DIRGE -These Volga boatmen have a famous one named after them. 

48. Ocean rings : ATOLLS

50. Earned : WON

51. Some charges : USER FEES - It's better to use them than to 49. Impose, as a tax : LEVY

54. Investment firm T. __ Price : ROWE

60. Plummeted : SANK

61. Ne'er-do-well : KNAVE

63. Catch of the day, perhaps : SEA BASS - $30 on this menu for Misoyaki SEA BASS

64. Inc., in Toronto : LTD

66. Euro divs. : CTS - It takes 100 €0.01 to make €1.00

67. Workout addicts : GYM RATS - Our YMCA has them of all ages and sizes

69. "That's no kidding" : I MEAN IT

72. Sault __ Marie : STE

74. Pull : TUG - Her trademark

75. Jerry-rigged, in a way : TAPED ON - Oh, like this?

79. Ekberg of "La Dolce Vita" : ANITA

82. Crime scene figure : PERP - PERP (prep) SCHOOL was our first silly, Sunday answer last week

87. Stable baby : FOAL

88. National summer sport of Canada : LACROSSE - Hmmm... A sport that only requires two months. 😜 Sorry Canadian Eh!

90. Luanda is its cap. : ANG - Where I'm sure they post many 14. Flight takeoff fig. : ETD's at their international airport

91. Mourning on the court : ALONZO - A 6'10" former NBA player

93. Distant : ALOOF

94. Sudden attack : RAID - Look out refrigerator!

96. Dish alternative : CABLE

99. Lush : SOT

100. Lady Tigers' sch. : TSU - The Tennessee State University Lady Tigers play just north of where the Vanderbilt University Lady Commodores play in Nashville

106. More offensive : NASTIER - Campaigns race to see who can be NASTIER

108. Queen in "Frozen" : ELSA (not our Born Free lioness) and 86. Film lioness : NALA (a different lioness)

109. Lackluster finish : MATTE

113. And the like: Abbr. : ETC - Yul Brynner sang/spoke it in The King and I

114. Sweetie : HON - This appellation may not be very welcome today

115. Mother of Castor : LEDA - Castor's twin Pollux had a different father. It's a long story...

117. Choice word : WHETHER 

119. Get going, as an oven : PRE-HEAT 

123. Roll call discovery : ABSENCE - A big requirement in schools these days

124. Figure of speech? : ORATOR - A clever clue for one of the best ORATORS of modern times 

125. Oddball : WEIRDO

126. Agreement often reluctant but still respectful : YES DEAR - What to say if my lovely bride is right or wrong

127. Mischief-makers : DEMONS

128. Thrills : SENDS - A great song using this 50's slang by one of the best R 'n B singers ever


2. Lara's husband in "Doctor Zhivago" : PASHA - Later in the book, this laughter prone prankster changed - "[PASHA] knew that rumor had nicknamed him Rasstrelnikov, 'the Executioner.' He took it in stride, he feared nothing" 

3. Wedding settings : ALTARS

4. Genuine article : REAL DEAL

5. Barely beat (out) : EDGE

6. It may be nervous : TIC - If Inspector Clouseau worked for you...

7. Reduced to rubble : IN RUINS - The Roman Colosseum is magnificent even in this state

8. Aspen traveler's item : SKI BAG

9. Cathedral recess : APSE

10. Detective fiction genre : NOIR - Bogie was the film master 

11. Movie makeup dept. creations : ETS - Such as in my favorite Sci-Fi movie Close Encounters Of The Third Kind

12. Inferior : CHEAPO

13. Cry out loud : HOLLER

15. '60s protest : LIE IN - When your "Sit In" just wasn't gettin' it done

17. Fish trapped in pots : EELS - I'd try them at C.C.'s house if she offered them...

18. Adams of "Her" : AMY

19. __ Tzu : SHIH - Most take great pains to pronounce this breed carefully

23. Sister of Clio : ERATO - One of the muses who frequent our little word stand here

27. Space devoid of matter : VACUUM - Here's a kitty trying to figure out a VACUUM here on Earth

31. Lust, e.g. : SIN

32. Dopey frame, e.g. : CEL - In this CEL frame, he is gettin' down with Snow White

33. Short lines at the post office? : ADDR - ADDRess

35. Hardy's "Pure Woman" : TESS - She and Yoko both are frequent fliers here

36. Now, in Nicaragua : AHORA and 53. This, to Picasso : ESTA - Aquí EST
Á la respuesta AHORA (Here is the answer now)

37. Climbing aids : RUNGS

39. Mole, perhaps : AGENT

40. Classroom array : DESKS - These DESKS have only way to be arrayed

41. Shenanigan : LARK - Or a more beautiful use of the word from a musical we all know

42. School since 1440 : ETON - The ETON Cricket team will tour Sri Lanka next spring

47. Uncertainties : IFS - If IFS and buts were candy and nuts, we'd all have a Merry Christmas

50. Bug catcher : WEB -  Our lush landscape invites many of these spider constructions 

52. One-named Tejano pop star : SELENA - I subbed for a Spanish teachers for two days and I showed half of this film of her too-short life each day

