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Apr 16, 2018

Monday April 16, 2017 Jake Braun

 Theme: OUT (70A. One of an inning's three, which can follow the first word of 17-, 29-, 47- and 63-Across)

17A. Angling method using hand-tied lures: FLY FISHING. Flyout.

29A. One doing the Electric Slide, e.g.: LINE DANCER. Lineout.

47A. Hamburger meat: GROUND BEEF. Ground out.

63A. Beatles' Shea Stadium performance, e.g.: POP CONCERT. Pop-out.

Boomer here.

Hello from Minnesota, where a blizzard of all blizzards took place on APRIL 14! For all of you crossword lovers, The weather center has named our storm XANTO.  I have no idea what the significance could be, buy the clue will be "Name of the blizzard that plagued Minnesota in April of 2018"  Needless to say there were no Flyouts, Line-outs, Ground outs, or Pop-outs at Target Field.  Major League baseball made a mistake to start scheduling games North this early I'm afraid. 


1. Sounds showing revelation: AHS. First part of a sneeze

4. Actress Winger: DEBRA. Loved Officer and a Gentleman "Up where we belong".

9. Beer, casually: BREW. I think Milwaukee got part of this storm.  Maybe the shovels were out at Miller Park also.

13. Speedy shark: MAKO.

15. Bars between wheels: AXLES.

16. Travel aimlessly: ROVE.

19. Bar orders: ALES. Maybe, but I never heard anyone in a bar say "Bartender, give me an ale"

20. City recaptured from ISIL by Iraq in 2017: MOSUL.

21. Sincerely: IN EARNEST.

23. Hunk of concrete: SLAB. I would say a slab is bigger than a hunk.

25. Tic-tac-toe diagram: GRID.  Three Os would be three splits in a row, Three X's is a turkey

26. Memorization technique: ROTE. My thought was Kyle Rote,  running back for the NY Giants.  We shared the same birth date, (But he was 20 years older than I)

34. Brian of ambient music: ENO.

35. DDE's WWII command: ETO. I remember President Eisenhower.  I cannot imagine the difficulty or persevering through World War II.

36. Renter's document: LEASE.

37. Stinging comment: BARB. Also the name of my older sister, born on April 14.

39. Complains: CARPS. Could be the plural of a Minnesota rough fish, although fish plural never seems to have an "S".

42. Like the Magi: WISE.  We three kings of Orient are ....

43. What the beverage cart blocks: AISLE. For sure!  Try not to need to use the restroom while the beverages are being served.

45. Sellout letters: SRO.

46. Brit. pilots' squad: RAF.  Seem to be a lot of three letter acronyms (TLAs) in this puzzle.

50. Beach or Backstreet follower, in music: BOYS.  I favor "Beach" "Round, round get around.."

51. At any point: EVER.

52. Subway charge: FARE. The only Subways we have in Minnesota sell sandwiches.

54. Mark McGwire rival: SAMMY SOSA. I was a fan, but these two guys really gave baseball bad reviews with PEDs (a three letter acronym) and corked bats.  Their cheating reduced the value of their baseball cards.

58. IHOP handouts: MENUS.

62. Furthermore: ALSO.

65. Casino card game: FARO. Mostly European, I do not believe the game is available for play in Las Vegas, but I heard they have an old Faro table on display at the Tropicana.

66. Steinbeck migrants: OKIES.  The most famous OKIE I know is Ron Gardenhire, who now manages the pitcherless Tigers of Detroit.

67. Jekyll's alter ego: HYDE.

68. Little League airer: ESPN. I like to watch those Williamsport battles.

69. Nervous: TENSE. 


1. Bedside toggle switch: AM FM.

2. Angel's overhead circle: HALO.  Also a lighting company that supplied the track lighting in our home.

3. "The __ the limit!": SKY'S. Where do you put the apostrophe in the crossword grid ?

4. Prosecutors: Abbr.: DAS.

5. Prosecutor's first piece of evidence: EXHIBIT A.

6. Russian pancake: BLIN. I think in the US we call these crepes

7. Back out: RENEGE. This used to be a CARDinal sin in a bridge game

8. Home of primary 30-Down gods: ASGARD. 30. Like Odin and Thor: NORSE. Also like Ole and Sven.

9. Fresh from the factory: BRAND NEW.

10. Part in a play: ROLE.

11. Nights before: EVES.

12. __ Virginia: WEST. Adam _____ who played Batman.

14. Handy: OF USE.

18. Down with the flu: ILL.

22. Yemeni money: RIAL.

24. Knighted Guinness: ALEC. I only remember him in "Bridge on the River Kwai".  I think he received an Academy award for that Role.

26. Pack again, as groceries: RE-BAG.

27. "We're live!" studio sign: ON AIR.

28. Human trunk: TORSO.

31. Egypt's capital: CAIRO.

32. Op-ed piece, say: ESSAY.

33. Often submerged shipping dangers: REEFS.

38. Lunar symbol for a very long time: BLUE MOON. Dip da dip da dip

40. Books' opening sections: PREFACES.

41. Couch: SOFA.

44. Green-eyed monster: ENVY. This clue reminds me of the left field wall at Fenway.

48. Absolute ruler: DESPOT.

49. Actress Shields: BROOKE.

50. Tree that sounds like a summer vacation spot: BEECH. I think this tree had nuts that were made into gum.

53. Pres. pardoned by Ford: RMN.

54. Jewelry protector: SAFE.  I think this follows this crossword theme.  "What Rickey Henderson was while stealing?  (And young Twin Byron Buxton).

55. "Sadly ... ": ALAS.

56. Car sticker fig.: MSRP. At least this acronym is four letters.  And with apologies to auto dealers, Why is the MSRP always about $5000 high ?

57. Whirl around: SPIN.

59. "So Sick" R&B artist: NEYO.

