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Jun 19, 2017

Monday, June 19, 2017 Mark Feldman

Theme: No Reveal Monday

17A. Shrewd person, to a food critic?: SHARP COOKIE

29A. Important person, to a food critic?: BIG CHEESE

47A. Despicable person, to a food critic?: ROTTEN EGG

66A. Lazy person, to a food critic?: COUCH POTATO

Argyle here. NW corner gave me pause but then it was off to the races. Now I have to race thru the blog because a line of T-storms are racing this way.


1. Brawl: MELEE

6. See 27-Down: BOOKS. 27-Down. With 6-Across, records that might be "cooked": THE

11. L.A. Galaxy's org.: MLS. (Major League Soccer)

14. Alpine climber's need: ICE AX

15. Asinine: INANE

16. Goal: AIM

19. African antelope: GNU

20. Hide: CONCEAL

21. Like skunks and zebras: STRIPED

23. Hitching post?: ALTAR. Cute.

25. 44-Across VIP: KING. 44-Across. High school dance: PROM

26. James Bond's school: ETON

33. Prevent, as a robbery: THWART

36. Female neigh sayer: MARE

37. Betray: SELL OUT

39. Avian symbol of pride: PEACOCK

46. Doze off: DROWSE

52. Math average: MEAN

53. Fencing sword: ÉPÉE

54. Witch trial town: SALEM

57. Impressive banquet displays: SPREADS

61. Acknowledged a military superior: SALUTED

65. Weeding tool: HOE

68. CIA forerunner: OSS. (Office of Strategic Services)

69. Vaudeville show: REVUE

70. "He loves me" piece: PETAL

71. Tetley product: TEA

72. Class-ending pair?: ESSes

73. Rub off the page: ERASE


1. Uncategorized stuff: Abbr.: MISC. (miscellaneous)

2. Repeat: ECHO

3. With the fat trimmed off: LEAN

4. Auditory passage: EAR CANAL

5. Kick out: EXPEL

6. Where DNA tests are performed: BIO LAB

7. Singer Yoko: ONO

8. Acorn sources: OAKS

9. Make using yarn: KNIT

10. Reader of tea leaves: SEER

11. Member of the crow family: MAGPIE

12. White sale goods: LINENS

13. Blotch: SMUDGE

18. "Cool" hipster: CAT

22. President married to Mamie: IKE. The Eisenhowers.

24. Outer edge: RIM

26. Out-of-this-world beings, in brief: ETs

28. Wise bird: OWL

30. Space: GAP

31. Rep on the street: CRED

32. When repeated, "Great speech!": "HEAR, hear!"

34. Weapon in Clue: ROPE

35. Spoil: TURN

38. Water-testing digit: TOE

40. Traveler to work: COMMUTER

41. Must pay: OWE

42. Civil War org.: CSA. (Confederate States of America)

43. Boy doll: KEN

45. Classic British sports cars: MGs

47. Did over, as a movie scene: RESHOT

48. Be against: OPPOSE

49. Revered Mother: TERESA. Saint Teresa of Calcutta.

50. Casual top: TEE

51. Deep cuts: GASHES

55. Once around, in a race: LAP. My first lap has just about run.

56. Secretly tie the knot: ELOPE

58. Land parcel: ACRE

59. "Easy __ it!": DOES

60. Santa Fe and Tucson, in the auto world: SUVs. (Sport utility vehicle)

62. "Cheerio!": "TATA!"

63. Greek vowels: ETAs. [H]

64. Give (out) sparingly: DOLE

67. Prompt on stage: CUE


Feb 17, 2017

Friday, February 17, 2017, Mark Feldman

Title:  I'll have two spoons, please.

Mark Feldman is here with his first puzzle of 2017; his last was a fun Spoonerism Puzzle. This time Mark out does Reverend Spooner by reversing the words in a two word phrase, not just the beginnings. Each requires the new first word be a sound-a-alike of the old second word. He then clues the fill with a silly meaning, and the hilarity ensues. He also finishes the grid with some challenges and some excellent choices such as ENDEARS,  MAHATMA,  DEADPAN,  SEA STAR, CHORALES,  HEADLESS, TOREADOR, TOASTERS,  SOUL MATES and the previously unseen in the LAT- SEVERALLY.

The theme fill:

17A. Ladies' man with laryngitis? : HOARSE STUD (10). After successful racing careers, many champion race horses spend their time making their owners rich. SECRETARIAT.

28A. Infant at bath time? : BARE BABY (8). Baby bear has been a star for years. thanks to Goldilocks.

44A. High schooler just hanging out? : IDLE TEEN (8). Teen idols have been around seamlessly since  SINATRA.

58A. Ordinary-looking fashion VIP? : PLAIN MODEL (10). An un-pc twist on model plane  builders.


1. Earth tone : OCHER. My father painted in oils which is where I learned this word.

6. Popular speaker : BOSE. I have a Bose radio.

10. Unlike Wabash College : COED. Wabash College is a small, private, liberal arts college for men, located in Crawfordsville, Indiana, United States. Wikipedia.

14. "Voilà!" : THERE. Jeannie, where are you?

15. Over : UPON.

16. Company with a Select Guest loyalty program : OMNI. A HOTEL chain.

19. Ultimately earns : NETS.

20. Airport NNW of IND : ORD. INDianpolis and Chicago, O'Hare which originally was called ORcharD Field. 27D. Rail system that services 20-Across : CTA. Chicago Transit Authority.

21. Spicy cuisine : CREOLE. Time for some RECIPES.

22. A native of : FROM.

23. Goneril's husband : ALBANY.  Our Friday Shakespeare REFERENCE. Harder than capital of New York?

25. Revered sage, in India : MAHATMA. None more famous than Ghandi?

27. Sweeps, e.g. : CLEANS. I made this too hard at first...think spys.

29. 1995 "Live at Red Rocks" pianist : TESH. I will control my urge to post my family pics from Red Rocks.