56. Plains folks? : OSAGES

57. Belgium winter hrs. : CET 

58. Social division : CASTE

...but so is high school
59. Remark to the audience : ASIDE- A wonderful theatric device used in this movie

62. Pro with a siren : EMT

65. Paternity test letters : DNA - Blood tests could only tell a man he wasn't the father or that he could be

68. Uses elbow grease on : RUBS

70. Comfy slip-on : MOC

71. Skinny : INFO

72. Impact sound : SPLAT - Spaghetti's done!

73. Dabbling ducks : TEALS - New use of Dabble for me

76. Thin as __ : A RAIL  and 121. Like Twiggy's style : MOD - 5'6" 90lbs

77. Important animal in '70s U.S.-China diplomacy : PANDA - Ling Ling and Hsing Hsing

78. Future chicken : EGG

81. Heaps : A LOT

83. Golf course figure : PRO PAR

85. Ben of "Roots" : VEREEN - Chicken George

89. Send-__: farewells : OFFS 

92. "Hmm … " : LET ME SEE - Did I find all my errors or will I have to count on my friends to find them?

95. What "4" may mean: Abbr. : APR - Uncle Sam gets my last tax money as late as possible on 4/15 

96. Porcelain with a pale green glaze : CELADON - Beautiful green pottery first made in China but named in England

97. Justice Dept. bigwigs : AGS - Attorneys General (A'S G?)

98. Beaning aftermath, sometimes : BRAWL 

102. Odysseus' kingdom : ITHACA

103. Revolting sort? : RIOTER

104. Formally give : CEDE TO

105. Takes courses at home? : EATS IN

107. Felt the pain : ACHED

110. "Hot corner" base : THIRD - So called because hit balls get there very quickly, that's why all that play THIRD base should wear these

111. Ministers : TENDS

112. Cartesian connection : ERGO

113. Kathryn of HBO's "Oz" : ERBE - Google it if you're interested

115. Old Parmesan bread : LIRE - A euphemism for old money in Parma, Italy

116. Eye __ : EXAM - My 95-year-old MIL passed her eye EXAM and now her driver's license is now good until she is 100

118. Adheres (to) : HEWS - So this is where that comes from

119. Settle up : PAY

120. Biloxi-to-Mobile dir. : ENE -ESE would work for this famous song lyric "From Natchez To Mobile"

122. Places to crash, in ads : BRS - One of our 3 B(ed)R(nooms)S got converted to a computer room/office 20 minutes after on daughter got a job and moved to Lincoln. 

Now how 'bout some MIXED BLESSINGS from the peanut gallery (Man, I'm old!)


Notes from C.C.:

Here is a picture from our local crossword constructors get-together last Sunday Dec 3, 2017.  Chris is based in Iowa. Drove a long way. Quite a few are our LAT constructors. Kathy made her LAT debut earlier this year.

I recall Will Shortz mentioned a while ago that after New York and California, Minnesota has the most constructors.

Thanks for organizing the event, Tom, you're the best!

Dec 3, 2017 Sunday

Seated, L to R:  C.C. Burnikel, Theresa Horan (Teedmn), Kathy Jaschke

Standing:  George Barany, Tariq Samad (Cryptics constructor), Stew Lelievr (been to the ACPT for about 20 years straight), Andrew Sand, Amy Bemis, Jay Kaskel, David Hanson (Rosebud), Marcia Brott, Christopher Adams, Victor Barocas and Tom Pepper

Dec 6, 2017

Wednesday, December 6, 2017, Neville Fogarty


Husker Gary here again on a search for buried (or at least concealed) treasure. Neville has constructed a hunt for us where GEM has been hidden in bigger phrases much as these Emerald Crystals that can be found in veins of calcite in the Muzo area of Columbia.

Our friend Neville has literally taken the word GEM and hidden it where the GE portion ends the first word of a phrase and the begins the second word. If you search carefully below, you can see where Neville has hidden the GEM in these theme answers:

17. *Intricate feature of some Victorian gardens : HEDGE MAZE - Here is a MAZE near London along side a domestic CORN MAZE in Gretna Nebraska

24. *Politician for whom a Virginia university is named : GEORGE MASON - George Mason refused to sign the U.S. Constitution in 1787 because it had no national bill of rights (if you enlarge the picture below, you will see James Madison's signature in the Virginia section). He then helped author the Bill Of Rights that were added in 1791.

33. *Disney miser who swims in his money : SCROOGE MCDUCK - As seen here

49. *Game to settle a score : GRUDGE MATCH - These "matches" have sold a lot of tickets!

... and the reveal:

57. Diamond in the rough ... or a literal feature of each answer to a starred clue : HIDDEN GEM - American Idol was looking for a hidden GEM in the group of 4,000 hopefuls in 2013 auditions in Omaha

Here are some more of Neville's Gems:


1. Rope often coiled : LASSO - Here's one attached to the cockpit of a working cowboy

6. __ Lanka : SRI - Formerly Ceylon located just off 30. Nepal's continent : ASIA 

9. Selassie of Ethiopia : HAILE 

14. "One more time!" : AGAIN - Rick actually said, "You played it for her, you can play it for me!"