60. Pakistani language: URDU.

61. "Cancel that deletion": STET. Add "SON" and you have a hat or cologne

64. Sugar suffix: OSE. I have to watch my GlucOSE daily


Notes from C.C.:

1) Husker Gary has been updating the Corner map. Please just bookmark this link. Then click on the map to enlarge. If you have the direct Corner map link marked, just highlight the address in the top URL bar, then hit "Enter", this way the map will be automatically updated.

2) Dear Santa now has a desktop computer installed in his rehab place, so he might pop in the blog Comments section any minute. Welcome back, Santa!

Apr 9, 2018

Monday April 9, 2018 Lila Cherry

Theme: AS A (36D. Words that connect each pair of four-letter words intersecting at a circle).  X as a Y. The X crosses each Y. Both X and Y are four-letter words.

17A. Rich : WELL-HEELED. Crossing 2D. Thoughtful : DEEP.  Deep as a well.

11D. 2000s best-seller involving flying toys, with "The" : KITE RUNNER. Crossing 16. Tipsy : HIGH. High as a kite.

 29D. Protective bar on a flat roof : SAFETY RAIL. Crossing 68A. Skinny : THIN. Thin as a rail.

 66A. Object of the puddy tat's pursuit : TWEETY BIRD. Crossing 63D. Priceless? : FREE. Free as a bird.

Boomer here.  Hello Everyone, I am pinch hitting for our friend Argyle again, and hoping for the best for him.  (Notice I wrote "pinch hitting" as the baseball season is now underway.  But it's tough for the teams to play in Minnesota when the temp does not even reach 30 degrees.)  Well we have a tough Monday puzzle for all of you puzzle masters, the theme is trickier than average Mondays.

Speaking of Masters, there was another game played this weekend.  I was not able to watch much on Saturday and Sunday due to a baseball card show commitment but I enjoy a round of golf, (when the temp gets above 30!).  However I don't think I could break 200 at Augusta.  No problem, I have a green jacket in my hall closet, I just don't have the million and a half dollars to go with it.  But congratulations to the terror of  the 2016 Ryder Cup Hazeltine here in Minnesota, Mr. Patrick Reed for capturing the Master's title, and also a salute to Rickie Fowler and Justin Spieth for making it interesting.  

C.C. says Lila Cherry is an anagram of "Really Rich", alias for Rich Norris the editor.

Rich Norris, XWord Info


1. Romantic kissing at the mall and such, briefly : PDAS - Public Displays of Affection.  I think it's "People diddling around".

5. Skier's challenge : MOGUL - "Well they called him Super Skier, as he sat around the sundeck, for he swore that he would never take a spill.  When they finally brought him down they had to use three toboggans, to carry all the pieces off the hill."

10. Ref's decisions : TKOS

14. Finnish architect Saarinen : EERO - What's this?  A four letter word with three vowels!

15. Egg-shaped : OVATE - I put oval and left one square blank.

19. To be, in Bordeaux : ETRE

20. English china : SPODE - Costs more than folks can afford.

21. With 61-Across, seriously overweight fictional sleuth : NERO. 61. See 21-Across : WOLFE

22. Chick's cry : PEEP - Did you get some marshmallow ones for Easter ?

23. Tree-toppling tool : AXE - The AWA used to have a Wrestler named Larry Hennig.  He changed his ring name from "Pretty Boy" to the "Axe".

25. "That's cheating!" : NO FAIR! - When I drive the Minnesota State Fairgrounds, there is no fair there either for 350 days.

27. Wine evaluators : TASTERS

31. Get in your face about : FLAUNT

34. Lisbon hello : OLA - I have a friend from Chile and when I email him I write "Hola". 

35. Shankar's instrument : SITAR - I believe this is a Latin word for guitar.

38. Personal, as thoughts : INNER - Or.. A type of belly button.

39. Break in relations : RIFT

41. Lawyer's backlog : CASES

43. "I'm paying for the drinks" : ON ME - Okay, I'll leave the tip.

44. Dined at home : ATE IN  - Okay, no tipping here.

46. Indian breads : NAANS - Sort of looks like a Frisbee.  I suppose it's served at Progressive Field?

48. "A mouse!" : EEK

49. Sound equipment that may pick up a private remark : HOT MIC

51. Prayerful chants : MANTRAS

53. Scold loudly : YELL AT

56. Sticky stuff : GOO - Actually, Goo is not necessarily sticky.  Mud, Slippery Elm, or anything that Bert Blyleven put on a baseball.

57. "Cosmos" author Sagan : CARL

59. Chief Asgard god : ODIN

65. Healthful berry : ACAI - All right, another four letter word with three vowels.  I am addicted.

69. Dominican Republic neighbor : HAITI - News says they are slowly recovering from Hurricane Irma.

70. Triangle calculation : AREA - Tough to do.  You need all three side plus the height from the base to the highest point.  Math majors, correct me if I am wrong.

71. Prefix with -pathic : TELE

72. Max of Dadaism : ERNST

73. Consider : DEEM
1. Benches flanking church aisles : PEWS

3. Guthrie at Woodstock : ARLO - Also spent time in "Alice's restaurant", and I think he rode on the "City of New Orleans".  Illinois central, Monday morning rail.

4. Went for in an auction : SOLD AT - Auctions used to be boring, but now there is eBay.

5. Homer's bartender : MOE - What about Larry and Curly? (I don't watch "The Simpsons.")

6. Pizza maker : OVEN - I was a pizza maker in a younger life and no one called me oven.  I think Pizza baker may have been a better clue.

7. Ancient Greek physician : GALEN

8. In __: not yet born : UTERO - Not to be confused with Ichiro, who was born 44 years ago.

9. Batted first : LED OFF -  Speaking of Mr. Suzuki, he used to lead off for the Mariners, but now he bats 7th or 8th.

10. 1993 film with an instrument in its title : THE PIANO

12. Fairy tale meanie : OGRE

13. Herding dog name : SHEP - I was going to mention Larry, Moe and Curly again, but then I realized that guys name was Shemp.