30. African scourge : TSETSE.

32. Indian silk-producing region : ASSAM. Part II, India.

34. Suffix with ethyl : ENE.

35. "Same here" : DITTO.

40. Counsel : ADVISE.

43. Cheer : ROOT.
Take me out
To the ball game
Take me out
To the crowd
Buy me some peanuts
And Crackerjacks
I don't care if
I never get back

For it's root, root, root
For the home team
If they don't win
It's a shame
For it's one, two,
Three strikes you're out
At the old ball game!

48. Highest peak in the Armenian plateau : ARARAT. It is mostly in Turkey. LINK.

50. Armed ocean dweller? : SEASTAR. We used to call it the STARFISH. Marine scientists have undertaken the difficult task of replacing the beloved starfish's common name with sea star because, well, the starfish is not a fish. It's an echinoderm, closely related to sea urchins and sand dollars. ... Most sea stars also have the remarkable ability to consume prey outside their bodies. wiki, i think.

51. Makes it right : ATONES.

52. Pride parade letters : LGBT. Lesbian, Gay, Bi and Trans.

53. "Macbeth" spot descriptor : DAMNED. Another double dip, this time Shakespeare. "Out, Out..."

55. Division of the Justice Dept. : ATF. Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms.

57. Buffalo's county : ERIE. CSO to many.

60. Marketing opener : TELE.

61. "What a shame" : ALAS. Great word for our poets.

62. Really like : ADORE.

63. Aren't really, maybe : SEEM.

64. Nasdaq competitor : NYSE. New York Stock Exchange.

65. Like Vikings : NORSE.


1. Emperor after Galba : OTHO. He was number TWO in the year of Four Emperors, a year I learned all about from my son.

2. Bach works : CHORALES.

3. Word associated with Sleepy Hollow : HEADLESS. Do any watch the TV show? I enjoyed the crossover with Bones.

4. Goof : ERR.

5. Checkout correction, perhaps : RESCAN.

6. "Point Break" co-star : BUSEY.

7. Vision: Pref. : OPTOmetrist.

8. They're meant for each other : SOUL MATES. With all of our long married here at the Corner this might be a CSO.

9. Makes beloved : ENDEARS.

10. Informal discussion : CONFAB.

11. Last book of Puzo's "Godfather" trilogy : OMERTA. Silence? Spawned by this author...54D. "Serpico" author Peter : MAAS.  He also wrote The Valachi Papers and Underboss.

12. Bury : ENTOMB.

13. Alarm : DISMAY.

18. "Trophy, Hypertrophied" artist : ERNST. Max.
24. __ Men: "Who Let the Dogs Out" band : BAHA.
26. Follow : HEED.

28. Dahomey, since 1975 : BENIN.

31. One at a time : SEVERALLY. Jointly and severally in the law means "all are obligated and each is obligated."

33. Actor Damon : MATT. He works!

36. OPEC founding member : IRAN.

37. Ring fighter : TOREADOR. That is bull!

38. Pop-up items : TOASTERS.

39. As of 1937, he was the all-time N.L. home run leader until Mays surpassed him in 1966 : OTT. Mel had 511, I think.

41. Like many a successful poker player : DEADPAN. And comedians.

42. Consumed : EATEN.

44. Keys : ISLETS.

45. Unilever deodorant brand : DEGREE.

46. Likely to change : LABILE. Used in medical context mostly, I think.

47. Regard : ESTEEM.

49. Serling's birth name : RODMAN. Dennis loses out to this bit of trivia- Rodman was shortened to Rod.

51. Ouzo flavoring : ANISE. Licorice.

56. Hightail it : FLEE.

59. "Star Trek: DSN" changeling : ODO. Poor René Auberjonois. He was always challenged in Deep Space Nine. I like him best in Boston Legal.

So we traversed the mine field and emerged with another successful Friday in the books. Thanks you so much Mark, a sense of humor always helps, especially as I continue to struggle. Caudal epidural 2 was Wednesday. Sorry for the choppy write up, but I had fun. Lemonade out.

Notes from C.;C.:

1) Happy 50th wedding anniversary to dear Gary and his wife Joann! I'm lucky to have met them and got to know them over the years. Their love and support for each other are so inspiring. So unconditional.

2) Happy Birthday to Chairman Moe (Chris), our wine and beer expert, author of daily Puzzling Thoughts.

Chairman Moe, his wife, Oo & Lemonade,  Sept 10, 2015

Sep 2, 2016

Friday, September 2, 2016, Mark Feldman

Title: A spoonful of spoonerisms.

Mark Feldman returns to the LAT for his 10th puzzle and first since 2014. He also has 11 NYTs published but has been away there also. Mark gives us a classic puzzle to make you laugh taking two word phrases and reversing their beginnings to be clued with wit. If you are unfamiliar with Spoonerism, wiki says it is  an error in speech or deliberate play on words in which corresponding consonants, vowels, or morphemes are switched (see metathesis) between two words in a phrase. An example is saying "The Lord is a shoving leopard" instead of "The Lord is a loving shepherd." In addition to laughs, Mark includes OCTAVOS,  SKI POLE, LITHELY,  PLIABLE,  ICE BAGS, DISCERN, LIPSYNC, TORTILLAS and NEED A HAND as sparkly fill.

17A. Politically active fowl? : TRUMP DUCK (9). Dump Truck. Made me think of Donald Duck, but we make no political comments.

28A. Clever insect? : CUNNING ROACH (12). Running Coach. Made me thing of my old linguistics teacher but we make no obscene comments.