15. See 16-Across : EAR and 16. With 15-Across, cochlea site : INNER - A cochlear implant can have an external component which can be recommended by an 29. Sinusitis-treating MD : ENT - Ears/Nose/Throat M.D.

19. Anglican leader : VICAR - Enter Murder At The Vicarage in YouTube and you can view an entire Miss Marple adventure (1:20:00)

20. Rainbow hue : INDIGO - ROY G BIV

21. Eye part that may become detached : RETINA
22. What circled R's may indicate: Abbr. : TMS ®

26. Point of giving up : WITS END - The Giants were at their WIT'S END with QB play and so...

28. Quarterback Manning : ELI - After 210 consecutive starts, ELI's mediocre play in 2017 got him benched last Sunday

31. Swig or sip : DRINK

39. Clock radio feature : ALARM

40. Valley : DALE - "Over hill, over DALE" is now "First to fight, for the right"

42. Word after black or photo : OPS - Some celebrities and politicians are avoiding photo OPS these days

45. Nike's __-FIT fabric : DRI - DRI-FIT fabric can be found in all manner of Duck clothing like this hooded sweatshirt which 46. Guarantees : ASSURES you it will wick sweat away from your body

52. Badminton court divider : NET

53. President after Jimmy : RONALD - Reagan "The Gipper"

54. "Bob's Burgers" daughter : LOUISE - I have never seen this cartoon! I might have opted for 54. Maurice Chevalier's woman of song (Man, I'm old!)

56. Emcee's opening : INTRO

60. Give direction to : STEER

61. Salinger's "Franny __ Zooey" : AND - Would people think me more literate if I wore this t-shirt?

62. Tender beef cuts : LOINS

63. Frost-covered : HOARY - I had a picture of this last Wednesday

64. "Certainly!" : YES - Alternate pronunciation

65. Lived : DWELT


1. __-di-dah: pretentious : LAH

2. Number on many a birthday card : AGE

3. Extremely cruel : SADISTIC

4. Communicate with a deaf person : SIGN

5. Antsy : ON EDGE - What's that dog doing?

6. Neptune, for one : SEA GOD

7. Shaving device : RAZOR - I'm a straight edge kind of guy

8. Boiling blood : IRE

9. Collective intelligence : HIVE MIND - Alll 31. Obama, e.g.: Abbr. : DEM's - voted against the tax bill last Sunday and all REP's but one voted for it. Tell me again why they waste hours and hours debating?

10. Baker with Grammys : ANITA

11. Cut into : INCISE

12. Use for support : LEAN ON - The wonderful lyrics from Bill Withers' song

13. Knight-__ : ERRANT - Literature's most famous

18. Demeanor : MIEN

21. Artifact : RELIC - What? You were alive when JFK got shot?

22. Bankrupt airline : TWA

23. Battleship call : MISS - Hasn't every math teacher used Battleship® to teach coordinates?

25. Microbe : GERM

27. Poet Teasdale : SARA - Okay

32. African antelope : KUDU - An amazing looking animal

34. The Stars and Stripes : OLD GLORY

35. Rowed : OARED - It ranks right up there with "APED" on my Verb dishonor roll.

36. Dreadful : GRIM

37. Manhattan concert hall : CARNEGIE - How do you get to CARNEGIE Hall? [You all know the punchline]

38. Bauhaus artist Paul : KLEE - An icon for the Bauhaus Art School in Weimar, Germany and an example of work by one of its students Paul Klee (Senecio 1922)

41. Superlative suffix : EST

42. Like Shrek : OGRISH - My Spell Checker said, "Huh?" and offered OGREISH as the preferred form

43. "ASAP!" : PRONTO

44. Beverage brewed outdoors : SUN TEA - A summer tradition here in the hinterlands 

46. Not seeing eye to eye : AT ODDS - I know our tea connoisseur friends Steve and C.C. would be AT ODDS by my choice of Lipton tea bags

47. Gulf War missile : SCUD - Saddam Hussien's futile weapon of choice

48. Lancer's protection : SHIELD - Here's a Lancer using his SHIELD for protection by shattering his opponent's weapon

50. Challenger : DARER

51. Flared skirt : A-LINE

55. It may come down in winter : SNOW - It can be pretty before you have to get out the blower

57. Stable serving : HAY - For the unbridled appetite.

58. Photo blowup: Abbr. : ENL

59. Salt Lake City hrs. : MST - 14th largest city with MST. Seven AZ cities are bigger

Now we await the GEMS you uncover in your mines/minds:


Note from C.C.:

Happy Birthday to dear Lucina, who's been with our blog since Feb 2010. So sweet to see this picture again. Lucina travels to CA once a year, and she often meets with our Californian Coven there.

Left to Right: Chickie, JD, Garlic Gal and Lucina.
June 3, 2015