18. Evil spells : HEXES - Stop signs.

24. Guitarist Clapton : ERIC

26. Muhammad in a ring : ALI - I knew him when he was Cassius Clay.

27. Hebrew scroll : TORAH

28. Samuel on the Supreme Court : ALITO - I think his friend call him Sam.  I would call him Mr. Justice.

30. X-Men co-creator Lee : STAN

32. Mythical lion's home : NEMEA

33. Arduous journeys : TREKS - I think 18 holes at Augusta could be a trek.
37. Unit at Staples : REAM - Interesting that this is a stack of paper, but you can also use a tool to ream a bigger hole in a piece of metal.  Ain't English great. ?

40. Facebook feature : TIMELINE

42. Stocking tear : SNAG - I think we had this last week.  Do ladies still wear nylon stockings?

45. Zip, in soccer : NIL

47. Wintry and white : SNOWY - Believe it or not, This happens in Minnesota on April 9th!!!

50. Provide apparel for : CLOTHE - You may clothe people with clothes.  If you wash them, hang them on a Clothesline with a clothespin.

52. "Tough!" : TOO BAD!

54. No-holds-barred commercial competition : AD WAR - "Ask your doctor if an Ad War is right for you."

55. Advertising link : TIE IN

57. Suffragist Carrie : CATT

58. Tooth pain : ACHE - Believe it or not, I have not had a tooth ache since 2009!  (That's when I got my dentures.)

60. Brooklyn NBA team : NETS - Strange name for an NBA team.  I would have picked Dodgers.

62. Old Italian cash : LIRE

64. Cheese from the Netherlands : EDAM

67. Tiny songbird : TIT - Also a willow and other stuff.


Apr 2, 2018

Monday April 2, 2018 Brock Wilson

Theme: LEADING QUESTION (62A. It's designed to elicit a certain answer ... or where the end of 17-, 25- and 47-Across may be found) -The end of each theme entry can precede "Question".

17A. Made it possible (for) : LEFT THE DOOR OPEN. Open question.
25A. Reason for "Fahrenheit 451" fires : BOOK BURNING. Burning question.

47A. Achieved desired results : DID THE TRICK. Trick question.

Boomer here.  Pleasant thoughts for Argyle and best wishes to all for a pleasant Easter season.  Here in nasty old Minneapolis, we had about three inches of the white stuff on Saturday with a harsh cold wind.  Still waiting for Spring.

1. Smallest chess piece : PAWN - I have to admit that I have watched "Pawn Stars" on the history channel a few times.  Chumlee is pretty disgusting as well as the old man.  I drove by the place a few years ago when in Las Vegas, and there was a line to get in.  Curiosity seekers I suppose.  Back to chess - if you can get that pawn to the other side of the board, it becomes a queen !  A much biffer piece.

5. Intl. alliance with a phonetic alphabet : NATO - A treaty formed by 29 nations.  I think Russia is ticked off because they won't let them in.

9. Test for fit : TRY ON

14. Where to find Columbus : OHIO -  I am not so smart so I googled this and found that there are nine states in the US with a city named after Christopher.  One is in Minnesota!  Don't ask me where, I was surprised to learn this.

15. Surrounded by : AMID

16. Like a wolfman : HAIRY - Not Wolfman Jack of American Graffiti fame, and definitely not Harry Truman.
20. Bit of campaign ugliness : SMEAR - It was pretty ugly in 2016, could get worse in the future.

21. In a jittery way : NERVOUSLY

22. Food storage cover : LID - I use mine to cover my eyes at night.

24. Big pic from a small neg. : ENL - sigh, abbreviations

31. Yr.'s dozen : MOS - This is also an acronym for your job in the military service.  Stand for Military Occupation Specialty, I think

34. Smoothie berry : ACAI

35. Pet store cry : MEOW - There is a pet store in a mall near our home, but all I ever see in there is dogs.  Maybe the cats are in a cradle ??

36. Resell exorbitantly, as tickets : SCALP - I guess this is now legal and can be done on line.  For the recent Super Bowl in Minnesota, I think some tickets were going for over $3000.

38. Iowa crop : CORN - Since Iowa is just South of me, I have been there many times.  The corn fields stretch for miles.

39. Extreme fear : PANIC

41. First website page : HOME

42. Last Greek letter : OMEGA - There is that word again.  The acronym for older, more energetic Graybar Associates.  (Gathers every year around February at the Orleans in Las Vegas.)

44. Lucy's sitcom partner : DESI - It's interesting how sitcoms of yesteryear differ from today.  I think Archie Bunker changed things.

45. Neighborhood : AREA

46. Stark in "Game of Thrones" : NED

50. Math basics: Abbr. : NOS -- Another Abbreviation !

51. Tweeter's titter : LOL - I think "Laughing out loud" preceded twitter by 15 years or more.

52. White ursine critter : POLAR BEAR - You crossword experts must have known what Ursine is.  I thought it was something you asked a prospective date regarding the month that they were born.

58. Hand prettifiers : MANIS - Another strange animal not found in Minnesota.

64. Dickens' Drood : EDWIN

65. Garage goop : GUNK

66. Opponent : ANTI

67. Hit __: ran into trouble : A SNAG - I thought this was something that occurred in nylon stockings.  Do women wear them anymore ??

68. Wise, as advice : SAGE - I call this a spice that I load up into turkey stuffing.

69. Twice-monthly 7-Down : NEAP - It's amazing how the moon affects the ocean.  What's even more amazing is how they came up with a word like neap to describe it.


1. Seasoned senators, say : POLS

2. "If I may say something ... " : AHEM

3. Edith, to Archie : WIFE - Boy the way Glen Miller played, Songs that made the hit parade, guys like us we had it made, Those were the days.

4. Teacher's "Shh!" : NO TALKING - In high school when the room got a little noisy, I had a teacher that would say, (" I don't think I said talk, I might have, I'm not sure.")

5. "Uh-uh" : NAH

6. Confirmation from the congregation : AMEN

7. Ocean phenomenon : TIDE - Named for the Tide brothers, Spring and Neap.

8. Reason for a diaper change : ODOR - A second baseman for the Texas Rangers.  If you think that surname stinks, his given name is Rougned. 