45A. Embarrassed avian? : BLUSHING CROW (12). Crushing blow. Made me think of Jon Snow, but he is everywhere these days.

59A. Street-wise amphibian? : ROUGH TOAD (9). Tough Road. Made me think of wild ride but on with the show.
And the reveal,
66A. Oxford don associated with slips similar to 17-, 28-, 45-, and 59-Across : SPOONER. The MAN.


1. Books in which each sheet of paper is folded into eight leaves : OCTAVOS. Latin for 8.

8. Factions : SECTS.

13. See 2-Down : TORTILLAS. 2D. With 13-Across, Mexican restaurant choices : CORN. When I was young and first exposed to Mexican food in New England, corn tortillas were the only choice. They were crunchy and messy- great for a kid.

16. Not likely to miss much : ALERT.

18. Eyelashes : CILIA. The Latin plural of cilium- 1. the eyelids or eyelashes.
2. small, hairlike processes projecting from epithelial cells on the outer surfaces of some cells, aiding metabolism by producing motion, eddies, or current in a fluid. In the lung, cilia wave mucus, pus, and dust upward. In the Fallopian Tube, they are an integral part of getting pregnant.

19. "A Chorus Line" number : ONE. The Finale.

20. Goddess with a throne headdress : ISIS.
22. Become clear : JELL. Thoughts can jell. They also can be discarded. 57A. Get rid of : SCRAP.

23. Flair : ELAN.

26. Easily bent : PLIABLE.  My latest mental picture...

32. Comfortable with : USED TO.

33. Dresden's river : ELBE.

34. Takes in : HAS.

37. Big hit : SMASH. Broadway.

38. Subside, with "down" : DIE.

39. Doozy : BEAUT.

41. Loan fig. : PCT. Percent.

42. "The Little Mermaid" prince : ERIC.

                                                                        The Story

44. The kiwi is the smallest one : RATITE. Any of the mostly large birds with a flat breastbone without a keel, therefore unable to fly, i.e., the ostrich, rhea, emu, cassowary, and kiwi, together with the extinct moa and elephant bird.

47. Fake it, in a way : LIPSYNC. I really like seeing this Friday worthy fill.

50. Pageant accessory : SASH. I have had this and Obi very often this year.

51. Sandy's home : UTAH. I had/have no idea; there is a Sandy City Utah? Not the dog....

52. Puts in place : SETS. Like a dinner table.

54. Achievement of many a CEO : MBA.

63. Birch of "American Beauty" : THORA. Birch was born in Los Angeles, the eldest child of Jack Birch and Carol Connors. Her parents, who have been her business managers throughout her acting career, are former adult film actors; both appeared in the film Deep Throat.

64. Require help : NEED A HAND.

65. Slender woman : SYLPH. Another wonderful word. One would move 24D. In a supple manner : LITHELY. Which is related to pliable; a mini-theme?


1. Anne Frank's father : OTTO. Somehow I remembered his NAME.

3. Loyal : TRUE. Be true to your love.

4. 20s dispenser : ATM.

5. Bigwig : VIP.

6. Dated : OLD.

7. Swinging about : SLUING. Not high on my list: verb (used with object), slued, sluing. 1. to turn (a mast or other spar) around on its own axis, or without removing it from its place. swing around.
verb (used without object), slued, sluing. 3. to turn about; swing around.

8. __ fly: productive MLB out : SACrifice.

9. Hebrew prophet : ELIJAH. A most important PROPHET.

10. Star : CELEB.

11. Operatic vocal effect : TRILL. When he retired in 2012, Bass Paul Plishka said, he could not do it any more. "The trill is gone."

12. Dated : STALE. Liker some humor!

14. Coolers, briefly : ACS.

15. Balancing aid on the slopes : SKI POLE. They never helped me to balance, but I was never a great skier like marti.

21. Piece at the butcher shop : SLAB. The sound is almost enough to make one a vegetarian.

23. Goals : ENDS.

25. Mayo is in it : ANO. The old Spanish pun- May is a month in the Year.

27. Swell applications : ICE BAGS. Swell literally, not like Archie.

28. Edge : CUSP.

29. Letters at N.C.'s Camp Lejeune : USMC.

30. Drink order : NEAT. Tinbeni CSO!

31. Clinton's first Labor secretary : REICH. A very interesting MAN, only 4'11."

34. Locks often gray : HAIR.

35. Aries or Taurus : AUTO.The K Car is long gone, but Ford Taurus is back.

36. Brood : STEW.

38. Make out : DISCERN. Simple, but took me a very long time to discern.

40. Make an impression : ETCH. Again, deception with a literal clue.

43. Hose problems : RUNS. Yes, White Sox cannot get enough runs this year, unlike their Boston counterparts. LINK. Or for Splynter

44. Stranded messenger : RNA.

45. C equivalent : B SHARP. I let those who speak music explain, I cannot.

46. Time units : ISSUES. The magazine, silly.

47. Hungers (for) : LUSTS.

48. Raring to go : ITCHY.

49. Given orally, as evidence : PAROL.

53. Golf club part : TOE.

54. Complain : MOAN. Stop your moaning and groaning; I guess more appropriate than any other definition. I have an acquaintance who made a living moaning for  porn movies.

55. Thorn in one's side : BANE.

56. Dely. destination : ADDRess.

58. Half a tuba sound : PAH. really, isn't it 1/3- oom pah pah?

60. Econ. yardstick : GDP. D or N? Domestic or national.

61. One-tenth of a Vietnamese dong, formerly : HAO. A very obscure clue, even with the formerly hint. A Vietnamese currency previously issued by the Vietnam National Bank. The hao, or hào, is one-tenth of a Vietnamese dong and can be subdivided into 10 xu. Neither the xu or the hao are currently in use in Vietnam.