9. Big crowds : THRONGS

10. Phantom's rival, in "The Phantom of the Opera" : RAOUL

11. Pet store cries : YIPS - I knew they had puppies in those places.

12. Baseball's Hershiser : OREL - Probably more amazing than even Sandy Koufax.  I still remember 1988 when Hershiser went 59 INNINGS without allowing a run !  He passed former Dodger Don Drysdale who had 58 2/3.  Orel went to the playoffs that year and threw 8 more zero innings but they are not a part of the official record.  There was a debate about whether the streak could be extended into 1989, but Hershiser ended the issue when he gave up a run in the first inning of 1989.

13. Big Apple address letters : NY NY.  Start spreading the news.

18. Chicago paper, for short : TRIB

19. Toaster __ : OVEN

23. Dilapidated joint : DUMP - I thought the clue was about my knees.  I have never heard a dump called a joint.  (Although there are several beer joints which could be called dumps).

25. Breakfast partner of 55-Down : BACON. 55. See 25-Down : EGGS - Forgot the hash browns and pancakes.

 26. "__, all ye faithful ... " : O COME - More of a Christmas clue than an Easter Monday clue.

27. Rowed : OARED - I am sorry but I never heard anyone say they oared a boat.  P.J. Fleck, new football coach of the Minnesota Gophers is using "Row the boat" as a team spirit slogan.  I'm sure if decided on "Oar the boat" he would be looking for a job.

28. Verify, as totals : RE-ADD - In restaurants, to verify the bill.  Many people do it on their phone.  I remember when phones had dials and were used to talk to others, from your home or office.  NOT WHILE YOU ARE DRIVING YOUR CAR !!!!

29. Octet plus one : NONET

30. "If only" : I WISH - When you wish upon a star, makes no difference who you are... Jiminy Cricket.

31. New Zealand native : MAORI

32. Early Mesoamerican : OLMEC

33. "Bark, Bowser!" : SPEAK - Jon Bauman is a baby boomer, only six weeks older than I.  You may know him as "Bowser" the lead singer of the group Sha Na Na.

37. Phony : CHARLATAN

40. Sky over Paris : CIEL

43. Loving and devoted, as fans : ADORING

48. Library vol. ID : ISBN - an acronym for book identification that is news to me.

49. Gobbling guys? : TOMS - Wasn't Turkey Lurkey a pal of Henny Penny ?

50. Gymnast Comaneci : NADIA - Everyone remembers Nadia.  I am surprised we don't see Olga in puzzles much.

52. Ardent request : PLEA

53. Voluminous syn. and etym. sources : OEDS. Oxford English Dictionary.

54. Mowed expanse : LAWN - Golf course has too many letters.  I would not call my lawn an expanse.

56. Water color : AQUA

57. Ladder step : RUNG - May you build a ladder to the stars and climb on every rung, and may you stay... forever young.  (Minnesota's own Robert Zimmerman.  You may know him better as Bob Dylan)

59. 29-Down count : NINE

60. Kappa preceder : IOTA - Finally, a four letter word with three vowels

61. Barbershop sound : SNIP

63. Barely make, with "out" : EKE


Mar 26, 2018

Monday March 26, 2018 Paul Coulter

Theme: LA LA LAND (40. 2016 Gosling/Stone film ... and, as shown by circles, what each of four answers is) - Each theme entry is a place with *LA* and *LA* in it.

 17A. Narrow land formation along the Bering Sea : ALASKA PENINSULA

 33A. Upstate New York Winter Olympics village : LAKE PLLACID

 42A. Washington city with a repetitive name : WALLA WALLA

 58A. Scottish archipelago : SHETLAND ISLANDS
Boomer here.

Hi everyone.  Wishing you all a glorious Monday!  I used to hate Mondays but then I retired.  Now I bowl three of seven games on Mondays and in the fall I coach high school bowling so Mondays come and go quickly.  I join all of you in wishing Argyle a speedy recovery, but in the meantime, you are stuck with me.

Today's puzzle was a bit of a challenge and I had trouble with some of the clues.  Plus, I never could get used to calling Los Angeles "LA LA Land". 


1. Norway's capital : OSLO

5. Central Florida city : OCALA - Spring training land.  Major League baseball starts next week!

10. Distillery containers : VATS

14. Procrastinator's promise : SOON - "I'll get around to it" had too many letters

15. Something in the air : VAPOR - Some smokers are trying e-cigs.  I am not sure if they help cut down on tobacco, but they are banned in most places where you are not allowed to smoke.

16. Building beam : I-BAR

20. Price hike: Abbr. : INCR. Not too happy with abbreviations in puzzles.

21. Bard's "before" : ERE

22. Billionaire Bill : GATES - Yup the president and CEO of Micro something.  I think I have heard of him.

23. Puts on the line : RISKS

25. Marshy area : BOG -  This answer makes me remember Wade Boggs first a Red Sox, then a Yankee.

26. Most despicable : BASEST

29. "Citizen Kane" sled : ROSEBUD - I am not a "Citizen Kane" groupie, but I am looking forward to see if the rose bush in our garden survived the winter.

36. Acapulco article : UNA

37. O. Henry specialty : IRONY - I thought O'Henry was a candy bar

38. It was thrown into the harbor in a 1773 "party" : TEA  - I was not there, but it was a legitimate protest.  I object that the renegades chose to disguise themselves as native Americans.

39. Ingenious : SLICK

41. __ long way: help considerably : GO A

44. Intertwined : ENLACED

47. Not as cold, as weather : MILDER - We in the North are looking forward to milder weather.  It's getting there, but we have not seen 50 yet.

48. Hi-tech worker : BOT - A Robot is a machine in a factory.  I thought a BOT was an internet thing that steals your preferences so it will know how you vote.  I must watch too much CNN.