62. E'en if : THO.

A slightly abridged version as I recover from a summer cold. Which is great because all of you can practice making comments on what I left out and linking all kinds of exciting stuff. Welcome back Mark and enjoy September; Lemonade out.

Aug 21, 2014

Thursday, August 21, 2014 Mark Feldman

Theme: "Speak!"

17-Across. Tarot card representing union : TWO OF CUPS.

24-Across. Brightening near a sunspot : SOLAR FLARE.

35-Across. Mixer? : BAR KEEPER. Great clue! And this is a scene with my favorite mixer.

49-Across. Ingredient that mimics the flavor of an edible fungus : TRUFFLE OIL. It really doesn't, though. I prefer real truffles, but have only had them on rare occasions.

And the reveal:
58. Checkers' speech? (or what are hidden in 17-, 24-, 35- and 49-Across) : DOG SOUNDS. Checkers is perhaps the most famous dog who never lived in the White House.

Very nice!  Well-hidden dog vocalizations: three split between two words, one hidden totally in the first word. I seem to have had a run of easy puzzles for the past few Thursdays. There may have been a couple trouble spots, but eventually perps revealed the correct answers.


1. Travelocity user's request : AISLE. Nope, I prefer the window.

6. Get too personal : PRY.

9. Prepare a spread for : CATER.

14. Word after open, in retail : UNTIL.

15. Duvall's role in "Gods and Generals" : LEE. The movie focuses on Stonewall Jackson.

16. Rap sheet entry : CRIME.

19. Hobbles : LIMPS.

20. Wind that can be controlled : HORN. And then we have 18-Down. Trumpet protector : CASE. I sense a CSO to Jazzbumpa!

21. Chowed down : ATE.

22. Prairie home : TEEPEE.

23. Fertility lab supply : OVA. Singular ovum.

26. Genre that evolved from ska : REGGAE. Not to be confused with "raga."

29. Spanish article : LAS.

30. Wordless okay : NOD.

31. __ preview : SNEAK.

32. Leveling piece : SHIM.

34. Spruce cousins : FIRS.

38. Auto club amenities : MAPS.

41. Work for : EARN.

42. See 5-Down : SANTA. And 5-Down. 42-Across helper : ELF. Not much to go on here, except 5-letters and three-letters, with "helper," will almost always point to SANTA and his ELF. CSO to Argyle!

46. Mountain ending : EER. Mountaineer.

47. Inclined : APT. I am apt to agree...

48. Pantomime : ACT OUT. Oh, so that's what the little brats are doing at the supermarket when they can't get the candy they want?

53. Citi Field player : MET. Citi Field replaced Shea Stadium.

54. Set of devotional prayers : ROSARY.

55. Genetic stuff : RNA.

56. React to yeast : RISE. You won't get a rise out of me, yeast!

57. Time piece? : ISSUE. Cute misdirection.  The magazine, not the watch.

60. Nickel and dime : COINS. Straight-forward, but nice misdirection as well.

61. Lennon's love : ONO.

62. Swindler : CHEAT.

63. Cut drastically : SLASH.

64. Youngster : TOT. The ones doing pantomimes at the supermarket.

65. Low cards : TREYS. Three OF CUPS? It's meaning is joyful camaraderie.


1. King and Queen : AUTHORS. Great misdirection.  Stephen KING. Ellery QUEEN was actually the pen name of two cousins: Frederic Dannay and Manfred Lee, which were assumed names of Daniel Nathan and Manford Lepofsky. (Quiz, later.)

2. Meshed together : INWOVEN. This answer didn't mesh at first.

3. Place to put things : STORAGE. Simple!

4. Beast in the Royal Arms of England : LION. Lucky WAG.

6. Second-most-massive dwarf planet : PLUTO. The New Horizons probe will visit it next July.

7. Force back : REPEL.

8. __-man : YES. Or in Reggae, "Yeah, mon."

9. Symbols seen in viola music : C CLEFS.

10. "The Tempest" spirit : ARIEL.

11. Percussion instruments : TIMPANI.

12. Beethoven's last piano concerto, familiarly, with "the" : EMPEROR. Officially titled "Piano Concerto No. 5 in E-Flat Major, Op. 73," it was dedicated to his patron Archduke Rudolf. It was the English publisher  who called it "The Emperor" concerto. I only linked a portion - the full concerto is 45 min. long, and I am sure you would finish reading this post long before it was over!

13. Deals with a patchy lawn : RESEEDS.

22. __ steamer : TRAMP. TRAMP ships carry goods from one port to another, without any fixed schedule. They are still used today, but they no longer are powered by steam.

25. Stranger : ALIEN.

27. Yaks : GABS.

28. Letters in a dossier : AKAAlso Known As.

32. Do lutzes, say : SKATE. Here's an incredible quadruple lutz by Brandon Mroz. Now, that's skating!  0:19

33. The Beatles' "And I Love __" : HER.

34. Host of some off-campus parties : FRAT. With beer kegs and togas.

36. Wedding invitation request : REPLY.

37. "Abort!" key : ESC.ape.

38. Poet's art : METRICS.

39. Spray : AEROSOL.

40. Frederick the Great's realm : PRUSSIA.

43. Party choice : NOMINEE.

44. Time associated with graceful children : TUESDAY. I'm a Wednesday child. You?

Monday's child is fair of face,
TUESDAY's child is full of grace,
Wednesday's child is full of woe,
Thursday's child has far to go,
Friday's child is loving and giving,
Saturday's child works hard for a living,
But the child who is born on the Sabbath Day
Is bonny and blithe and good and gay.

45. Swears (to) : ATTESTS.

47. From the beginning : AFRESH.

48. "That's a shame!" : ALAS.