49. Hindu deity : SHIVA

51. "Nonsense!" : PSHAW - My 4th grade teacher had a blast teaching this word for our spelling test.

54. Spy org. called "The Company" : CIA - "The CIA's subversive, and so's the FCC.  There's no one left but thee and we, and we're not sure of thee."  Have fun and name that tune.

55. Hamburg's river : ELBE - Did not know that one.  Remember I said I only visited Hardheim/Wertheim

62. Hot under the collar : SORE

63. Ball girl : BELLE

64. Bothers no end : NAGS

65. Like golf balls at the start of a hole, usually : TEED - Then I get "TEED" off when I hit it into the lake.

66. Nuclear trial : A TEST

67. Weight loss plan : DIET - Many people try the "Seafood Diet" - See Food, Eat it.


1. Mama bear, in Mexico : OSA

2. Songs sung alone : SOLI. - Plural of solo. Fooled me.

3. Student aid : LOAN - It's really too bad that young people have to borrow money to get an education.

4. In the movies : ON SCREEN

5. Egg cells : OVA

6. "RUR" playwright : CAPEK

7. Copycats : APERS

8. Word with wolf or Ranger : LONE - Clayton Moore once visited a bowling center in St. Paul.  I don't think Jay Silverheels was with him though.

9. Shapiro of NPR : ARI - Also a news guy on MSNBC

10. Countenance : VISAGE

11. Adjoin : ABUT - Add a "T" to the clue and the answer and you will have a busy bar stool.

12. "A __ of Two Cities" : TALE - "it was the best of times, it was the worst of times".  Here we are 150 years later and "after changes upon changes, things are more or less the same." Name that tune.

13. Mmes., in Madrid : SRAS

18. __ Kreme: doughnut brand : KRISPY - They mad a grand entrances in Minnesota, had cars lined up dozens deep at the drive thru, but I think they left Minnesota and took the doughnuts with them.

19. Private nonprofits: Abbr. : NGOS. Non-Governmental Organizations.

24. Mo. town : STL - Motown is Detroit.  Cardinal town is STL where Ozzie and Stan the Man played.

25. Physique, informally : BOD

26. "Mudbound" actress Mary J. __ : BLIGE

27. Composer Copland : AARON - I don't know composers, but I do know who hit 755 home runs in his career.

28. Norwegian toast : SKOAL - I have seen it spelled this way, however when you salute the Minnesota Vikings it's "SKOL".

29. Mideast money : RIAL

30. Erect a house : BUILD - This is an interesting word, because when you finish building, you have a building.

31. Parent's brother : UNCLE - Holler "Uncle" - "I Ain't down" -I'm gonna learn to read and write, I'm gonna see what there is to see, and if the house is red and there's a big brass bed ......"  Name that tune.

32. Senegal's capital : DAKAR

34. Barely more than not at all : A TAD

35. Animation frame : CEL - Some of these by famous cartoonists and animated movie makers are now valuable collector's items.  I only like baseball cards.

39. Turn like a chair : SWIVEL

42. Dripping __: soaked : WET

43. Parisian pal : AMI

45. Died down : ABATED

46. Monastic hood : COWL

49. Move furtively : SIDLE

50. Waves for, as a taxi : HAILS - Sometimes rain turns to ice and you wish a taxi would get you outta here.

51. Hissed "Hey!" : PSST - I am waiting to see a four letter word with three vowels, but this isn't it.

52. Loafer or moc : SHOE - And neither are the next four

53. "Take this" : HERE

54. Tech news site : CNET

56. __ B'rith : BNAI

57. Barely beat : EDGE

59. Attorneys' org. : ABA

60. Filming site : SET - 6-11 games of tennis

61. Retired flier, briefly : SST - Super Sonic Transport.  No sure why it quit flying.  I think people liked to get to Europe in 2-3 hours,  But I know it was pretty pricey.


Note from C.C.:

I finally talked to Argyle for a few minutes yesterday. I was happy that recognized my voice. No details on how long he'll stay in the hospital and when/where he'll be headed for rehab. He has no internet access at the moment. Hopefully soon he'll be back on line solving and reading our comments. 


Mar 19, 2018

Monday March 19, 2018 Bruce Venzke & Gail Grabowski

Theme: DOUBLE DATES (61. Two-couple outings ... and what the answers to starred clues are?) - Both words in each theme entry can precede "date".

 20A. *Begin preparing an evening meal : START DINNER. Start date. Dinner date.

 11D. *Downpour : HEAVY RAIN. Heavy date. Rain date.

 35D. *Steaming morning mugful : HOT COFFEE. Hot date. Coffee date.

Boomer here.

Good morning or afternoon (as the case may be) and a shout out to our normal Monday morning quarterback, Argyle, under care in the hospital.  Best wishes and I am sure the crossword enthusiasts that frequent this blog hope you are back soon, so they won't have to put up with me.
1. Bird's crop : CRAW

5. Pols with a donkey symbol : DEMS - I cannot imagine two more questionable logos than a donkey and an elephant but it is what it is.  I think Seinfeld jokes about it.

9. Specialized, committee-wise : AD HOC - I believe this is Latin for something.  But Latin is a dead language, as dead as dead can be.  First it killed the Romans, and now it's killing me.  (From my high school days).

14. Operate with a beam : LASE 

15. Natural burn soother : ALOE - Of course.  What would a crossword puzzle be without a four- letter word with three vowels ?

16. Set of beliefs : CREDO - more Latin

17. "__ That a Shame" : AIN'T - I think Fats Domino said it first.  Is Fats his real first name?

18. "Hold your horses!" : WHOA

19. Cybercommerce : E-TAIL - a clever spin word (not really a word) selling things on the internet (Like maybe on eBay which is not really a word either)

23. Nov. 11 honoree : VET - Yes I am and thankful for all the freebies offered on that day.

24. Capital of Minn. : ST PAUL - We Minnesotans had no trouble with this clue.

25. Taxi driver : CABBY

27. Many a '50s pompadour sporter : GREASER - I don't know.  A pompadour is more like a Bryce Harper do while a greaser is more of a Fonz'.

30. Catastrophic 2017 hurricane : IRMA

33. "The fresh air is delightful!" : AAH - Or the first part of a sneeze.

36. Suffix with Jumbo : TRON - Seen now at most Ballparks

37. Spreads apart, as one's fingers : SPLAYS

39. Hunt like a cat : PROWL

41. Internet connectivity delay : LAG - Or Tiger Woods laying up on a par five.

43. "The Waste Land" poet T.S. : ELIOT

44. Tennis great Gibson : ALTHEA. Ann Marie Johnson's role In the Heat of the Night.

46. Starlet's goal : FAME

48. Org. with Bulls and Bucks : NBA - Chicago/Milwaukee connection.

49. Bonkers : LOCO

50. Tart plant stalk diced for pie filling : RHUBARB - A conversation between Earl Weaver and Ron Luciano.  (May they rest in peace)

53. A : Z :: alpha : __ : OMEGA - We just returned from an OMEGA reunion in Las Vegas.  It stands for Older More Energetic Graybar Associates.

55. Originate (from) : DERIVE

59. Arctic toymaker : ELF - I thought Santa made the toys, The elves just helped.  But I have never been to the North Pole.  But I live in Minnesota - weather is the same.

64. Civilian attire : MUFTI

66. Wordsmith Webster : NOAH - I think it was clued this way because no one knows if that other Noah had a surname.

67. Hertz fleet : CARS

68. Spring for a meal : TREAT

69. Fish in some cat food : TUNA - Cat Food ????  I don't like the clue.  I grew up on tuna sandwiches, tuna casserole, and tuna salad, and I never meowed once.  So there.

70. Otherwise : ELSE

71. Oozes : SEEPS

72. "Don't go" : STAY

73. Actress Cannon : DYAN - Was married to Cary Grant but it only lasted about 3 years.


1. Yearbook section : CLASS - "And the class of all of us was just part of history".

2. Grammy winner Bonnie : RAITT. She loves Minnesota and will be here for a concert this June.

3. "It's __": "No problem" : A SNAP - Sounds like an insurance company with a duck spokesman.

4. Counter-wiping aid : WET RAG - I guess two three letter words are okay.

5. Procrastinator : DAWDLER

6. Pre-college, briefly : EL-HI - Short for Elementary and High School, but I have never heard it.

7. Cow's hurdle, in rhyme : MOON - Where Alan Shepard played golf.

8. Mystical gathering : SEANCE

9. Severe, as criticism : ACERB

10. "__ & the Women": 2000 Gere film : DR T

12. "Garfield" dog : ODIE - Good old crossword Odie, another four letter word with three vowels

13. Future stallion : COLT - OR an Indianapolis football player.

21. Slowpoke in a shell : TURTLE

22. Body parts that may be pierced : EARS - I am so old that I remember when ears were the ONLY thing that people had pierced.  Just two extra holes in the head.

26. List of charges : BILL - OR a Buffalo football player

28. Big name in ISPs : AOL - An acronym for "America on Line".  Internet pioneers for sure.

29. Chaotic mess : SNAFU - I am sure every high school graduating class had a fellow with this nickname, and I don't think he liked it.

31. "Butt out," for short : MYOB. Mind Your Own Business. True, but I like Ben Franklin's motto "Mind your Business" which was used on a coin.

32. Dog in old whodunits : ASTA - From "The Thin Man" Movie.  I am not old enough to remember the movie, but I seem to remember a TV series of the same name, with a dog of the same name also.

33. "C'mon, be __!": "Little help, please!" : A PAL

34. Woody's son : ARLO - Take the "City of New Orleans" train to "Alice's Restaurant" and get anything you want.

38. Looked closely : PEERED - OUCH - for a moment I thought this was another two- three letter word answer.

40. "To __ it may concern" : WHOM

42. Yak it up : GAB

45. 2012 Affleck thriller : ARGO. I did not see the movie, but I have corn starch of the same name in my cupboard.

47. Seized the opportunity : MADE HAY - and speed it up will ya'

51. Favorite hangouts : HAUNTS

52. Prepared (oneself), as for a jolt : BRACED - You may leave he orthodontist this way.

54. Does film splicing, say : EDITS

56. Lombardy's land : ITALY. Change the Y in the clue to an I and you have Green Bay Wisconsin.

57. Vice __ : VERSA

58. German steel town : ESSEN - I never visited this town,  I was further North in a small town called Hardheim.

59. Rescue squad VIPs : EMTS - I keep posting that EMT is Electrical Metallic Tubing but nobody listens.

60. Light, to a moth : LURE - NO, NO, This an implement used to catch fish (not tuna) in Minnesota !!

62. Match in a ring : BOUT - I remember when these were on free TV every Friday night.  I think it was sponsored by Gillette.

63. Singer Del Rey : LANA

65. Bojangles' dance genre : TAP - Nope, Mr. Bojangles did a soft shoe dance.


Notes from C.C.:

I still have not been able to talk to Argyle. The phone is still off the hook. But Jennifer, Argyle's friend, told me that he is getting clearer and stronger. He even asked about me yesterday. So it's all good and comforting. She said they don't know how long he'll be in the hospital, but the next step is a rehab facility.

Sorry I don't have more information. I"ll let you know the exact surgery once I get Argyle's OK.

Dear Santa

Mar 12, 2018

Monday, March 12, 2018 ~ Craig Stowe

Theme: synonyms

20A. *Samsung Galaxy, e.g.: SMART PHONE

37A. *Trick that's "pulled": FAST ONE

51A. *Optimist's perspective: BRIGHT SIDE

11D. *Yeast-free bakery product: QUICK BREAD

28D. *Hairpin turn, e.g.: SHARP CURVE

65A. Group described by the starts of the answers to starred clues: MENSA

Argyle here. Definitely not Mensa material today. 