50. Mythical goat-men : FAUNS.

51. Academic Maine town : ORONO.

52. Gold brick : INGOT.

56. Oberhausen's region : RUHR. Germany.

58. Period, for one : DOT. It was already filled for me by the across answers, but did anyone want "era?"

59. Autumn mo. : OCT.ober. Coming soon to a neighborhood near you!!

And that's all I have to say about that...0:05


Jan 26, 2014

Sunday January 26, 2014 Mark Feldman

Theme:  "Just Say No" - No is inserted into each common phrase.

24A. Congressman lacking influence? : LEGISLATIVE NOBODY. Legislative body.

31A. Inexperienced company leader? : NOVICE PRESIDENT. Vice president.

53A. Conquer one's Pachelbel addiction? : KICK THE CANON. Kick the can. Click here. Jayce probably needs to conquer his Pachelbel addiction. I'm not familiar with the guy or his Canon.

69A. Flight getting in at 12:00? : NOONTIME ARRIVAL. On-time arrival.

85A. Chamber group income? : NONET REVENUE. Net revenue.

103A. Promo line for an open wine bar? : BOTTOMLESS PINOT. Bottomless pit.

116A. Unimportant orbiter? : MINOR SPACE STATION. Mir Space Station.

Last Sunday we had "Oh, No!", today we have "Just Say No". Eager to see what's the gimmick for next Sunday's LAT.

Three NO's are attached to the beginning of the first word, one attached to the start of the second word, three are inserted inside the word. This multiple approach in letter insertion does not happen often with LAT.


1. Paddle : OAR

4. Peter who produced James Taylor's debut album : ASHER. Unknown figure to me.

9. Stash : STORE

14. Old Dodge : ARIES

19. Pair : DUO

20. Now, in Spain : AHORA. Vowel-rich, like most foreign words in Xwords.

21. Yam, e.g. : TUBER

22. Time-share unit, often : CONDO

23. Investment adviser's suggestion, for short : IRA. Are you still thinking of retiring, TTP?

27. Where you might see "Hello" : NAME TAG. Hello, my name is ...

29. Take on : HIRE

30. O. Henry device : IRONY

36. Wit : CARD

39. Those, in Spain : ESOS

40. Myth ending : ICAL. Mythical.

41. __ room : REC. And 46. __ room : HOTEL.

44. Really enjoyed : ATE UP

49. 1987 Costner role : NESS (Eliot)

50. Slightly, to Salieri : POCO. Italian.

51. Cheerleader's accessory : POM-POM

56. Doe in "Bambi" : ENA

57. Becoming fond of : TAKING TO

61. Rib : NEEDLE

62. "Smokey and the Bandit" city : TEXARKANA. Tex-Ark-ana. Sort of portmanteau word.

64. Scout group : TROOP

68. Tart fruits : SLOES

72. Santa ___ : MARIA

75. "Oklahoma!" aunt : ELLER

76. Gashed : LACERATED

80. Ukrainian port : ODESSA

82. Teacher's concern : ABSENTEE. Me in college. I bet Yellowrocks seldom missed her classes. Great news about your shoulder.

84. Altar vow : I DO

89. Bland stuff : PABLUM

91. Significant periods : ERAS. Cultural Revolution is certainly the most important period in my life. Been through quite a bit of the nightmares in my life.

92. Angry : IRED. Spell check does not like this word.

93. Scrawny : GAUNT

97. Family member : NIECE

98. __ Aviv : TEL

99. FDR's mother : SARA. Oh, I did not know this.

100. They're expected : PARS. For the pros.

102. Keats creations : ODES

109. Slow movement : LARGO

111. "You really think that's true?" : IS IT

112. At : TOWARDS.  I often struggle with one-word clues.

121. See 122-Across : OUT. And 122. With 121-Across, force from hiding : SMOKE

123. Persona : IMAGE

124. First-aid kit item : GAUZE

125. Half and half : ONE. Simple & effective clue.

126. Some are dominant : GENES

127. Colorado resort : ASPEN

128. Bugs' nemesis : ELMER

129. Not many : FEW


 1. Thor's father : ODIN

2. Ghostly glow : AURA

3. Gad about : ROAM

4. Finnish architect Alvar __ : AALTO. Splynter might have heard of this guy. Not me. What's his most famous work?

5. Bundle, as wheat : SHEAVE

6. Greedy : HOGGISH. Not a word I use.

7. "___ tu": Verdi aria : ERI

8. Most daring : RASHEST

9. Oldest Beatle : STARR. My former boss is named Ringo because he liked Ringo Starr. Most people in Hong Kong have a Chinese name & an English name.

10. One in a class by himself? : TUTEE. Nice clue for a blah fill.

11. Kimono sash : OBI

12. Gun : REV

13. Before, in poems : ERE

14. __ squash : ACORN.  This looks yummy & perfect for D-Otto who just went through a yankage. Never had cranberries before. I bet raisins work as well.

15. Automaton : ROBOT

16. Part of, plotwise : IN ON

17. Whirlpool : EDDY

18. Tofu base : SOY. Have any of you tried fermented Tofu? It's definitely an acquired taste. Sort of like Blue cheese.

25. Sass : LIP

26. Ratings giver : NIELSEN

28. Eventually become : END UP

32. Gentle sound : COO

33. Ruin : SINK

34. "New Jack City" actor : ICE-T

35. Short run : DASH

36. 10th century French king : CAPET. Hugh Capet. Stranger to me.