1. Medicare section for doctors' services: PART B

6. Number of sides on most game cubes: SIX

9. Fit of __: irritated state: PIQUE

14. Western neighbor of Wyoming: IDAHO

15. Omelet meat: HAM

16. Finnish hot spot: SAUNA

17. Deck: PATIO

18. Some Little League eligibility rules: AGE LIMITS

22. Aberdeen native: SCOT

23. Salty waters: SEAS

24. Eastern neighbor of Wyoming: Abbr.: S. DAK

26. Sewn loosely: BASTED

29. Put together, as IKEA furniture: ASSEMBLE

33. Pale: ASHY

34. Urge forward: IMPEL

35. Curtain holder: ROD

36. Reggae relative: SKA

39. Bit of energy: ERG

40. Capek sci-fi play: RUR

41. Jerk: IDIOT

42. Taxi meter amount: FARE

43. Tickle the fancy of: APPEAL TO

45. Puts up with: ABIDES

47. Big name in banking: CITI

48. "So that's it!" cries: O-HOs

49. Heavy hammer: MAUL

57. Barbra with Oscars: STREISAND

59. Ballet skirts: TUTUs

60. Donates: GIVES

61. NHL surface: ICE

62. Layered cookies: OREOs

63. With 21-Down, dictation taker's need: STENO

64. Bobbsey girl: NAN


1. Apple seeds: PIPS

2. "The Voice" judge Levine: ADAM

3. Pro __: in proportion: RATA

4. Needing a drink: THIRSTY

5. Crocheted baby shoe: BOOTEE

6. Persian monarchs: SHAHS

7. "Othello" villain: IAGO

8. Marvel Comics mutants: XMEN

9. Pitchfork-shaped Greek letter: PSI

10. Sean Penn film with a Seussian title: I AM SAM

12. "Do __ others ... ": UNTO

13. Dawn direction: EAST

19. Reduce: LESSEN

21. See 63-Across: PAD

25. What a stet cancels: DELE

26. Iraqi port: BASRA

27. Invite to one's penthouse: ASK UP

29. "Are not!" response: AM TOO

30. Dalmatian mark: SPOT

31. Sitcom producer Chuck: LORRE

32. Boundaries: EDGES

34. "__ just me ... ?": IS IT

37. Royal decree: FIAT

38. Goes off script: AD LIBs

42. Narrow crack: FISSURE

44. Astronaut Collins: EILEEN

45. "That feels good!": AHH!

46. Inning half: BOTTOM

48. Poet Nash: OGDEN

49. Inbox list: Abbr.: MSGs

50. Going __: fighting: AT IT

52. Reason to roll out the tarp: RAIN

53. Peruvian native: INCA

54. Cal.-to-Fla. highway: I TEN

55. Couples: DUOs

56. She, in Sicily: ESSA

58. Prefix with -bar or -tope: ISO


Mar 5, 2018

Monday, March 5, 2018 ~ C.C. Burnikel

Theme: Them's the Breaks - Target word(DEAL) is split with some letters stating a theme answer and the remaining letters closing the theme answer. Also known as bookends.


19A. *Life in a breakfast bowl, say: DRY CEREAL

22D. *Oral health care network: DELTA DENTAL

25D. Negotiations killer ... or, in a way, what each answer to a starred clue is: DEAL BREAKER

Argyle here with our award-winning constructor. The puzzle has vertical symmetry and one spanner.


1. The Bounty, e.g.: SHIP. There was a mutiny of the Bounty.

5. Remote control targets: TVs

8. Landowner's document: DEED

12. Subtle glow: AURA

13. Spruce oneself up: PRIMP. To titivate.

15. Addresses with forward slashes: URLs. (Uniform Resource Locator)

20. Move like a crab: SIDLE. Walk especially sideways or obliquely.

23. Often-stubbed digit: TOE

24. Black Russian liquor: VODKA. It's just vodka and Kahlua.

28. Nivea competitor: AVEENO. Skin care products. 63-Across. Body covering: SKIN

30. Invalidate, as a law: REPEAL

31. Rapper __ Wayne: LIL

32. Disney's title lamp rubber: ALADDIN

36. Sailor's agreement: AYE

37. Stage designs: SETS

39. Emulate flowers on a hot day: DROOP

40. Source of linen: FLAX

41. "Dilbert" creator Scott: ADAMS

43. "Little Women" woman: MEG. Meg, Jo, Beth and Amy.

44. Spongy cake laced with rum: BABKA

45. Scammer's targets: DUPEs

47. Step in a flight: STAIR

49. West Coast state: OREGON

51. Everglades waders: EGRETS

54. Layer of eggs: HEN

55. Target practice props: TIN CANS

59. "__ you awake?": ARE

60. Software test version: BETA

62. "M*A*S*H" actor Elliott: GOULD. From the movie. Trapper John.

64. Racetrack shape: OVAL

65. Homer Simpson's wife: MARGE. She of the blue hair.

66. Four-legged companions: PETS. Also known as our overlords.

67. Give a holler: YELL

68. In the future: AHEAD

69. Gratis: FREE


1. Pathetic: SAD

2. Tint: HUE

3. Nest egg acronym: IRA. (Individual Retirement Account)

4. Ping-Pong need: PADDLE

5. Piece of land: TRACT

6. Instagram upload: VIDEO

7. Messy campfire snack: S'MORE

8. Firestone competitor: DUNLOP

9. Pitching stat with a decimal point: ERA. In baseball statistics, earned run average (ERA) is the mean of earned runs given up by a pitcher per nine innings pitched (i.e. the traditional length of a game). It is determined by dividing the number of earned runs allowed by the number of innings pitched and multiplying by nine. TMI?