37. Make amends : ATONE

38. Big name in real estate : RE/MAX

41. Sonata section : RONDO

42. Pierre's school : ECOLE

43. Scoop holders : CONES

45. Hearty entrée : POT ROAST. I just can't seem to like beef.

47. Hosp. test : EKG

48. One who more than just trash-talks? : LITTERBUG. Ha ha.

50. Spanish dish : PAELLA

52. Deadly shark : MAKO

54. Mrs. Dithers in "Blondie" : CORA

55. Special delivery? : CESAREAN. Nice clue also.

58. Classic Welles role : KANE

59. Part of IBM: Abbr. : INTL

60. Clinch : NAIL

63. Liqueur flavorings : ANISES

65. Heraldic border : ORLE

66. Setting for Camus' "The Plague" : ORAN. Gimme!

67. Ancient Celt : PICT

70. Average : MEAN

71. Nixon, in the '50s : VEEP. To Ike.

72. "Haystacks" series painter : MONET. Monet, Manet dilemma.

73. Be gaga over : ADORE

74. Kind of artery : RENAL

77. Did floor work : TILED.  And 113. It may be 77-Down : ROOF

78. Draw out : EDUCE

79. Field protectors : DOMES

81. British bluebloods, informally : ARISTOS

83. Vast amount : SEA

86. Part of Q.E.D. : ERAT

87. ___ Beach, Fla. : VERO

88. Wax-wrapped cheese : EDAM

90. Regional life : BIOTA

94. Steal the spotlight from : UPSTAGE

95. Drop off : NAP. And 101. Drop off : SNOOZE

96. Isotope of hydrogen : TRITIUM. Learning moment to me also.

103. Penniless : BROKE

104. Fairy tale baddies : OGRES

105. Feudal lord : LIEGE

106. City near Düsseldorf : ESSEN

107. Pose : SIT

108. One with a title : OWNER

109. Green shade : LIME

110. Before long : ANON

114. Buggy site : DUNE

115. Brood : STEW

116. Stir-fry additive : MSG. Not in my stir-fry. Nor do I use any cornstarch.

117. Actress Zadora : PIA

118. Morning hrs. : AMs

119. Cover : CAP

120. Singer Bachman : TAL. Canadian singer. Also an unknown figure to me.


Nov 29, 2013

Friday, November 29, 2013, Mark Feldman

Theme: Sounds like a letter

Mark Feldman pops up quickly after last Sunday's effort, with the opposite of miss marti's favorite letter-word words. Each of the theme answers undoes a familiar letter-word and creates a new and amusing sound alike two word phrase.  The theme answers are short, but there are 8 of them. With stacked 7s in each corner, the third row from the top and from the bottom being part of the theme, this one took some work to get going and must have been a real challenge to build. This was the hardest Friday for me in a very long time. The theme came easily and saved me or I would have never been able to finish.

17A. Call from a collection agency? : OWE RING. (7) (O-ring). Really cute but convoluted image of the phone ringing with a debt collector caller.

18A. Questionable alliance? : WHY AXIS. (7) (Y-axis). Axis being the enemy of the Allies in WWII, the big one.

23A. Social attire? : TEA SHIRT.(8) (T-shirt).

39A. Sheep transport? : EWE BOAT.(7) (U-boat).

41A. Message from the captain? : SEA NOTE. (7) (C-note).

49A. Suggestion from one waiter to another? : QUEUE TIP. (8) (Q-tip).

61A. Hive workers? : BEE TEAM. (7) (B-team).

63A. Lasik ray? : EYE BEAM. (7) (I-beam).


1. Approaches aggressively : ACCOSTS. A great word, but such a hard way to start.

8. Like some scenic highways : COASTAL. PCH anyone or US1?

15. Avant-garde neighborhood : BOHEMIA. A name taken from the gypsies, I think. LINK.

16. On the line : AT STAKE.

19. Compass pt. : WSW. It is always ENE or WSW, never WNW.

20. Malicious look : LEER.

22. "You __!": Ren, to Stimpy : EEDIOT.

25. Rash symptom : ITCH.

28. Best : TOP. See if you can come up with a better clue.

29. Eastern priest : LAMA. I wonder if anyone ever introduces him with this song playing in the background. LISTEN. (2:29).

33. Playground troublemakers : DARERS. and its counterpart 58D. Bit of derring-do : DEED.

36. Something that's going around : ORBITER. Another nice long fill that really required work to unearth.

42. Internal device on most cellphones : ANTENNA. Ah, anyone still have an old phone somewhere with the outside antenna?

43. German port : BREMEN. In Northern Germany; I will ask our travelers Kazie and marti to discuss.

44. Strong cleaners : LYES.

45. "Keep it down!" : SHH. Really, after all the tryptophan from the turkey, I am sleepy.

48. Stamp of approval letters : USDA. I have no beef with this fill.

53. Agamemnon's father : ATREUS. This KING from ancient GREEK lore is not one of the more famous figures, but his failure to sacrifice a lamb led to much suffering. A Friday clue and the first in our Greek history lessons.

57. Flubs the shot, e.g. : ERRS. We forgive you.

58. Stranded stuff : DNA. Nice play on the fact that DNA is a strand.

65. Humor : INDULGE.

66. Tease mercilessly : TORMENT. What older brothers do.

67. Always-open merchant : ETAILER.

68. New York tribe : ONEIDAS. Not to be confused with the OREIDA potato people.


1. Take __ : A BOW. If you finished this one unaided in your normal Friday time.

2. Intimidates : COWS. I wonder if this comes kowtow, which may come from the Chinese,  Cantonese 叩頭 / 叩头 where one bows so low they touch the forehead to the ground?

3. Enjoy some Trident : CHEW. Finally one I knew.

4. Anthem preposition : O'ER the ramparts we watched...

5. Facial arc : SMILE. What a fun definition.

6. Skin woe : TINEA. Two of our favorite FUNGI jock itch and athlete's foot. More Friday cluing.

7. Most like a guru : SAGEST.

8. Avian cry : CAW.

9. With "The," 1971 best-seller about an evil twin : OTHER. A Tom Tryon novel, that made for a very creepy MOVIE. (3:09)

10. So far : AS YET.

11. Dutch town : STAD.  A word in many Germanic languages, probably from the Latin root STATUS from which we get our word Stand.

12. Sitcom set in a garage : TAXI. Did you all like Andy Kaufman?

13. Japanese wrestler Sato : AKIO. Now this made the northeast so hard, who knows this female judo champion?
14. "__ we forget" : LEST.

21. Greek consonant : RHO. Looks like a P sounds like an R.

23. Ancient city whose ruins are in modern Luxor : THEBES. The Greek name for the ancient Egyptian city of antiquity. Greek the language of the day.

24. Wall St. debuts : IPOSInitial Public Offerings.

25. Perfect : IDEAL.

26. Yellowish-brown : TAWNY. Why do I think of this GIRL (0:52) from the Whitesnake video?

27. Land of the Minotaur : CRETE. The STORY. More Greek.

29. Get in position for the parade, as a band : LINE UP.

30. Proton carriers : ATOMS.

31. Rationed (out) : METED.

32. Amphitheater : ARENA.

34. "Arrested Development" narrator Howard : RON. You can watch new episodes on Netflix.

35. __ Miguel: Cozumel city : SAN.

37. Confederate : REB. Should this be an abbreviation?

38. Musical measure : BAR.

40. Zap, in a way : TASE. Famous FILM. (2:24).

46. Tint : HUE.

47. Contract adverb : HERETO. A nice law word.

49. Put down : QUELL. Like a rebellion.

50. Custom : USAGE.

51. Test, in a way : TRY ON.

52. Rhone feeder : ISERE. marti have you rafted this water in Grenoble, France?

53. Rose's Broadway beau : ABIE. Once the longest running Broadway play.

54. Simple shelter : TENT.

55. Prynne's stigma : RED A. An opposite letter word. Poor Hester; I recently reread the book and it was mostly boring.

56. Holder of needles and such : ETUI.

59. Granny : NANA. I am anxious to learn what Charlotte will call me. She pointed at me during Thanksgiving and said Gigah (or so it sounded) but who knows.

60. Qts. and pts. : AMTS. Amounts.

62. Côte d'Azur view : MER. French for Sea.

64. Ratio involving ht. and wt. : BMI. Body Mass Index. A very misused concept that ignores muscle weight and tells too many they are obese.

Well I am fat and sleepy as everyone went all out on the food, with too much, turkey and fish and mashed potatoes, and corn casserole and green beans, and roasted brussel sprouts, sweet potatoes, and ...  all tasty and way too many desserts. I hope you received your just ones, and I wish you all a happy holiday season. Now shop! Thanks Mark. Lemonade out.

Nov 24, 2013

Sunday November 24, 2013 Mark Feldman

Theme: "Cooked Books" - Each theme entry sounds like a well-known novel. (Added later:  I did not catch the theme fully. Please click here to read Orange's explanation. Two of the words in each book title rhyme with the original words.)

25A. Tolstoy novel about game hunting? : BOAR AND GEESE. "War and Peace".
31A. London novel about gentlemen coming to blows? : BRAWL OF THE MILD. "Call of the Wild".
52A. Salinger novel about an alien abduction? : SNATCHER IN THE SKY. "Catcher in the Rye"

70A. Dreiser novel about a prominent British prince? : MISTER HARRY. "Sister Carrie".

82A. Brontë novel about the rigors of ballet training? : SMOTHERING TIGHTS.  "Wuthering Heights".

104A. Forster novel about the mysterious death of Tutenkhamen? : A TOMB WITH A CLUE. "A Room with a View". King Tut.

115A. Steinbeck novel about a spiritual vegan? : OF RICE AND ZEN. "Of Mice and Men".

Did I miss any extra layer that further coheres the theme? 

When I read the puzzle title "Cooked Books", I thought it might be an anagram. Consulted with our Oracle Argyle, he said "It doesn't pay to analyze puns too much".

I'm eager to read what you guys have to say.


1. Skye cap : TAM. Saw this clue before, so an easy start.

4. Long yarn : SAGA. Bob, who reads but not comments on our blog, sent me these pictures last night. It's carved from a single tree trunk.  Total length: 12.286 meters. Click here to for more. 4 years. Talk about patience.

8. Wide open areas? : SPACES

14. Fix after an outage, as a clock : RE-SET

19. Genetics lab study : RNA

20. Yemen neighbor : OMAN

21. Old Spanish sailing force : ARMADA

22. Small egg : OVULE

23. Fingers : IDs. Verb.

24. __ the Merciless: Flash Gordon foe : MING

27. Most texts : MESSAGES. Do you texting  or calling your kids, PK?

29. Informer : RAT

30. Intimidated : DAUNTED

35. Assembled : MET

36. Computer acronym : ASCII

37. Get : SEE

38. DDE rival : AES (Adlai Ewing Stevenson)

40. "__ Miniver" : MRS

43. Murder mystery staple : CORPSE

45. Credit (to) : ASCRIBE

49. Court happening : TRIAL

51. Spot for a pad : KNEE

56. Good, in Hebrew : TOV.  "Mazel tov!"

57. Clear : RID

58. Bygone bringers of blocks : ICEMEN

59. Spanish appetizer : TAPA. I like Korean appetizers (Banchan). I like all pickled stuff.

63. Stir up : WAKEN

65. Tinted : HUED

68. Despicable : BASE

69. "What a shame!" : ALAS

72. Big name in elevators : OTIS

73. Daffy : BATS

74. NFL pick sixes, e.g. : INTS (Interceptions)

75. Red dye : EOSIN. Rooted in Eos, the Greek goddess of the dawn. Hence red, I suppose.

 76. Guy dolls : KENS

77. Check : ARREST. One-word clue can be very tricky.

79. Belief: Suff. : ISM

80. Cleo's undoing : ASP

87. One may overlook a loch : BRAE

91. Perfume with myrrh, say : CENSE. Valid word, as Yellowrocks showed us once. Please ignore those snarky anons, Kathy, do tell you about your visit to Israel. What's their typical breakfast? Do they have bagel shops there?