10. Inventor Whitney: ELI.  Best known for inventing the cotton gin.

11. Broadband option, for short: DSL. (Digital Subscriber Line)

13. Maj. for a future shrink: PSY. Psychology.

14. "The 18-Down" poet: POE. 18-Down. "Nevermore" speaker: RAVEN

17. Structure with skyboxes: ARENA

20. Dip for chips: SALSA

21. Like the outfield walls at Wrigley Field: IVIED

26. Whitewater craft: KAYAK

27. Amazon Echo Dot's voice service: ALEXA

29. Well-worn: OLD

30. Harshly criticize: RIP. I had RAP crossing ALADAN. Oops.

33. Octopus' eight: ARMS

34. Deer mom: DOE

35. Dalmatians, e.g.: DOGS

38. Far from self-effacing: SMUG

40. Inside the foul line: FAIR

42. Dalmatian marking: SPOT

44. Hefty supplies?: BAGS. This could have been another baseball reference.

46. Hard puzzle: ENIGMA

48. Watched over: TENDED

49. "This could be a problem": "OH BOY"

50. Christopher of "Superman": REEVE

52. Done to death: TRITE

53. Sight or smell: SENSE

56. First matchmaker?: NOAH

57. Make better: CURE

58. Tiny pond growth: ALGA

61. "__ in favor, say 'aye'": ALL

63. Coppertone letters: SPF. (Sun Protection Factor)


Feb 26, 2018

Monday, February 26, 2018 ~ Robert E. Lee Morris

Theme: No Politics - Theme word can be to the right of the target word(center).

17A. School group excursion: FIELD TRIP. Center Field.(baseball)

31A. First single by a rapper to reach #1 on the Billboard Hot 100: "ICE ICE BABY". Center Ice.(hockey)

36A. Somewhat conservative, politically ... and where the first word of 17-, 31-, 43- and 60-Across can literally be found: RIGHT OF CENTER

43A. Economize: CUT CORNERS. Center cut.(meat)

60A. Actor's pseudonym: STAGE NAME. Center Stage(theater)

Argyle here in the middle which happens to be where the reveal is.


1. Perp chaser: COP

4. "E pluribus unum" language: LATIN

9. Agreement to stop fighting: TRUCE

14. Tycoon Onassis, familiarly: ARI. Aristotle Onassis, second husband of "Jackie" Kennedy.

15. Enticing smell: AROMA

16. Steam, e.g.: VAPOR

19. Santa __ racetrack: ANITA

20. Absolute: TOTAL

21. Ad infinitum: NO END

23. Oakland's county: ALAMEDA

26. WWII craft: LST. (Landing Ship, Tank)

27. Prime rib au __: JUS. Prime rib with its own natural juices from cooking.

30. Costner's "The Untouchables" role: NESS. Kevin Costner/Eliot Ness.

34. Feudal drudge: SERF

35. In the altogether: NAKED

41. Pink cocktail, for short: COSMO


42. Greek "i": IOTA

46. __ Linda, Calif.: LOMA. (Spanish for "beautiful hill")

50. Vintage auto: REO

51. Earl Grey, for one: TEA

52. Optometrist's test: EYE EXAM

54. Infant in a crèche: JESUS

56. Railroad in Monopoly: B AND O

57. Continuous humming sound: THRUM

63. Reeves of "Bill & Ted" films: KEANU

Wyld Stallyns 

64. More than ready: EAGER

65. Civil War soldier: REB. A subtle SO to our constructor?

66. Winning: ON TOP

67. Operative: AGENT

68. Evidence on "CSI": DNA. (Crime Scene Investigation/DeoxyriboNucleic Acid)


1. Lounging robe: CAFTAN

2. Baltimore bird: ORIOLE. The Baltimore Orioles are in the same division as 6-Down. Canadian A.L. East team: TOR. The Toronto Blue Jays.

3. Michelangelo sculptures: PIETÀs. He was working on this Pietà when he died.

4. Soup scoop: LADLE

5. Singer Garfunkel: ART. Did You Know: Despite being a native New Yorker, Garfunkel is a lifelong Philadelphia Phillies fan.

7. "You can count on me!": "I'M IN!"

8. Seaport in Italia: NAPOLI. (Naples)

9. "Rabbit ears" on an RCA cabinet, back in the day: TV ANTENNA

10. Mapmaker __ McNally: RAND

11. News org. since 1958: UPI. (United Press International)

12. Camper's snoozing spot: COT

13. Pitcher's stat: ERA. (Earned Run Average)

18. Hightails it: LAMS

22. Upper-left PC key: ESC. (escape)

24. Lose weight: DIET

25. Prefix for phobia meaning "height": ACRO. Acrophobia.

27. One of the Blues Brothers: JAKE. John Belushi was "Joliet" Jake Blues. Dan Aykroyd was Elwood Blues.

28. Ride for hire: UBER

29. Pink Floyd guitarist Barrett: SYD. Song originally written by Syd as a teen during the height of Bob Dylan mania in Europe (pre-Pink Floyd).

32. Jennifer Hudson's "Dreamgirls" role: EFFIE

33. Slugger's club: BAT

34. Typical Western: SHOOT 'EM UP

36. Don Juan: ROUE

37. Analogy words: IS TO

38. Yukon automaker: GMC. ((General Motors Truck Company))

39. Apple throwaway: CORE

40. Craftsy website: ETSYLink

41. "Lookin' Out My Back Door" band, initially: CCR. (Creedence Clearwater Revival)

44. High-__ graphics: RES. High Resolution.

45. Queasy feeling: NAUSEA

46. Like unfatty meat: LEAN

47. Ventura County's largest city: OXNARD. Henry Oxnard ... intended to name the settlement after the Greek word for "sugar", zachari, but frustrated by bureaucracy, named it after himself.(1897) History

48. Lunatics: MAD MEN

49. Single-celled organism: AMOEBA

53. Film critic Roger: EBERT

54. Jupiter's wife: JUNO. Roman deities.

55. Guys-only: STAG

57. Boxing outcome, for short: TKO. (Technical KnockOut)

58. Farm clucker: HEN

59. Stool pigeon: RAT

61. Cake candle count: AGE

62. Mil. bigwig: GEN. (general)

Did it seem like a baseball sub-theme to you? Think I'll sit and look out my back door.