92. Crowd __ : PLEASER

93. Crowd : THRONG

95. More than feasts (on) : ODs

96. Pancake-making facilitator : MIX

97. Photo __ : OPS

100. Swiss mathematician : EULER

101. Email attachment, briefly : PDF

109. Gulf War missile : PATRIOT

113. Former president of Pakistan : ZIA. Wiki said he's Pakistan's longest-serving head of state, ruling eleven years.

114. Lozenges, e.g. : SOOTHERS

118. "__.0": Comedy Central show : TOSH. Never watched the show. Hosted by Daniel Tosh.

119. Bad opening? : DYS. Like Dysfunctional.

120. Booze : SAUCE. Drunk.

121. R or X : RATING

122. Curved molding : OGEE

123. Not leave, with "up" : USE

124. Corners, in a way : TREES

125. Preoccupy : OBSESS

126. "O, let me not be mad" speaker : LEAR. I bet no Shakespearean clue can stump our Keith. He and Misty are both professors at the University of California, Irvine, though I don't think they've met each other.

127. Times in want ads : PMs


1. Sculpt, as hedges : TRIM BACK

2. "Winesburg, Ohio" author Sherwood : ANDERSON. Never heard of this guy or the book. 

3. Total drubbing : MASSACRE

4. Horn of Africa natives : SOMALIS

5. Baja buddy : AMIGO

6. Crooks, in slang : GANEFS. Learned from doing xwords.

7. Unsettled feelings, in Frankfurt : ANGSTE. New word to me. Quite close to our Angst.

8. Buffalo hockey player : SABRE.  I don't think I know any player from Buffalo Sabres, Splynter.

9. Tournament kickoff, perhaps : PRO-AM

10. Cremona craftsman : AMATI. Violin.

11. Beetle, for one : CAR.

12. Author LeShan : EDA

13. Bank deposit : SAND. Great clue.

14. Scoundrel : ROGUE

15. Affair : EVENT

16. Haggis ingredient : SUET. Suet is beef fat. Lard is pig fat.

17. "What __ is new?" : ELSE

18. Began a round, with "off" : TEED

26. Farm mom : DAM

28. Lift : SWIPE

32. __ wave : HEAT

33. Den : LAIR

34. Actress Mazar : DEBI

39. House mate?: Abbr. : SEN. Senate. I was stumped.

40. Pair, as two odd socks : MIS-MATE. This is the clue & Answer dupe (mate/MATE) Anon-T referred the other day.

41. Earns copiously : RAKES IN

42. Cunning : SLYNESS

44. Approx. : EST

46. Cliffside debris : SCREE

47. Violin parts : CHIN RESTS

48. Great American Ball Park player : RED

49. Cannabis compound : THC

50. Nike rival : REEBOK. Afrikaans spelling of rhebok, some kind of gazelle.

53. Sure to end badly : NO-WIN

54. "Stop, sailor!" : AVAST

55. Considerable : TIDY

59. Hot stuff : TABASCO. I bet Lucina has a bottle in her fridge.

60. Fearful : ALARMED

61. Arts supporters : PATRONS

62. Furniture and fixtures, say : ASSETS

64. Gold meas. : KTs (Karats)

65. Eats : HAS

66. Dickens' Heep : URIAH

67. "The Hat Makes the Man" artist : ERNST (Max)

70. Wee bit : MITE

71. Pal, slangily : HOMIE

78. Lady, e.g. : SHE

79. Supermarket franchise initials : IGA

81. L.A. hours : PST. I think Rich does read our blog, Bill G, probably not every day, as he's extremely busy with all the puzzle submissions/editing/reader mails and other newspaper stuff we're not aware of.

83. Turning meas. : RPM

84. Hip bones : ILIA

85. Call in a bakery : NEXT

86. Develop : GROW

87. "Scottish Fantasy" composer : BRUCH (Max). Jazzbumap knows him. Not me. German composer. Died in 1920.
88. In a ball : ROLLED UP

89. Arterial problem : ANEURYSM

90. Exits : EGRESSES

94. Subtly mottled, as fabric : HEATHER. Oh I know the pattern. Just don't know it has a specific name.

98. Starter's gun : PISTOL

99. Easy mark : STOOGE

101. Damage, so to speak : PRICE. I don't get this one. Can you give me a sentence to show how these two are equivalents?

102. Cubes in the kitchen : DICES. Verb "Cubes"!

103. Antagonist : FOE

105. Harriet's TV spouse : OZZIE

106. Appearances : MIENS. Also learned from doing xwords.

107. Beatle trademark : BANGS

108. Old Testament prophet : HOSEA. Needed crossing help.

109. Put up : POST

110. At a distance : AFAR

111. Faithful : TRUE

112. Poi source : TARO

116. Collar : NAB

117. Sot's problem : DTS

I'm excited to show you a recent picture of Agnes, our loving and witty Irish Miss. She said:

"I am on the right next to my sister, Eileen. This was taken Friday night (Nov 22, 2013)  at my sister Peggy's house, celebrating her 6 year old granddaughter's Luau-themed birthday party."

Notice her rings? Read here for details. She has since added a new ring.